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Strojn Ironguard

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Full Name: Strojn Ironguard

Nicknames: Strogin

Age: 23

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hair: Red - shaved and a trimmed beard

Skin: Comforted by the cold, yet un-tested and naught-scarred from battle

Eyes: Green, and Naive

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 193

Place of Residence: On leave from the Alliance front lines.

Place of Birth: Non-disclosed.

Known Relatives: Non-disclosed.

Religion/Philosophy: Honors strength amongst comerades and like-minded front men. Holds a man's word above written documents and far-spoken orders.

Occupation: On leave from the Alliance front lines.

Group/Guild Affiliation Argent Vanguard, Bloodsworn

Enemies: All those that encroach upon Alliance lands and forward holdings.

Likes: Hard work, vindication, and respectful tongues.

Favorite Foods: Deserved quarter from the All-Mother.

Favorite Drinks: Celestial Mead and draw from Arcane Purities.

Favorite Colors: Pure and un-tainted colors, those bestowing honor and standing. Colors befitting those that carry them, friend or foe.

Favorite Weapons: The solid ground of shield and man, coupled with a thirsty edge.

Dislikes: Cowardice and silver tongues. Befitting untruths and urgent martyrdom.

Hobbies: Presenting a formidable nuisance to those that would move against friend and ally.

Physical features: An eye of certainty looks outward against any horizon, as a strong left arm hoists a shield repaired and loved. Distracted from societal fall outs, the sound of metal upon metal echoes through a new helmet and trusting eyes. A grimace forms as invisible foes mount attacks against flanks and trusted companions on battles to come, weaving and crying out with a voice of confidence and valor. As the forms come to an end the plated figure retreats to the local longhouse to listen to old men talk and young men war.

Special Abilities: The forth giving nature of one for self sacrifice and deliverance of just beliefs.

Positive Personality Traits: Loving and devoted, honorable to the end while having a good head.

Negative Personality Traits: Lastingly scornful and quick to judge.

Misc. Quirks: Believes that never a more honorable mount would lay past the Elekk. Rides the war beasts into battle and town alike, taking from them their courage and breadth of engagement.

Played by what Famous Person: Mathew McConnehay, Dennis Storhoi of the movie 13th Warrior (the short blond Viking, via personality)

Theme Songs: Windrider by Ensiferum, Tale of Revenge by Ensiferum

History: A son of Theramore, Strojn has moved in every way to bring honor to a people ravaged by Horde and politics alike. Slow to admit his upbringing, he has ventured with the Argent Vanguard to earn respect for his family - taking the name of Ironguard as a sign of vigiliance and respect for not only his kin but also the steadfast method of the dwarven race. Influenced by the tact and tenacity of the dwarves, Strojn has taken a fancy to the ancient defenders and used what he could glean from dwarves less pillared to their traditions. A tool of the Alliance, Strojn is frequently pulled away from his personal skirmishes and the Bloodsworn alike to serve along the others facing undead hordes for the lich king Arthas.

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Ah, yes, I have met him, albiet breifly before I was called away....

He seems noble enough, a stout warrior to be sure, and any friend of Skaadvik is a friend of mine. I am sure our paths will cross again upon my return.

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