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((This is my first guild recruitment post on TNG, so I hope you'll forgive me if you find it to be lacking.))

Listen up, because this is important! If I see that you can't pay attention, there will be a penalty! And believe you me, you do not want what I have in mind. *grin*

The Dragonhawk Brigade is the most elite, the most exciting, and the BEST Brigade in all of Azeroth! Any objections? No, I didn't think so. Anyways, we serve the Dark Lady of the Undercity, the one and only...Sylvanas Windrunner! This is her Brigade, and whatever she says goes!

But it's MY Brigade too, so I'm the one in charge here. Don't forget that!

But if you find yourself on the RIGHT path, the path that leads to serving the Dark Lady and all of her endeavors, then you will join us! Trust me, nothing could be more fulfilling than gathering intelligence for Lady Windrunner's cause. Whether it be acquiring important information, a deadly weapon, or collecting on the bounty of an enemy, we do it all!

There is nothing Brigade Chief Masquerade and the Dragonhawk Brigade cannot do! *laughter*

How large/active is the guild?

We currently have 178 guild members. However many guild members have a good number of alts in the guild, and of the remainder about a fourth are truly active, and a third have decent attendance.

Is RP required? Is OOC allowed in guildchat, or do you have a separate channel for that?

Roleplay is not required. The Dragonhawk Brigade is your "little bit of everything" guild, with much PvE and some raiding, PvP, and leveling.

Guild chat is 0oC, and we have a separate channel for RP. The RP channel is set at the guild's base of operations, the Fairbreeze Village Lounge in Eversong Woods.

We also frequent Brill's Town Hall in Tirisfal Glades.

Do you have a level restriction?

Not at all.

Do you have a guild website?

What is the back story for the guild (if any)?

((A full, detailed storyline can be read at in our forums.))

The Dragonhawk Brigade was formed by Masquerade, a young blood elf who had lost her memory and was trained under the Dark Lady's Forsaken rogues. Eager to prove her loyalty, she agreed to form an intelligence squad under Windrunner's command.

Shortly after the Brigade's founding, two new recruits were discovered to have ties to Kael'Thalas Sunstrider. Sylvanas demanded they be tested for his influence. While one paladin passed, her death knight cousin refused to be tested.

The death knight Vehline murdered another Brigade member soon after refusing the testing and was banished from the Brigade. Currently the remaining agents are gathering a force powerful enough to take the villain down.

Adding to their problems, a recent attack on Astranaar lead the Brigade to be targeted by one powerful Night Elf Nexys, and his guild Deathriders.

The Brigade was attacked in Winterspring during a Winter's Veil celebration, their own member Kreylan betraying their location. Nexys had invaded the blood elf's mind, leading an attack on the Dragonhawk Brigade. Although Sylvanas' forces were successful in pushing the Deathriders back, it wasn't without casualty.

Is there an initiation process before you are tagged?

There is no requirement to join.

However, to be promoted to the next 'official' rank, new members must roleplay with an officer or attend a guild event in which they display their roleplaying capabilities. They must also join the RP chat channel.

Guild members who have multiple characters in the guild, and have met the requirements for a promotion on one of their characters, immediately have all characters promoted to Agent ranking.

What would you say is the average level of the guild?

There is an about equal spread, but the slight majority rests in the level 55-80 range.

How would you classify the guild in RP terms? ie. evil/good/neutral/chaotic/lawful/etc

We are neutral, with the idea that moral values are put aside at Sylvanas' command, but not essentially evil. The Brigade has honest and loyal intentions.

We can be quite eccentric and chaotic, as Brigade members seek to have an exciting and enjoyable roleplaying experience.

If you have any questions or would like to join the Dragonhawk Brigade, contact:

Mäsquerade, Everek, Bobó, or Trojo in game.

Or send me an email at

Have a wonderful gaming experience!

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