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Full Name: Jin Hajeri

Nicknames: The Silent Lightening of Stormwind

Age: Mid to late twenties

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hair: Deep Raven stretching down to his lower back, usually kept up with multiple hair bands.

Skin: Light Almond

Eyes: Jet Black - Usually narrowed as he studies people and events around him.

Height: 6'0"

Weight: An extremely lean 200lbs

Physical Features: At first glance the man seems underwhelming, standing at six feet Jin seems tall and somewhat lurch lacking major muscular growth seen in most Warriors. A round burn mark can be seen on the left side of his neck.

Place of residence: Unknown at this time

Place of Birth: A small island town east of Kalimdor

Known Relatives: Original parents not known, Ken Hajeri – Foster Father – Murdered.

Religion/Philosophy: Quiet and soft spoken, Jin tends to keep to himself unless absolutely necessary. Jin views the world as narrowly as he keeps his eyes and tends to over analyze his peers and others around him, favoring honor over outcome and logic over circumstance his opinion on the conflict with the horde and the status of current affairs tends to leave the current hardliner leadership of the alliance questioning his judgment.

Occupation: Retired Military Officer / Ex Leader of Stormwind's main honor guard, the Stormwind Royal Cavalry.

Group/Guild affiliation: Reserve of The Dusk Watch, dropout of Gnomeregan Technical Institute, Field Marshal of The Stormwind Royal Cavalry (merged with Praetorian Guard)

Guild Rank: Recruit of The Dusk Watch, Field Marshal (ret.)

Likes: Solitude and quiet, Jin goes the great lengths to find both and often leaves the city unannounced to achieve them, a practice frowned upon considering his current standing. Jin also takes pleasure in teaching young warriors the “art of the blade”.

Favorite Drinks: Simple Hot Tea

Favorite Colors: Jin seems partial to Blue and White.

Weapons of Choice: Most comfortable with a Longsword, however he has become proficient wielding anything with a blade.

Dislikes: Anyone with a closed minded point of view, large groups of people, being put in a position where he cannot act freely (mentally or otherwise).

Enemies: Trigin Steelblade.

Hobbies: Meditation, games of skill, sharpening his favorite sword to a perfect edge.

Special Abilities: Jin's build allows him to sacrifice brute strength for finesse and precision, giving him the ability to get around quickly and surgically pick apart his opponent in the most efficient manner possible without having to "dishonorably" sneak up and attack from behind.

Positive Personality Traits: Jin’s quick reasoning and ability to analyze situations allows him to quickly come up with effective battlefield strategies in times when given the logistical situation would otherwise seem hopeless.

Negative Personality Traits: Speaking flatly and being straight to the point, Jin often comes across as cold and somewhat hateful to others. Personally devoted to his blade and himself for most of his life, he lacks the understanding of most humans when it comes to simple cultural situations such as interacting in a tavern or carrying a casual conversation, this tends to lead to situations of awkwardness.

Misc. Quirks: Jin tends to be a lightweight when it comes to alcohol, not having known of hard drinks until his arrival in Stormwind city.

Theme Songs:

/ Five Finger Death Punch - Far from Home (Cult of the Nightmare/Current)

Jin (3).jpg


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Arching a brow at the Goblin reporter who'd had the gall to interrupt her for the umpteenth time in a month, she asked in surprise, "You, are asking me about Jin? Jin of the Cavalry, am I correct?"

At the Goblins slow nod, she spoke up again, shrugging lightly, "He's decent. I've never had a problem with him, only his men. He's logical, for a military man, I suppose. I never quite got the militaristic way of thinking.. but it seems to get things accomplished for him. Can't say much other than that. I haven't spoken with him much at all, in past, or present."

She tips the Goblin a cocky salute, before going back about her business.

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"He's brought a measure of good change to the Stormwind Royal Cavalry from what I have seen. Still, if the Cavalry all conducted themselves as he does, I would think much more of them as a whole. He's a good man, and I only hope that he can continue to improve both the reputation and actual performance of the Cavalry."

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Hearing the voice behind her, the night elf pauses. " do you kee- you know what, never mind." She chuckles a bit, turning from the faintly ringing anvil she sets the hammer down. "You've um...gotten rather good at finding me..." Goggles are lifted to perch above haphazard bangs. She rubs at her face, smearing oil across her skin as she grins crookedly at the goblin.

"I don't know why you keep asking me for my opinion on people...Jin? The Silent Lightning of Stormwind?" She blinks, the silver-blue glow of her eyes dimming for a moment before their usual brightness returns. "Ah, Brigadier General now, hn? Well..." She seems to think for a moment, the goblin squirming under her fixed gaze. “I remember when he was just a wander-"

"I'm sure you ask for a pointed reason." Her eyes narrow, but she sighs, "Let me tell you, the SWRC won't ever be my favorite organization...I don't envy the job he was handed over, but I'll tell you something. Out of all his members, Jin always shows with a reassuring regularity.” Omy scowls a bit, her next words seeming to come from personal experience, “Regardless of their outward and downright hostile nature towards those not human, the Cavalry has come a long way..." She smiles with sudden honesty, wiping her scared hands on her overalls. "...and it will continue to grow as long as he's at the head of it.

"Stormwind could use the SWRC, in all it's promised honor and glory. It's in the people's best interest to have such a local body to rely on, and therefore it is in the Watch's best interest to support them. Jin has shown a dedication to his men, paying for their enrollment in our ARMS tourni, and I’ve faced him many times in the ring…always seems to happen-”

“Who won?” The Goblin interrupts, pen hovering above his note book…

The night elf blinks, skimming right past the question like nothing happened. “…he peers a lot, you know? Hardly smiles...consider it a victory if you get one out of him. Still working on a laugh…” She rubs the back of her neck. “He’s got an uphill battle ahead of him. I’m not sure anyone can rescue the Cavalry from the mire it’s fallen into, but…” She looks down, picking up the hammer again. “WELL! He doesn’t approve of my, ‘dishonorable tactics’ but they’ve saved his life a few times on the streets.” She smirks. “A little more open thinking like that, and the Cavalry will have a future ahead of them, hm?” The night elf laughs, turning back to the anvil as the goggles are returned to rest over her eyes. She raises the hammer high, then pauses. “I wish him the best of luck…he knows where to find an ally if he’s ever in need of one…” The hammer strikes down, ending their conversation.

The goblin stands for a moment, watching the controlled yet fueled strikes upon the abused scrap of metal…he thinks to ask another question, but…after a bit, he hurries off, having spotted another promising interview across the street.

The rogue’s next, quiet, words are lost amidst the repetitive metallic peals.

“…and if the Cavalry doesn’t look after their people, well…”

The next hit is decidedly more violent, making the anvil ring.

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*Rytiel looks up just as the reporter spots her...her eyes narrow as she watches her walk up.*

"Lady Rytiel...may I have a word with you, on one of your own...Jin...I do believe he's the Brigadier General, of the Calvary?"

*Rytiel lifts both brows in recognition of the name and then a sly smile creeps over her face* "Oh yes, Jin...I havn't had much interaction with the "general", but I can tell you this. He's a good man. One I will follow and be proud to ride beside in the heat of battle." * Ry smiles.* "now let me be, this formation stuff is giving me a headache"

*Rytiel waves the goblin off as she turns back to her studies*

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"What 'bout Jín? "

"'es a fair man, and he keeps his temper. Definatly knows 'es way around a fight." The young paladin shrugs, rocking back in her chair, "Don't know much about 'im persionaly or anything like that.. but.. I'll tell ya this, I go where he sends me and serve as he asks. With some people you gota wonder 'bout followin' their orders, Jín ain't one of them."

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"Jin?" the paladin looks up from a map spread across a table, eyeing the goblin across from her. "He fights with us, often, and well. He's quiet, almost stoic." Janaelle leans her elbow on the table, watching the goblin closely as she rests her chin on her hand, "He seems a good man; my husband calls him a white knight. I think he is -" she pauses, searching for the words, "Shy and so worried about his honor that it shackles him."

The goblin's quill scratches over his notepad as the woman sits up and quickly rolls up the map, stowing it in her bag, "He is a friend to the Guard, and I would go so far as to say a friend of mine as well."

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" Jin?" The pale Kal'dorei looked at the gnome searchingly, her brows pulled together in confusion, before a photograph was produced and a flicker of realization flooded her features. " Oh, him." She nodded and smiled a bit. " I remember him from patrols, he struck me as fearless. If it came down to a fight I think he might be able to come to a draw with the immortal orc. I've heard some disturbing rumors though... I'm not sure what to think of them."

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Emen furrows his brow, his expression quite cheerless, "He recently attacked a close friend of mine. She's doing well, but this Jin character has put himself on the 'most hated' list of many people..."

The reporter jots down some notes, "I guess you hate him quite a bit then eh?"

"...Hate him? I've not met him, to be fair. But I do not hate him, I pity him. It's sad to consider what all he must have turned his back to. I understand he's joined this aggressively destructive cult."

The goblin tips his hat after finishing his notes, "Thanks again, priest. It's good to see you back in town again."

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Tzila pauses the bottom of the flight of the stairs that lead into the main room of the the inn and settles herself down on a nearby chair, with a wince. She glances down as a Goblin comes walking up to her.

"Got into a fight, little lady?" He asks, with a chuckle.

She looks to the Goblin, her eyes hollow seeming. "Does it look like I really want to be interviewed right now, Goblin?"

"No, not really but hey...It's my job."

"And you can't go and pester someone else why?" She asks, as she rests her head back up against the chair.

"Oh, I could. I just don't want to."

The young Rogue slowly rights herself to look at him. "One phrase Goblin and one phrase only. Careful what you seek to learn from me, for not all information comes without a price."

The Goblin, takes a few sudden steps back, as if he's slightly taken aback by the young Rogue's words.

The young Rogue exhales with a worn sigh before freeing the dagger from her right side and gently running her fingers over it, checking the blade for it's sharpness, before reaching inside her pouch and taking out a piece of silk cloth a vial with glowing green liquid. She raises the vial to her lips and yanks the cork free with her teeth before dropping it onto her lap and pouring a small amount of the glowing green liquid onto the cloth, before corking the vial and placing it down on her lap.

She then gently runs the piece of silk cloth across the blade of her dagger, coating the finely crafted blade with the liquid, before fastening the dagger back to it's rightful place by her side and reaching for the left one, quickly doing the same process with the left one, as she did with the right one. She then slowly stands with a wince, before folding up the piece of silk cloth and placing it back in her pouch, making sure that the pouch was securely shut, before turning her attention back to the Goblin. "So what did you want to know about this individual you were going to ask me about, before I got so distracted with lacing my daggers with crippling poison?

The Goblin's complexion goes ashen, evoking a rather satisfied glance from the young Rogue. "N-nothing... Nothing at all." He stutters slightly as she says this and then quickly leaves the inn.

The young Rogue stifles a soft chuckle as she slightly adjusts the position of her pouch upon her lap. "That always gets them to leave me alone. However I'd never actually harm them, although I'll openly admit to myself that sometimes I'm quite tempted to. Their so dang annoying, sometimes I wonder how anyone can stay in their right mind when being bothered by them." She muses under her breath, before leaving the tavern and heading towards the city gate, smiling slightly.

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Evellin tilts her head at the goblin's description. "Jin... with cultists, attacking people? Aye, I read it in the paper, but ye' read a fair amount in that paper and most of it is bullshit. That doesn't sound like the Jin I know. You sure you believe it?"

The goblin scribbles on his notepad and leers up at the Death Knight. "First-hand accounts, sweet-cheeks. He's reported to have attacked one Mrs. Janaelle at the Blue Recluse."

"Oh?" The Captain exhales slowly through her nose as she thinks on it. "Jin and I have been enemies for quite some time. But he was a man of the law then, and, well, I was otherwise." She winks. "He's always been fairly reasonable though, not like that pompous blighter Thomas. I don't see why he would join a cult. I thought he hated the Kerahlites... what would possess him to resort to that? Fel 'n fire, if he wanted to cause discord with people, there are less extreme ways-- piracy for example! but you didn't hear it from me."

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