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Im looking for some good advice for an Rp Story for my Draenei Paladin

Àzul, so far ive got barely enough to come up with a good biography.

Help me TNG? :D

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My advice:

Go to WoWWiki. Google something like, Draenei Lore or Paladin Lore, or other terms you would relate to your character. Read through the resources, find some interesting leads, and decide stuff. Some questions to start with.

Who is my character?(Answered already, I assume, in the biography.

Why is my character a [class]?(In your case, insert paladin.)

This last question can be quite defining. It gives your character background meat, as even a paladin forced into training could have an excellent back story, with what class he/she did want to be, or why they do not want to be a paladin.

These are two basic questions I follow before roleplaying any character. I don't quite have a gathering of opinions on what people think of these characters, but I always have something more for them to do to progress some story or another. So, take from it what you will.

After you've come up with that somewhat basic information, go read some quest text! Literally! See what your character is doing for these people, and if they actually would be doing it. Paladins are singularly Lawful Good, so they would not be committing evil acts, such as unjustified murder. Beyond deciding whether your character would be doing these quests or not, you can then figure out what is going on in a zone, and decide if your character can get involved in some organization. For instance, if you go level in the W/EPL, you could call him a member of the Argent Dawn/Argent Crusade/Ashen Verdict, and that adds loads of character development.

TL; DR: Quests help you develop your character. All you need to know is the "Who" and "Why" about your character to start. The rest can be answered by the game.

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Pyrisath's advice is sound.

Other than that, get a basic outline for what's happened overall for the last several thousand years, or however long your dranei's been alive.

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Establish how old your character is.

Were they old enough to fight the Orcs on Draenor?

Were they born on Argus?

Were they born on one of the worlds that the Draenei travelled to before Draenor?

How did they survive the onslaught of the Orcs? (Important question, will require digging and make the story more solid)

Did they make it onto the exodar by the time it left, or were they trapped on Draenor until more Draenei came through the Dark Portal?

These are important questions for ANY DRAENEI

for Draenei paladains;

Are they a card carrying member of the Hand of Argus?

Are they attempting to join the Silver Hand?

Are they a member of the Argent Anything?

Other interesting topics for draenei are their choice of home, the exodar is a BROKEN SHIP, so it isn't always the default home. All the pods that occupy Azuremyst like farrms occupy Elwynn, make very poor homes.

These are just a few questions to get your wheels turning, from there you should be able to establish opinions on orcs, other horde races (what'd the tauren do to ANY OF YOU?! LEAVE CAIRNE ALONE!!!!) what your opinions on the Scourge are (try NOT to be, "they endanger my 999999th homeland, lets do something about it," it wouldn't be too bad to have some more "They are unnatural abominations of the light, we shuld purge demz." )

But like I said, the first handful of questions will establish what your character IS, the personality is left to you.

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