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"Shining Darkly" Mareknov "Nightstar" Duskwind

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Full Name: Mareknov Duskwind ((Nossaren in-game))

Nicknames: Runemaster, Marek, Nightstar

Date of Birth:Late Fall

Age:Appears middle aged

Race:Forsaken, formerly High Elf

Gender: Male

Hair: White as the frost on plants

Skin:pale, bearing a faded pink of his formel high elf self

Eyes: Frosty blue

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 140#

Place of residence:

Mareknov does not maintain a residence. He has offices and sleeping quarters in the Shadow Vault and Archerus. He is seen often in Undercity and Silvermoon.

Place of Birth: Silvermoon City

Known Relatives: Presumed Deceased


Mareknov has a personal philosophy based on the Light, Darkness, Unholy magic and one's own will.

Occupation: Runemaster & Knight

Group/Guild affiliation: Knights of the Ebon Blade

Enemies: Holds nominal hostility towards the Alliance due to being alligned with the Forsaken.

Likes: Intelligence, flowers.

Favorite Foods: Warm foods. Pastas.

Favorite Drinks: Whiskey. Brandy.

Favorite Colors: Blue

Weapons of Choice: His will. Various axes and greatswords.

Dislikes: Decadence, the current state of Silvermoon, ignorance.

Hobbies: Reading

Physical Features:

Mareknov stands about 5'6. He stands at-ease and with an usually expressionless face as he surveys his surroundings. He short hair, the color of crisp new frost on a cold winters day in Icecrown. His eyes shine blue with frosty power. Usually in his armor and tabard, he hides glowing dark runes tattoed over his chest, back, arms and legs. His armor and weaponry are etched with faintly glowing runes.

Special Abilities:

Mareknov is an expert runemaster, proficient with the use of runes for the enhancement of self, armor & weaponry; as well as combat use.

Mareknov is proficient with unholy magics, able to extract the life essence of various things, usually plants, and use the power extracted to carve runes into armor, weapons, or even tattooes. ((Fancy way of saying that Nossaren is an Herbalist/Inscriptionist))

Positive Personality Traits:

Mareknov is studious, loyal and dependable. He has a keen eye to his surroundings and very intelligent.

Negative Personality Traits:

Mareknov is opinionated and begrudging. He has an thinly veiled disdain for the Sin'dorei and Silvermoon. Mareknov also has a slight lust for more power.

Misc Quirks:

His motto, and theme for his views on the world is "Shine darkly"

Theme Songs: Shiro Sagisu -- Never Meant To Belong


Mareknov Duskwind was born to a merchant and a farstrider. In his life, he had a good childhood and parents that saw to his needs. He was close with his mother and father, and followed thier encouragments to become an apprentice to a magister.

Nearing the end of his apprenticeship, the Scourge invaded Quel'thelas, and Mareknov took up the blade to defend his home. He was slain defending Silvermoon, and raised to undeath as a Death Knight.

During his tenure as a death knight for the Scourge, he oversaw a campaign against the iron dwarves in Northrend. While unable to make them scourge, he was able to extract thier knowledge on runes, and pioneered advances in runeforging for the Scourge and later the Ebon Blade.

After the events at Light's Hope Chapel, Mareknov regained his free will and returned to Silvermoon. What he found was a vile pit of decadence in a half-ruined city. Finding Prince Kael'thas dead and a traitor, he renounced any fealty to the new Sin'dorei. He turned to the Dark Lady and offered his blade in service, in accordance with the Knights of the Ebon Blade.

Today, he works towards furthering the Ebon Blade and the Dark Lady's goals.

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