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First drawing by Yueme, second by

The Basics:

Full Name: Brigade Chief Masquerade

Birth Name: Unknown

Nicknames: Masque, Chief, Boss-Lady

Titles: Brigade Chief, The Explorer, (Formerly) Of the Undercity

Age: Unknown, Approx. Early 80's. (About 20 human years)

Date of Birth: Unknown, Adopted the Date the Brigade was founded: August 28th.

Gender: Female

Race: Half-Elf, Half-Human. (Though she believes herself to be fully Blood Elf)

Faction: Horde

Outward Appearance:

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 115 lbs.

Hair Color: Copper-Orange

Eye Color: Bright Green

Skin Color: Lightly Tanned and Freckled

Face: A slightly upturned nose and almond shaped eyes that are always alive with excitement. High cheekbones and small, pursed lips usually tainted a slight green.

Body: Masquerade has a small frame, narrow waist, and almost no chest to speak of. Most of her length is in her legs however, and she does have nicely curved hips. She is considerably short for an elf, about 4-6 inches shorter than other female blood elves. Her skin is a healthy tan with prominent freckles. Masquerade is thin with a slightly athletic build, although it has been noted that some of her distinguishing features look more 'human' than elvish. There is nothing to support these claims though, as her only known relative died before he could reveal much of the rogue's past.

Hair Style: Long, copper red hair that reaches to the small of her back. It is thick and falls in waves, with a section of hair pulled forward over each shoulder. She has long bangs that sweep over her eyes and are usually held back by a pair of goggles.

Piercings/Tattoos: Three emerald studs pierce each ear. A small dragonhawk tattoo can be found on her back, just below her neck. It is usually hidden by her hair.

Scars: None

Distinguishing Features: Prominent freckles on her nose and cheekbones.

Clothing Style: Prefers to wear light armor at all times, most often her battered leather set. Her legs and arms are covered in thick wrappings in lieu of gloves and shoes . Her clothes are decorated in many buckles and straps, and her outfits tend to show off her thighs, arms, and midsection. If it's lightweight and easy to move around in, she'll wear it, so long as it isn't a dress or skirt. She is never without her Agile Bio-Optic Killshades, which she often wears as a headband.


Place of residence: The Dragonhawk Brigade Headquarters, Located in Fairbreeze Village

Place of Birth: Unknown

Relationship Status: Single

Known Relatives:

Older Brother- Aegis (deceased?)

Occupation: Illustrious Grandmaster Goblin Engineer, Grandmaster Alchemist

Group/Guild affiliation: The (D)efeating boredom with ®andom (A)cts of fun and (G)etting rich by (O)ffering our (N)otorious skills to the (H)orde and (A)lliance, and exploring the (W)orld's best (K)ept secrets (Brigade!)

Guild Rank: Guild Master/Brigade Chief

Military: N/A

Education: N/A

Combat Skills:

Class: Rogue

Specialization: Subtlety and Assassination

Weapons of Choice: Daggers and Throwing Knives

Magic Proficiency: None whatsoever

Combat Style: Melee, although prefers to finish a fight as soon as it starts by ambushing her target from the shadows. She is skilled with a dagger should a fight last more than a few seconds, and can hold her own, but her stamina will drain after a time. She excels in speed and agility where she lacks in strength.

Special Skills: Because of her trainer's insistence, Masquerade has mastered the art of potions in combat. She always has a few vials on her person to escape from a sticky situation, as well as a few engineered devices she invented herself.

The Character Within:

Persona: Masquerade is like wildfire. You can't stop it once it gets going, and it's easy to set off. She's always bursting with energy and enthusiasm, ready to lead anyone who will follow on a crazy adventure. She's bossy, and can be rude at times, quick to anger and easy to please. She'll jump to the aid of a friend in a heartbeat, and will turn a cold shoulder to something or someone she dislikes without a second thought. Masquerade always uses her outside voice and hates being told to 'tone it down'. Her mind is active with schemes and ideas. She loves to tinker and to pull pranks, and to have a drink (or 20) at the bar. The rogue surrounds herself in whatever luxury available, often dozing off in the Brigade's safe on mounds of gold. She is always right, you are always wrong. Her name is world-wide (at least in her mind) and anyone who does not recognize her fame deserves to be shunned. Pig-headed and oblivious to consequences, it's probably best to devise a plan of action before approaching Masquerade.

Goals/Ambitions: To lead the Dragonhawk Brigade to riches and glory. To become the most famous Brigade Chief that ever lived, and be treated like a celebrity.

Alliances: The Grim, the Fairbreeze Faire.

Enemies: Anyone who annoys, ignores, bores, angers, humiliates, or talks back to her. (I'm talking to you, Selash!)

Likes: Dragonhawks, Gold, Engineering, Having Fun, Excitement, Anything Unusual, Booze, Nighttime, Food, Guns, Explosives, Bossing People Around, Exploring the Unknown.

Dislikes: Feeling left out. Being insulted or ridiculed. Having her weaknesses exploited. Anything to do with Magic. Boredom, or routine. Laziness, Reading, Mediocrity. Anyone who doesn't do what she asks, when she asks for it.

Hobbies: Leading the Dragonhawk Brigade on wild adventures. Practicing alchemy and breaking the bottles in frustration. Building toys with Engineering. Causing mischief. Bothering Alliance for fun.


Masquerade's origins are a mystery to her. Her first memory is of waking up in a dreary, dark hole with a handsome young high elf male holding her in his lap. As she opened her eyes, she found that the world around her was destroyed, and decaying rapidly. This area would soon come to be called the Dead Scar.

The high elf called himself Kwaru, and told her that the Scourge had just mounted an attack on Silvermoon. The mighty elven city was all but destroyed. Unable to remember what she was doing at the time of the attack, or even her own name, Kwaru's questions went unanswered. He brought her to the safety of Fairbreeze Village, leaving her in the hands of the Dragonhawk Breeder Jilanne who nursed Masque back to health.

In 4 years time, Jilanne moved Masquerade to the Forsaken grounds of Undercity, hesitant to bring the girl to the Silvermoon council for fear that they might distrust Masque. After all, the only things found in the dead scar were dead...or scourge. Undercity had recently been acquired by the Banshee Queen, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, former defender of Silvermoon and former scourge. It was at this time that Masquerade, nameless then, discovered her underlying abilities as a Rogue.

She took the name Masquerade, in accordance with her hidden identity.

In order to repay her debt to the Banshee Queen, Masque began to recruit for a new organization called the Dragonhawk Brigade (which was named in tribute to Jilanne). The Brigade operated within the Undercity, but eventually branched out to the rest of Azeroth as well. While the guild took orders from the Sylvanas, Masquerade used the Brigade and it's resources to explore the world and it's mysteries alongside her fellow Agents.

After almost a year in operation, the Dragonhawk Brigade began to crumble. After their prisoner Vehline suffered from a dagger wound against the Dark Lady's orders, Masquerade was sent off on a mission by the Banshee Queen. A mage Kwaru was left in charge of the Brigade in her absence. Upon Masquerade's return, she was dismayed to find that the Brigade found Masquerade untrustworthy and had promoted Kwaru as their leader. Typus, the Death Knight who killed Masquerade's brother Aegis, aided Kwaru in deceiving the Agents even further. Masque had become a fugitive, fighting for both her position as Brigade Chief and the clearing of her name.

Deciding to take matters into her own hands, Masquerade and the remaining loyal Agents forced their way into the Undercity to have audience with Kwaru. They were stopped just outside Sylvanas' chambers by the Inquisitor Typhus, who used a dark spell to stun the rogue's company and kidnap Masquerade. It wasn't until she was freed from her prison in Naxxramas that Typhus was brought to trial, and the imposter was slain for treason. However, the Dark Lady decided that the Brigade was no longer useful to her, and so she disbanded the Dragonhawk Brigade and released Masquerade from her service.

Now, Brigade-less and unaligned, the former Brigade Chief gathered her loyal followers and formed a new Brigade. Now, she will tell you about the "(D)efeating boredom with ®andom (A)cts of fun and (G)etting rich by (O)ffering our (N)otorious skills to the (H)orde and (A)lliance, and exploring the (W)orld's best (K)ept secrets (Brigade!)" with a smile, and demand that you join them. After all, whats a better goal than having fun and getting rich?

Played By: Rachael Leigh Cook


Arts by ME:


Art by Others:


----------- By Belarion------------

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Yes, I have met THIS one. I was enjoying myself, sitting quietly in a chair reading and she bounds up, with utter disregard for my current business and claims I am in HER seat.


HER seat?! There were PLENTY of open seats, and she has to come to the one I am sitting at. I find her rather RUDE. She practically sat on my lap to try and get me to "move". I had the choice of either removing her head... which crossed my mind... or to simply aquiesce.

*Narrows his eyes*

I chose to move so I could continue my studies, I will NOT be so accomidating next time I see her. No, the whelp will show proper respect next time, that is one thing I am sure of.

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Vakshna chuckles at the mention of her name.

"I've heared of her.... I wonder what her death throws would look like? Most probably very entertaining..." The death knight grinned and continued on with his business of cleaving the poor goblin reporter in the face

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Ugraz gasps, "Mask-er-raid?" He frowns, "Ugraz sees her lackeys ALL. DA. TIME." He sighs, "DEY ARE EVERYWHERE! SOO MANY OF DEM! Anyway...she -alright-, Ugraz suppose..she kinda dumb. HAH! ..dumb people so dumb."

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"The kid still thinks she can lead her little brigade, even after all of these years..." He shakes his head with an amused chuckle, "I suppose she has to have -some- talent now, seeing as she hasn't been abandoned like I originally thought she would be. But light help me if I have to put up with that loud-mouthed brat in a place where I can use my guns freely..."

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((OOCly; *Growls seductively*...then adds customary RP response))

"She's an odd one. Rather crazy. Offered me a portion of some..cloning business..." The Elf shrugs. "Guess she's alright, though. I mean, Combat and Faires? Sounds like a blast."

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((I FINALLY GOT IT! My name is now spelled Masquerade in game. No more of that shameful 'i' and people telling me I spelled it wrong. Waited 91 days because of Blizz's stupid hold on names, pulled 2 all nighters checking for it on the hour every hour, and THE NAME IS FINALLY MINE! /excited ))

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