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Full Name: Aiyan Shadowsong

Nicknames: None

Date of Birth: Shortly before the commencement of the War of the Ancients

Race: Night Elf

Gender: Male

Hair: Dark green

Skin: Twilight blue

Eyes: Golden

Height: Slightly above average

Weight: Runner's build

Place of residence: Ashenvale

Place of Birth: Suramar

Known Relatives: None

Religion/Philosophy: Teachings of the Dath'anari

Occupation: Household servant > Valet > Butler > Druid > Alchemist

Group/Guild affiliation: The Sunsworn Lineage > The Dath'anar > None

Guild Rank: Pupil > Adept > Master

Enemies: Satyrs

Likes: Ventures into the forest

Favorite Colors: Green

Weapons of Choice: Staves

Dislikes: Drinking brew of any kind - He does not enjoy being in control of himself and the situation he is in. Intolerance, snobbery, magic.


Early Life

Exercise - regime of swimming, running, cardio-vascular enhancement and moderate muscle-building ; playing music - taught himself how to play various piccolo-like instruments in his spare time as a child ; listening in on Sunsworn affairs ; training his nightsaber companion, Elurion

Mid Life

Attending acting troupe performances ; sitting in on political debates ; reading ; in-depth thinking

Late Life

Keeping to himself ; writing ; fishing

Physical Features: Aiyan is a typical looking elf, with no overly distinguishing features. He has a fit, lithe physique that does not boast muscularity - instead, modestly accepting it. He usually keeps his ivy-green hair untied and unbraided, unless it is getting in the way: in which case he ties it up in a bob at the back of his head. Like most night elves, he is tattooed: a circle sitting in the bay of an inverted crescent covers the side of both shoulders. He has neither facial nor prominent body hair (ie. on the arms, chest and legs).

Special Abilities: honed intelligence and intuition, when used in tandem, often allow him to make accurate predictions

Positive Personality Traits: intellectual, sympathetic, intuitive, humble, shrewd passionate

Negative Personality Traits: not particularly outgoing or overly sociable, not one to enjoy laughing at himself or others' misfortunes

Misc. Quirks: he has an innate ability to understand people and their motivations that often might seem a little intimidating

Played by What Famous Person: picture above gives an accurate representation

Theme Songs: Madokara Mieru : (lyrics provided in 'more info')


Aiyan's life began shortly prior to the War of the Ancients. In the chaos of the demonic invasion, Aiyan, like many Kaldorei infants of the time, became orphaned. He was rescued by a close friend of his parents. The child's needs were tended to in the aftermath of the war, and with the rest of the survivors, Aiyan landed on the shores of a shattered Kalimdor.

He grew up in a world struggling to regain its footing, where traditions were forgotten and replaced over time, and laws were revised and rewritten. Civilisation was steadily re-established, and in its self-teaching, Aiyan came to learn lifelong lessons of people, principles and society. In this tumultuous period of uncertainty, innocence lasted only briefly, as every hand was needed to assist in raising life from the rubble of what remained of night elven culture.

Aiyan's foster parents were generous folk who offered their home to half a dozen children at a time. His situation was one he accepted readily, and the challenges of identity and potential loneliness never truly presented themselves. From an early age, Aiyan learnt self-reliance, which in turn instilled a maturity in his infantile soul that was able to perceive truths normally denied to youth. However, this advancement of emotional capacity also distanced the night elf from his peers, whom he was able to converse with, but never fully relate to. Their concerns were of many cheery affairs that often earnt Aiyan's envy. Instead, the young night elf thought of the natures of the adults around him, and the workings of an unstable government. He pondered the reasons for rain, and the origins of mountains, often losing himself in complex theories and imaginings of gross proportions.

His foster parents were pleased with his demeanour, he being the third eldest in their family. They often called upon him to mind his younger brothers and sisters when they were unable to do so, feeling confident in his common sense and wisdom. Unfortunately, their benevolence was also the fundament of many marital issues, as all too often they found themselves with little to no money. Unhappiness hid behind their gracious smiles, and heated arguments were held while most of their foster children lay asleep in the early daylight hours (night elves being, at this time, nocturnal).

Aiyan's adoptive mother had been part of a family that was particularly wealthy before the war, but in it, she had lost everything: her relatives, her land, her possessions, her home. She had been stripped of a life that had shaped her identity, and without it she had struggled to find meaning again. Her husband consoled her as often as possible, but he himself was emotionally shattered. Desperate times had called for desperate measures, placing Aiyan and his brothers and sisters in the custody of two traumatised adults who could barely manage to look after themselves.

Perhaps it was Elune herself who had chosen the circumstances, for it was through their choice to foster that granted Aiyan's adoptive parents a new love for life. They found purpose in the raising of children, who were always provided with ample food, water and comfortable bedding. Aiyan's childhood, though far from easy in a chaotic time, was character building; it set him up with skills of tolerance, perception, thought and independence.

Upon his maturation to adulthood, Aiyan left the residence of his foster family, and was inducted as a servant at the household of a member of government. Malfurion Stormrage and the other leaders of his race had cast aside the tyrannical monarchy imposed by the corrupted Azshara, and had established a more democratic system of politics based on dividing responsibility and workloads among many individuals. The house that Aiyan had been welcomed into belonged to a particularly well-off former member of Azshara's Highborne: Lath'enar Sunsworn.

Aiyan ascended through the ranks over time and became one of several butlers for the Sunsworn family. His elevated position allowed him to stand in the corner of rooms where political debates were held over sumptuous dinners, and conspiracies, plots and subterfuge bred amidst the coy smiles of those still craving the power of magic. The Sunsworn family had not forgotten their place in the world before the Sundering, and despite Malfurion's and Tyrande's call for an equal night elven society, they enjoyed the finer, more exquisite luxuries of a wealthy, privileged position.

Being a member of a lower caste allowed Aiyan to remain invisible, all the while making silent observations and musings of interest. Many people came and went from the Sunsworn residence on a daily basis. Shady figures were welcomed close to the dawn, carrying many interesting wares and substances to be offered to the Lord and Lady of the Manor. It was not Aiyan's job to comment. It was his task to open the door, direct them to the reception, and offer them something to drink. What happened thereafter was none of his concern... Yet it did not stop him from eavesdropping occasionally.

In his spare time, Aiyan often visited the Sunsworn stables and assisted the hands there with the feeding, grooming, walking and maintaining the health of their nightsabers. He developed a fondness for the great cats, one that did not go unnoticed by a frequent visitor to Lath'enar's property...

Aurin Whiteclaw was a night elf who favoured the beauties of culture and the intricacies of artforms. His visits to the Sunsworn family were a result of a friendship he had formed with Lath'enar prior to The Sundering. Although his friend had grown far more ostentatious over the years, Aurin chose to see the elf that used to exist as Lath'enar. Aurin had grown rather distasteful of their renewing decadence, yet he felt that his influence in Lath'enar's life might bring him back to ground. His friend often kept Whiteclaw waiting, as for most wealthy characters, keeping an old friend waiting granted the perception of being busy with important affairs, and thus, the reputation of being important. The humble elf spent his time speaking with the servants and the housekeepers, and very often, the stables. It was there he came to meet Aiyan.

He had conversations on the topics of politics, nature, history and art. The younger elf's thoughts, opinions and observations told Aurin that he was bound for something much grander than servitude. It wasn't until he saw the elf's treatment of the nightsabers that he considered him for the path of druidism - a road that Aurin, like nearly all of the druids, had only started walking on since after The Sundering. Aiyan was bright, he was principled, and more important than all of these, he was grounded. It was humility that separated the druids from the mages, for a druid did not live a life of luxury, and the patience required for its practices often involved limited comforts and leisure time. Really, Aiyan would be switching from one life of servitude to another. Nevertheless, he would be serving Cenarius and nature itself, not a family of exuberant aristocrats, which was certainly a far nobler cause.

Lath’enar apprehensively released Aiyan from his duties, his contempt for druidism having only matured in the years since the Sundering. A quiet farewell saw the young night elf following a relative stranger on the path to Ordil’Aran and to a better life. The ground beneath his feet seemed to grow less steep – more welcoming. The trees waved their branches overhead lazily, as if greeting him as they did all the druids of the time. Eyes peered from the hollows of the surrounding forest, though Aiyan would come to know that all these signs were nothing special or out of the ordinary. The journey marked his first proper introduction to what would be a lifelong friendship with the wonders of Ashenvale.

Ordil’Aran served as one of Ashenvale’s primary settlements for the kaldorei. Its reconstruction centred it around the great Heartwood Tree, which had arisen following the horrors of the War of the Ancients. It was rumoured that the tree had arisen as a testament of the love between two slain kaldorei, and often in the wee hours of the morning, courting night elves would climb its boughs to steal kisses from each other with the first fingers of the sun’s light. Ordil’Aran served as an excellent trade centre for fishermen operating from the nearby coast, tailors who fashioned garments from the silk of Ashenvale’s resident spiders, chefs who sought out new and exciting taste sensations from the sprouting plants and blacksmiths who fashioned glaives, mail and other fine weaponry from the rich mineral supplies running like veins below the surface of the land.

The city was a testament to the bountiful times in which the night elves lived – a stark contrast to the broken and battered society in the wake of the Sundering. The Druids had multiplied, and the fruits of their work were evident in the life that bloomed around them.

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"I am not sure what to make of him, honestly. He was always quiet, and only spoke when necessary."

*Rethius' look of question slowly contorts into a sly grin.*

"...He doesn't like fire crackers."

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"Aiyan Shadow-wut? Thought 'is name was Riverrun.."

Halvar curses softly, realizing for the first time he had been calling Aiyan by the wrong name.

"Aye, 'es swivel enough, copper-bottomed too, me thin's. Not like most pointy-ears, Mr. Riverru- err, Shadowsong actually 'as a sense o' 'umor. Ye know 'es part o' the Order o' the L-"

Halvar reddens and begins to swear at the Goblin loudly.

"I've said too much, ye smooth lil' drywallow! Tryin' to get me to spill me guts are ye? Get outta me sight, ye bilge rat!"

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"He came to Horde territory-- a fatal mistake."

The Professor's eyes narrow in anger, but she takes a deep breath, putting it under control.

"But after hearing his incredibly unusual circumstance, to say the least, I'll let once slide. He specifically said to kill him should he be spotted in such a place again. I like an open invitation like that, and I'll be sure to take him up on that if I get the chance."

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Aiyan, I know him. Even though were are in the same guild, I do not know much about him. Even though, I do not much about him, I would trust him with my life. That is one thing I know for sure. I would risk my life for him. I have no fear of death. All beings, in this world, will pass on eventually. So Aiyan, if you are reading this, please know that I will do anything that you ask of me. I will risk my life without hesitance or fear. I will do anything that you wish of me. Please know that.

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