So what made you choose the faction you are now?

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I rolled a human priest on Ravenholdt, got a huge kick out of healing, and made it to about level 12 before I was tired of the Alliance. Honestly... I don't remember why, now, but I got sick of it and tried rolling Horde on The Venture Co. This was... sometime in early BC. I was still on a trial account.

So I rolled a troll warrior, wandered out of the starting area, and ran into two 70 Blood Elves who were standing in Sen'jin village and RPing rep grinding. I walked up to them, RP'd at them, and they were so pleased with me that they demanded my main join their guild. I explained that I was TEH NUBZ and didn't even really understand what a 'main' was... and I was commanded to buy the game, roll an elf, and join their guild.

I did, and I was in their guild and then another guild for a great long while. I developed a deep love of Blood Elves, even though I'd been leaning Troll, and then happily began to appreciate the other Horde races.

The second guild I was in was one I had helped construct and manage, and we were going strong for a long time until the VeCo dramaz had built up and we needed a change. So the main players of the guild (a good 10-15 people) all pitched in and we ALL server transferred to Twisting Nether over two nights. One of my co-guild leaders had seen the RP and was blown away by it- that's how we chose. (Didn't find out about the TNG until months later.)

Was here for a looong while, then was dragged by a different set of friends to Alliance on Moon Guard. I'd been Horde forever and a day by then... and Alliance really, really didn't do it for me. I was *so bored.* (The lack of PvP probably didn't help.) I tried to be into it, because my dearest people were having a blast there... but I hated it. I just stopped playing after a while. The races, the politics, and the backgrounds of those involved were... they had no depth. I didn't feel like it was a life-or-death struggle. No deep thirst for vengeance, no wild tribal leanings, no falling into decadence. It felt forced, and not in a good way. (the Horde is forced to unity in an AWESOME way.)

Eventually I decided I missed WoW, but not the Alliance, and waved goodbye. Came back to TN Horde, and have been stupidly happy since.

Red Team rules. <3

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I guess it leads to interesting faction dynamics with Forsaken/elves in with the rest of the Horde races, but to me it dilutes both sides of the exchange. It also would have given the folks who want to play "evil" a more direct course. But, alas, my dreams are my dreams.

I'd like to see factions did away with period. Let the players create their own factions through guilds and alliances. PvP can be FFA, with 'friendly' targets being those within your alliance. Horde and Alliance are all ready crawling up each others ass through third party affiliation, so there's really no "war" to keep fueling.

It'd give Cataclysm a more chaotic feel and generally be more fun all around.

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I've preferred horde since Warcraft: Orcs Verses Humans so it when I finally got wow, thats what I rolled. I was an undead rogue on Cenarius for a week then switched over to Cenarion Circle(to play with people I knew and for RP) and rolled an undead warlock and a tauren female hunter.

Stopped the warlock at around 40 cause the guild I was in I was the only hunter and the tauren meshed better with the orcs and trolls I tended to RP with then the undead did. Ran around, did Scholo and Strat and Blackrock until my eyes bled my ears. RPed about, got involved with my guild at the time in one of the bigger RP events on the server where Maledictus character over there sacrificed a night elf in Undercity while a shit ton of people converged to stop him. My guild actually arrested him later that night while his guildmates ransacked Feathermoon.

When TN opened, desiring the play something a bit less good and nice, I followed him and his associates on over and rolled Thalevia. Split my time back and forth between both servers then took a break for 6 months after my finals break. Stayed around on CC during that time as a glorified chat interface and did some raiding, MC ZG Aq20 and the like. Enjoyed myself immensely as my guilds only hunter still(we allied with others for MC) and then shipped back over to TN when the raid alliance imploded upon itself after some drama involving an eye of divinity and an allied guild leaders inability to play nice with everyone else. Came back and leveled up Thal from 40 -60, rejoined the Grim and raided and RPed. At this point I was still back and forth between CC and TN. Leveled a mage over on CC to fill time and cause I wanted a troll caster. Then BC came out. Leveled my mage and Thal consecutively which is why I was a few weeks behind everyone in The Grim. Then a little bit in Kara and Gruul on CC (I never got to do it over there) my guildmates had some issues, our raidleader got her computer and game discs taken away by her parents to break her addiction and everyone gravitated away around the same time out of boredom.

So I flipped to TN permanently and never looked back really.

With the except for a little rogue I rolled in the past month and a druid I leveled to 20 I have played horde almost exclusively.

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