Chikt Blastercharge

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Full Name: Chikt Blastercharge

Nicknames: Chikt not short enough for ya?

Date of Birth: 13 Years Prior to the First War.

Age: 45

Race: Goblin

Gender: Male

Hair: Black

Skin: Olive Green

Eyes: Purple

Height: 3’9”

Weight: 80lb/36.3kg

Place of residence: Ratchet

Place of Birth: Kezan

Known Relatives: Vikt Blastercharge (Father), Rikt Blastercharge (Brother), Mirindi Blastercharge (Aunt), Lirindi Boltshot (Niece), Sikta Copperclaw (Niece)

Religion/Philosophy: Business Ethics

Occupation: Engineer, Treasurer of the Raven Cross

Group/Guild affiliation: The Bilgewater Cartel / The Raven Cross

Guild Rank: Treasurer

Enemies: The Venture Company, Bloodsail Buccaneers, Numerous Goblin groups, The Alliance

Likes: Cigars, Explosions, Engineering, Creating, Gold

Favorite Foods: Seafood

Favorite Drinks: Cocktails

Favorite Colors: Purple, Green

Weapons of Choice: Wrenches, Machines, Explosives

Dislikes: An investment without a payoff, Malfunctions, Unpredictable Situations, Fighting, Racism, Gnomes

Hobbies: Mining, Guild management, Money counting, Socializing, Investing, Inventing, Creating, Brainstorming

Physical Features: Chikt is fairly average as far as Goblins go, although looking somewhat older and battle hardened. His fingers are stained from constant use of explosive powders, and he’s usually always seen with a cigar hanging from the corner of his mouth.

Special Abilities: Eye for details, Expert engineer, Demolitions, Sabotage

Positive Personality Traits: Comedian, Driven, Workaholic, Creative, Intelligent

Negative Personality Traits: Stubborn, Single minded, Quirky, Zones out when focused on something

Misc. Quirks: Chikt treats combat as he does his engineering – he works out what needs to be done, creates a plan and executes it. However, his fear of being hurt and his lack of understanding of combat makes him much more cautious about it than he is with his Engineering, which he is fairly self-assured with.

Played by What Famous Person/s: Harrison Ford, Michael Weatherly

Theme Songs:

– The Lonely Island, Swing, Swing, Swing - X-Ray Dog, Cirque de Loco (Remix) - X-Ray Dog

Demolishment: During his lifetime, Chikt hasn't had the best of luck with things blowing up around him. So, here's a running tally!

Zeppelins Explosively Crashed: 5

Buildings Blown Up: 4

Boats Currently Underwater: 3

Submarines Permanently Waterlogged: 1


Year: -12 (Pre-Dark Portal)

Chikt was born on Kezan to a family of well known engineers and spent most of the early years of his life learning to be an engineer himself. Despite being members of a very large family, Chikt and his half-twin brother Rikt grew close at a fairly young age, despite their differences. The two wear near inseparable – and quite the team. When Chikt was bullied, Rikt would come to his aid. And when Rikt was in trouble or needed help, Chikt would always be there to offer assistance or advice.

By his late teens, Chikt had surpassed his peers and mentors in skill, and would find himself graduating two years earlier than usual. Using this time to get ahead, Chikt went straight into the Kezan Institute of Technology and completed his 3 year course in Engineering in only 2. His skill tools got him a lot of attention, and before he’d even turned 19, Chikt had several different offers for contract work. Simply unsatisfied with the idea of working for a trade prince, Chikt began work as a lecturer at KIT.

Year: 5 (Second War)


Chikt spent his free time in a workshop on the outskirts of town, working on several different projects. The first major project he’d worked on at KIT was a new combustion system designed for aircraft called the TNT. After several failed test runs, the prototype was scrapped not long after Chikt joined the project. Confident that it could still be made to work, Chikt salvaged the TNT engine and worked on it from his workshop. His brother – whom was in debt with the mob – got the idea to attach the TNT to what essentially amounted to a set of wheels, and enter the Kezan off-road kart races.

Despite his better judgment, Chikt agreed, and thus the brothers started racing together while Chikt continued his job at a lecturer. The TNT’s engine was simply too powerful for such a small kart, however, and the brothers only came close to winning races on several occasions. Despite their losses, they became well renown on Kezan for their distinctive vehicle – which, sleek and red as it was, was undoubtedly highly unusual with the giant jet engine built into the back of it.

In the final race of the season after much trial and error, the TNT went into the race with Rikt confident they could win. However, the mob seemingly had their hand in the race, and had sabotaged all the vehicles but the one they had intended to win. With the TNT’s more powerful jet engine out of the game, the brothers lost the race – and in haze of anger, Rikt drove the kart into the stands and right on top of the mob.

Barely managing to escape the mob alive, the brothers both decided it was best to keep their heads down for a while. A few months earlier, the Goblins had entered into a deal with the Horde – supplying goblin sappers to the war effort. Deciding it would be best for him to get out of Kezan entirely, Chikt quit his job at KIT and left Kezan to join the Horde in their march against the Alliance as one of the engineers rigging up explosives.

He would spend a good chunk of the next few years of his life rigging fellow goblins with sapper charges, knowing what would become of them. Over this time he came to resent war and what it stood for – and his role in it, knowingly sending his brothers and sisters to their deaths. When the third war ended, Chikt was honorably discharged from his post and returned to Kezan. When he arrived, a single contract still remained with one of the lesser known trade princes on Kezan – and Chikt took the job.

Year: 23 (Pre-Third War)


He would spend the next twenty something years of his life working on combat technology for the Goblins in the hope that it would prevent future deaths. During this time, however, using the substantial funding he received from Trade Prince proprietor, he also started work on an Artificial Intelligence. His life never being simple, Chikt eventually got caught up in more drama with his brother, and had to do a field test of the technology he’d created to come to his brothers rescue. As it turned out, Rikt had found some information that one of the Trade Princes was cheating the other Princes, and now he was wanted dead for it. Chikt and Rikt escaped back to Chikt’s mansion, where he would eventually be contacted by his proprietor – and blackmailed into retrieving something from the Trade Prince that Rikt had dug up dirt on. With no choice but to accept the terms, Chikt agreed, and set out to assemble a team to take down the trade prince.

Even though nothing went as planned, Chikt’s team managed to retrieve the item that his proprietor was looking for and kill the trade prince at the same time. However, it was costly – as Chikt both lost a good friend and got his custom-built Zeppelin destroyed. With the item he’d been sent to retrieve – an ancient, kaja’mite artifact – now in his possession, and frustrated with the Trade Prince that had gotten his friend killed in the act of getting such a small, useless artifact, Chikt chose to lie. Telling his proprietor that he’d never found anything. Needless to say, his Trade Prince proprietor was less than impressed.

And so Chikt’s contract was ended and he was shipped off to the newly discovered continent of Kalimdor to fight in the third war against his will. The only upside – or so Chikt had thought – was that his brother had been sent along with him as a body guard. As is to be expected in a war, Chikt and Rikt barely managed to survive, cutting it close at a few points. However, as the war started to die down, it became apparent that somebody was sending agents to kill Chikt, and it would be at this point that he found out about the deal his brother had made. As it turned out, Rikt had been paid a large sum of money to keep an eye on his brother through the third war – by Chikt’s previous employer. When Rikt got the order to kill Chikt, he refused – and hadn’t told his brother, thinking it was over. Infuriated that Rikt would betray him like that, Chikt severed ties with his brother.

Year: 28 (Fragile Peace)


Eventually, Chikt found his way to the newly constructed port of Ratchet, bringing along all the salvage that he’d managed to gather from the third war – in particular was a damaged Zeppelin. Going to Gazlowe to find work, he was directed to a local goblin archaeologist in need of an explosives expert. Chikt’s payment was to be fairly substantial, and the Archaeologist agreed to keep the salvage that Chikt had gathered in a warehouse he owned off the coast. Together, Chikt and the archaeologist set out to several sites over the course of a few years. Everything changed however on one particular trip into Central Stonetalon, where the two were attacked by the Venture Company, and the archaeologist was killed. Chikt barely managed to escape with his life, thanks to a passing Horde patrol.

Despite how well paying the job was, Chikt didn’t have enough money to sustain himself for a long time. However, as it had turned out, his friendship with the archaeologist had reaped its own benefits – and as the only known contact he’d had, Chikt was to receive everything that had belonged to the Archaeologist. Very quickly, Chikt went from struggling to etch out a life for himself in Kalimdor to being extremely rich. Of the things Chikt received, probably the most substantial was several different Warehouses all hidden away along the coast of the barrens, and a library full of books on Goblin history. It would be from these books that Chikt would start to teach himself Archaeology in the hopes to learn about the artifact that his previous boss was so interested in.

It would be only a few years before Chikt would meet Diomades Riverhorn, a Tauren fresh out of Mulgore. When Diomades made it into Ratchet, he’d gotten into a fight with some Alliance adventurers passing through the area – and it had been Chikt to call out to the bruisers who would save Dio’s life. The two immediately hit it off, and Chikt made the decision to accompany Diomades on his adventures – so long as they started off by causing some hurt to the Venture Company out in Stonetalon. From that point forward, Chikt and Diomades were never out of touch – though Chikt often remained in Ratchet at Diomades request, to keep him out of trouble. Chikt spent this time engineering, and studying the artifact – which he’d now learned was an ancient, refined Kaja’mite medallion.

Time went by, and Chikt would accompany Diomades as he passed through the Dark Portal. His time in Outland was brief – as Chikt very quickly made the decision that it would be better for his health staying in Ratchet. From there and his weekly visits from Diomades, he could see the Tauren growing quickly – from a young, unsure bull fresh out of Mulgore, into a fairly head-strong, wise and powerful Shaman. The two of them were best friends – Chikt was a constant that Diomades could always rely upon, and Diomades was a smart, reliable and cautious character that Chikt related to.

However, everything changes. At the news that a friend of his would be getting trialed unfairly, Diomades changed – and assisted in a plot to attack Silvermoon should a guilty verdict be declared. And Chikt was the most pivotal part to this plan – he was their way out. Begrudgingly, Chikt agreed to help Diomades – and repaired the damaged Zeppelin that he’d had stashed away in his warehouse for so many years. The Zeppelin would successfully get them out of Silvermoon along with the man Dio had been aiming to save - Leoren Evershine. However, much to Chikts dismay; the Zeppelin only got so far as Stranglethorn before crashing in a storm, where it remains to this day.

The group made their way to Booty Bay, where Chikt had friends that could watch for any Horde that might come for them. During this time, he was kept in the dark and spent several days drinking at the tavern in Booty Bay before Diomades returned. With a giant grin on his face, Dio presented Chikt with a tabard – blood red and lined with black. As it turned out, Chikt had just gone and helped with the birth of a new guild – The Raven Cross – and he was now a founding member. Chikt was to act as the guilds treasurer – and the guild would use his empty warehouses for storage. He agreed, and found himself quickly and easily sliding into the role of the Raven Cross’ treasurer.

With his priorities suddenly turned on their head, Chikt found himself given an office in a building in Orgrimmar. From there, he could monitor all of the Raven Cross’ finances and bank contents, as well as interview potential new blood for the guild. He found less and less time for his engineering and archaeology exploits, and the only thing that really remained the same was his friendship with Diomades. Through thick and thin, Chikt could depend upon Diomades to visit him and keep him updated. And it would be through Diomades that Chikt would meet Leoren Evershine and Afarium Yatokth. Despite their far more serious nature, Chikt got along with all of them well – and found himself simply trying to ease their tensions and relax when not on the battlefield.

Year: 32 (The Lich King)


The day Diomades stumbled into Chikt’s office, his nose bleeding and looking daze, Chikt knew that things were just about to get very bad. Diomades was seriously ill – slipping in and out of conscience, not remembering where he was and – at times – who he was. All of a sudden, Chikt was thrown back head first into his engineering expertise, trying everything he knew in order to keep Diomades going. But when Diomades was awake and aware of who and where he was once more, he’d up and leave only to return for Chikt’s help once more. One day, finally, Diomades never returned.

Months went by without a word, and Chikt finally gave up hope of ever seeing his friend again. So the day that Diomades – or who he thought was Diomades – turned up on his doorstep, came as a huge surprise to Chikt. This, however, was not his friend – and as it would explain to him, Diomades had died, but not before summoning him into this realm. It called itself Unulu. At first, Chikt thought Dio was just making a joke – but he understood so very little of Shamanism that he decided to simply go along with it. He kept Unulu’s identity a secret until the time came to reveal himself to the Raven Cross. And surprisingly, Chikt found that Unulu would often come to him for advice.

Dio’s death had reinvigorated Chikt in the realm of Engineering, and he began to find more time for himself to work on projects from his office in Orgrimmar. Unulu, Leoren and Yatokth would catch wind of this, and Chikt would find himself actively training them in Engineering, as well as installing and maintaining devices for them. He found his love for Engineering rekindled, and his thoughts turned to all the projects and people he’d left back on Kezan. And of his brother. Chikt decided to start a brand new project – a gigantic Zeppelin that he called the Blackbird.

When Leoren and Yatokth had disappeared for several weeks, Chikt began to worry. It wasn’t like either of them to simply disappear off the face of the planet. Diomades’ death fresh in his mind, he began to work to track the both of them down. While he couldn’t dig up anything on what had happened to Yatokth, he did find evidence of what had happened to Leoren. Taking out the newly completed Blackbird for a test flight, Chikt set out to track down Leoren’s whereabouts somewhere in the middle of the ocean - only to promptly get captured and locked away with him by Judas Ackerson. The same man that Diomades had made a deal with a long time ago – a man that held a grudge.

After finally receiving help several months of being captured, Chikt reunited with his brother and returned to Kalimdor. However, his stay was only brief - leaving the guild in the hands of Leoren and Unulu and the officers that had been taking care of it, Chikt went with his brother back to Kezan to retrieve everything they'd left behind - that the Proprietor had been actively seeking to get his hands on. First on Chikt's list to get back was System, the AI he'd been developing - along with his Skeleton suit prototype. Preparing themselves for a final showdown, Chikt and Rikt got together all the allies they had - and stuck against the Proprietor.


Combat Technology

Being largely a non-combatant, Chikt is dependent upon his engineering ability to make him a capable fighter. As such, his arsenal is in large part due to years of tinkering, experimentation and use of gadgets he’s created. Over time he understands more of what is required to allow him to survive in a constantly more dangerous world, and this allows him to upgrade his kit accordingly.

Lacking the speed and power of others, Chikts suit is outfitted with a complex series of mechanical limbs that enhance his movements. While fairly mundane looking – this metal skeleton is worn underneath Chikt’s clothing and detects the first second of a specific motion. A flick of the wrist can become a powerful jab. Lifting a leg can become a crippling kick. Given the sensitivity of the system and the dangers of harm that can come with misuse, Chikt keeps the Skeleton secret for the most part.

The Skeleton is a complex system of moving parts that are attached to the body via a special form-fitting underlay. Each component of the Skeleton can be attached and detached on its own, making for easy maintenance and modification in the field. The Skeletons higher functions are controlled by voice command, which go through the Information, Notification and Dissemination Intelligence (or INDI) who can then activate the requested function - or inform of its current status being in need of repair, recharge or refill.

Built into the Skeleton are several different systems that Chikt has the potential to upgrade over time (or implement, as the case may be) to control the suits higher functions. It’s this ability to be upgraded and manipulated with ease that makes the Skeleton such a powerful tool, and makes Chikt just as intimidating an opponent on the battlefield as a seasoned Rogue.

The Suit is built on the idea that even the least capable civilian can be made into a soldier with the right stimulation. Chikt created the Adrenal Stimulation System for this purpose – tubes run throughout the Skeleton to enhance Chikt’s response time and movement. This combined with the Skeletons motion reading and enhancing abilities make for a deadly combination. When worn by Chikt, his combat efficacy increases by 235%. The Adrenal Stimulation System can also be overloaded at the cost of a large portion of its stored adrenaline, further increasing Chikt’s movements and reflexes to a scary degree. This combined with overclocking the Skeleton’s mechanical systems is a deadly combination, increasing Chikt’s combat efficacy by 597% - but only briefly.

However, avoiding the fight is better than being good at the fight. Chikt originally patented the Self-Stealth-Sheet, a simple piece of cloth with a reflective overlay that made the user mostly invisible except for at short distances. However, this proved problematic – if the Self-Stealth-Sheet got dirty or damaged, it was useless, creating large holes in the stealth field or failing entirely. Returning to the drawing board, Chikt discovered that the light refracting properties of the reflective overlay could actually be made just as effective as a reflective underlay. With this in mind, he updated the Skeleton’s form-fitting underlay with the reflective nodes, allowing reliable invisibility.

Sometimes you’re spotted, however. And for this the solution was simple. Chikt created Smoke/Flash Grenades, grenades that could easily expel a thick cloud of smoke or a blinding flash of light depending on the pin pulled. Using this, Chikt can easily disappear from sight in a flash, or create a defensive barrier between him and his foe to catch a brief reprise from the combat. However, getting hit is unavoidable – and the solution for this was simple. Running down Chikt’s spine is a series of healing injector kits that INDI can activate at any time when Chikt is getting hurt badly enough. The healing injectors formulas vary – from slow healing kits that Chikt can use during his down time, to instant healing kits that get him back into the fight as it’s happening.

Of course, having a cool suite of technology under a suit of armor is all well and good, but it means little if you don’t have other gadgets to back it up. For this reason Chikt created what he calls the “Sharp Object Launcher Device”. Stored in his backpack, the device can spring up above Chikt’s head on request to launch a single throwing dagger at a fleeing target – or spew a series of daggers in a 360 degree radius around him. He also came up with a dagger modification plan that allows him to take any dagger he finds in the field to repurpose for his own needs – the blades can be modified into screw drivers and wrenches, while the hilt can be hardened into a worthy hammer. Most impressive and deadly though is the trenches Chikt carves into his blades – installing a liquid secretion device into the hilt that can be injected with any manner of liquid to distract, disorient or destroy his foes.

However, really, there are two centerpieces to Chikt’s arsenal that he is most well known for – his goggles, and INDI. Chikt’s goggles look old and ratty, but have been made and remade over the past 36 years into one of his most powerful tools. With a built in heads up display and direct connection into INDI’s storage section, Chikt’s goggles can highlight targets on the battlefield, direct him to objects of interest, or inform him of the Skeleton’s remaining supply of power, adrenal stimulants or healing injectors. It is rare to see Chikt without his goggles on over his eyes – many people have theorized that they are actually glued there. The longest period of time he was seen without then on was during his period of working as Treasurer for the Raven Cross, before the great Cataclysm.

Finally there’s INDI (short for Information, Notification and Dissemination Intelligence). INDI was the result of 20 years of research and development Chikt did in secret – resulting in the System Hardware Information Technology, or “System” as Chikt called it. System was dramatically flawed in Chikt’s eyes – incapable of emotion or making decisions based on gut instinct rather than formulae. It was without personality – which is what Chikt had been striving to create the entire time – but it still worked out to be an important tool (after all, there are far too many gadgets built into the Skeleton to manage alone). However, after the death of a very close friend, Chikt realized what it had been that System was lacking – and he very quickly managed to fix it. INDI was born.

With her own personality, she often belittles Chikt for bad combat choices, pokes fun at him for his inability to fight, or directs his attention when he’s deep in his inventions. INDI is the most powerful tool at his disposal, and Chikt is never seen without her now. INDI has full access to Chikt’s Skeleton systems, and manages them all – leaving Chikt free to move, fight and make calls for specific system operations for INDI to activate. However, the longer she is with Chikt, the more INDI learns and needs less telling in order to act pre-emptively when the situation calls for it. In the end, without INDI, Chikt’s suit would be entirely useless – and so she often jests that she’s the real warrior, while Chikt is just her puppet in a suit.


Edited by Chikt
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((Daaang Dio, Goblin already? I have one name reserved, and I guess I should work on that goblin also.))

((Chikt has been around LONGER than Diomades has been as a character, funnily enough. xD))

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(( All you bitches reading this? Yeah don't try and scare Chikt in your interviews.

He'll kick your ass. ))

[Chuck Norris tried to scare Chikt in his interview. Chikt exploded Chuck's app into oblivion.]

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((Fairly large update, fixed some of Chikt's history but added a whole lot of information about how exactly Chikt manages to be a rogue.

EDIT: Also added new profile pics.))

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(( I've seen you before in Silvermoon. BTW, smart move...making an orc with this name and just saving it for Cata, smart move indeed)):cool:

((Chikt has been a character and my bank alt longer than Diomades/Unulu was my main character or even concepted with a storyline. Chikt was the first character I made when I came to TN.))

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((yo chikt, riktt, when we gonna finish the story for killing the trade prince? i miss you guys!!! and im excited for the battle ahead, Gurrah must get vengance!!! xD))

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((Hottdamn-- coolest character ever.

Leeleeï better meet Chickt somehow in her search of acing combat through engineering rather than physical training.

/comment space reserved))

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"What can I honestly say about him?" Sikta looked at the interviewer, who was busily compiling the huge biography of Chikts life. "Hes my cousin, hes done more than I can ever hope to achieve... Hes made more enemies, more friends, and has honestly changed the world..." Sikta looked at the ground as if saddened by the fact that she will never leave his shadow "Also he has terrible body odor, make sure you really emphasize that. If you see him, give Chikky my regards."

((I gave you a nickname Dio))

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"The Blastercharge brothers? Yea, chalk up two more who got dicked by the system. Chikt is more of the engineering, desk job type it seems. Generally a nice goblin. I look forward to doing work with him again sometime!"

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"I was really, really relieved to find Chikt had made it back to dry land. He and I go way back; met during the Second War and immediately hit it off. He and his brother are pretty much the closest thing I have to family these days. Looks like our adventuring days aren't over yet!" Gizzi grins.

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"Yea, I know 'em. This cogsukah and his crazy ass brotha left me to die, but despite that... he's alright. The guy 's a nerd, but don't let that fool ya. He's almost as sharp as my razors and that's saying somethin'. What irks me is just when I think this old geezer ain't a Gob because he plays nice with othas, he says or does somethin' contrary... and it's a gobdamn riot."

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