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A Doctrine of a Disorderly Mind (RP Backstory, Part 1)

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( Just reposting here because I hadn't yet. It will fit in well with my second post, typed tonight, which illustrates part 2. )

A soft glow emanates in a small cabin’s interior, providing a stage for the wispy, dancing shadows of night. Yet, the man buried within seems to concentrate only on the parchment lying before him as his hands scribble frantically to create script. A sturdy hand, ragged and decimated from what could have been a severe burn, reaches to press a clump of hazel hair from the man’s eyes so that he may cast a suspicious look about the room.

“Nothing…good,” mutters Thomas – the name found at the top of the pile of papers strewn about before him – as he tugs his gaze back to the documentation that has him so thoroughly concentrated. “This can’t go on much longer; the courts NEED to know the extent of this project!” A thud resonated causing Thomas to nearly jump from his chair in fright! But, when the doorway yielded no midnight attacker Thomas glanced back to his desk, where his right hand lay; the true source of the noise had been his own hand. Slowly he returned to the grasp of his seat, sighing heavily as he stretched his right hand several times. Thomas plucked the ink-pen from the desktop, discarding the paper that had run due to his hasty release of the instrument, and began scribbling again thinking to himself, “It’s getting worse; much worse.”

A Doctrine of Aggressive Alchemy and its Applications

-written by Thomas Calivan

I have served beneath the flag of the AAS (Azeroth Alchemy Society) for over ten years now and it wasn’t until the proposal of our gnomish compatriots that I truly desired to pour all of my energy and intelligence into my work. Granted, we did a great many things for people during the times that preceded the war; created potions and salves to help nurse folk back to health, crafted edible substances that would sustain families for far longer than bread or cheese could. We reinforced both the fortitude and strength of troops rushing to defend their homeland, allowed couriers to travel faster with swift concoctions. But, when Mekgineer Thermaplugg and his entourage came to us with a decision to study the more aggressive, combat-worthy applications of Alchemy I grew excited like a young boy and immediately offered my services.

The next few pages are thrown angrily from the desk, Thomas settling woefully atop his work in a storm of tears. “I-I am s-so sorry, Lorette. A-And my poor ‘lil b-boy, Veronus! F-Find it in your hearts t-to forgive me!”

UIET! Work that must be finished; meetings that must be had, a long journey ahead of you so your strength must be saved.

The tears ceased immediately, Thomas jolted about awkwardly as he had done moments ago when the “thud” of his fist had jarred him. Where had that voice come from? What did it mean when it had said ‘journey’? It was quite possible that Thermaplugg’s cronies had come to claim on their funding or perhaps the AAS had found out about his violation of ethics, either way he would have to work faster now. His scarred hand reached down to one of the desk’s drawers and after opening it produced a crimson orb, that he set atop the table.

“Calivan. Calivan. CALIVAN!”

Razakel Calivan awoke, as he had from his “slumber” before his birthing as a Forsaken, a scorched, ragged hand set awkwardly upon a crimson seeing stone. A quick glance was cast to his right where Apothecary Ogotrath stood, his blinking eyes evidence of his confusion regarding Razakel Calivan’s behavior. The audience of Forsaken gathered before him gazed onward, perplexed as well, but they calmed quickly beneath Razakel Calivan’s raised hand. “I see that you have arrived, Apothecaries. I am …Apothecary Razakel Calivan and wish to discuss an idea that has our Dark Queen very interested.”

The words escaped easily from Razakel Calivan’s mouth, but his mind wandered elsewhere in the land of self-consciousness. What had that vision detailed, who was that man in the cabin’s depths, and why was it all so familiar? Calivan vowed that he would find out.

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