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Contest #13: Open theme

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Contest or Challenge: Contest

Reward: Until the next contest, you get to decide what the label on the "Recent Posts" button on the menu bar says. (Currently says WHUR'S MA PIGS?!).

When: Entries must be posted by midnight CST Thursday the 3rd of September 2009.

Who: You, your sister, everyone!

Solo and Collaborations are fair game, although if you do a collaboration, I suggest you get some agreement before hand as to what you want the button to say so there isn't any fighting if you win. Also older stories that have had new content added to them this week is fair also.

How Post a story in the Nether Legends, then post a reply to THIS thread with a link to your story.


This contest's theme is wide open to anything. Our last contest saw a single entry and I don't want anyone to feel forced to make something fit. If you think you have something worth sharing or even just want a few more readers, link it here.

Flex your writing or collaboration skills for everyone to see.

On Friday the 4th I'll post a poll and everyone will have 3 days (weekend included) to vote on their favorite story.

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I'm going to hold you to that!

Along with Viirchi, Lisbet, and Mrs. Tiraline. ;)

*begins to spin extra strong threads for a net*

AH HAH You fail to know the power of my secret weapon! ......Scissors! 8<

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Giselda, I wrote one...but, ahh...

1) My dog ate it

2) I washed it

3) Aliens stole it

4) They sent it back in time to Hitler

5) Due to a paradox created by their time travel, it returned to me (washed, et, burned, Hitler'd) by a tall man in a black coat

6) My mother then read it and threw it on the fire

7) The Council of Narnia then scattered the ashes to the four winds

And so, I couldnt submit it.

Actually, I really did write one, a few different drafts, but then got mad because they all SUCKED imo. And so I promptly deleted them, and now have nothing to submit.

But my first excuse was much cooler.

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is it to lte to submit my girl talk story I wrote a couple days ago and forgot to post in here? >.> Not that its any thing wonderfully spectacular or anything >.>

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