3.2.2 will bring the return of a familiar enemy.

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I still laugh when I think of WoW players criticizing WAR for bugs and then saying, "Pssh, screw y'all, I'm going back to WoW. I might try WAR in a year when they've cleaned out these issues."

I let my 'ultra low population game' subscription run out. They fixed the bugs I had problems with but they lost the reason I played it n the first place: People.

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Okhu, there are no "issues" with instance servers. There's a blue post somewhere (cause I dont feel like looking for it) announcing that the servers not being launched are on purpose because there were too many people just sitting inside of instances taking up space. Each expansion has a set amount of instance servers that they run, Vanilla being the least, Wrath being the most.

So, quit crossing your fingers. It was done on purpose.

Yeah, I know they said it was a short term solution but we all know what that means.

I dont know if this is what you were referring to but it was what i was sent by Blizz when i inquired about what has been done to remedy the problem of myself and a few friends being unable to play through instances in BC and Vanilla for 4 days. Please note the date of this latest update on fixing the problem.

* 0. Instance Capacity Update 07/02/2009 09:00:07 AM PDT

quote reply

We are aware of the concerns regarding situations where players are unable to zone into an instance due to an instance limit being hit, which results in a message stating that additional instances cannot be launched. This limit was implemented as a short-term solution to preserve the gameplay for players who are already in an instance and to prevent numerous issues that can happen when too many instances are active at the same time, but we are currently working on better solutions to ensure that players can get into instances when they want to.

As one of the solutions to this situation, we are in the process of modifying our hardware setup to allow for more instances to be active without negatively impacting the performance of these instances. Once this hardware reconfiguration is complete, we expect to see a noticeable reduction in the number of players hitting the instance limit. However, this improvement to the hardware is a complicated and delicate process that will also require extensive testing before it can be fully implemented, so it may be some time before the updates can be completed. We would like to assure you that this issue currently a top priority for us, and we are working on resolving it as quickly as possible.

Further information and updates regarding this will be provided as we make progress in this process. Thank you for your patience during this time.

Also here is the link i was sent:

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Proposed compromise to offer Blizzard: Just give me a queue and an idea of how long. They do it with BG's, they can do it with instances.

At least then I can go do something productive instead for that hour or so.

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