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Arch Warlock Ivan Zephyr

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Full Name: Ivan Malthorius Zephyr

Status: Missing

Title: Arch Warlock

Nicknames: n/a

Age: 39

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hair: White

Skin: Peach

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 150 lbs

Place of residence: Unknown.

Place of Birth: A farm outside of Brill

Known Relatives: Necroxis Zephyr (Brother; 31), Duraham Zephyr (Brother; deceased at 17), Veronica Zephyr (Mother; deceased), Christian Zephyr (Father; deceased), Ranaynne Traubine-Zephyr (Sister-in-law; missing, presumed deceased), Essie Zephyr (Niece; missing, presumed deceased), Lily Ansari (Lover; deceased).


Pre-corruption: The Light.

Corruption: The Burning Legion.

Post-corruption: Nothing.


Pre-corruption: Arch Mage.

Corruption/Post-corruption: Arch Warlock

Group/Guild affiliation: None

Guild Rank: n/a


Pre-corruption: The Orcish Horde.

Corruption: Enemies of the Burning Legion

Post-corruption: The Burning Legion, Eredar specifically, the Forsaken.

Likes: Getting his way. Being alone. Self-reliance.

Dislikes: Horde and Alliance. Self-righteous wielders of the Light, or any incarnation of that belief system (Elune/ect).

Favorite Foods: Poached Emperor Salmon, Red Velvet Cake

Favorite Drinks: Healthstones

Favorite Colors: Black

Weapons of Choice: His Fel-magic and his Demons.


Pre-corruption: Reading tomes in Dalaran.

Corruption: Tormenting those weaker than him.

Post-corruption: Studying and experimenting with various types of magics.

Physical Features: He is of average height and fairly skinny. His hair has turned completely white due to partial arcane poisoning from the Arcane Bomb that destroyed Theramore.

Special Abilities: Ivan is an immensely talented Warlock; stemming from a combination of a borderline-genius intellect coupled with his corruption at the hands of an Eredar of the Burning Legion. He is particularly skilled in summoning and controlling his demons; as well as manipulation, both mental and physical. He has experimented extensively with most magics, and is very knowledgeable about the inner-workings of the Arcane.

Positive Personality Traits: Incredibly intelligent. Very determined; he normally completes whatever goal he sets his mind to. He's also loyal to those he deems of worth. He also does hold himself to his own code of morals.

Negative Personality Traits: Overconfident. Extremely ambitious. Holds onto grudges for long stretches of time. Often comes off as rude, hostile, or arrogant.

Played by What Famous Person: Jeremy Irons (Specifically in Dungeons and Dragons )

Hypothetical Boss Music: Sonic 3: Final Boss (




A long and tiring endeavor, one seeking to learn of the Warlock's history will be hard pressed to find any who DO know of it wanting to recall horrible memories of the past. A few discernible things one might discover through careful eavesdrop or blunt inquire:

- When he was younger, the man was an Archmage of the Kirin-Tor, at an extremely young age to hold such a title, around seventeen. He studied alongside a girl he was once neighbors with, named Lily.

- Being ambitious, the teenager unwittingly summoned an Eredar named Xeriaxis from a tome of Demonology he discovered in the depths of Dalaran's archives, having attempted to summon an Imp to study it.

- Disappearing for several years after, he reemerged a changed man. He immediately sought out his brother, Necroxis, and his allies, Ranaynne, Saarvon, Anuari, and the Stormwind Cavalry, and proceeded to use his newly mastered command over the Fel to torment them repeatedly.

- After the discovery of his corruption at the hands of said Eredar, Necroxis and his allies fought against Ivan on multiple occasions, finally banishing demon from control over the man's body.

- Following a particularly damaging set of encounters with a Sin'dorei Death Knight, Ivan and his brother/brother's allies settled into a tense acquaintanceship, the Warlock aiding in a few of his brother's plights.

- More recently, the Warlock has been seen nearly constantly with a fellow Warlock named Lily. Whispers suggest she is the same Mage he studied with in Dalaran, and that her appearance as a young woman was a spell cast to cover the secret that she had fallen to the Plague and was a Forsaken.

- Lily's brother, Rostamin, now a Forsaken, had captured Ivan and experimented on him with various altered strains of the Forsaken Plague. Such experimentation damaging the bindings the Warlock put in place to contain the Eredar's corruption of his form, allowing Xeriaxis' corruption to once again take control of the man. Quickly, however, Necroxis along with the aid of the Dusk Watch finally permanently destroyed what remained of the Eredar's hold over Ivan. In return, he joined the group, quickly rising to the rank of Captain.

- Rostamin was killed by Ivan following the kidnapping, and was resurrected as a Death Knight under the Lich King. Forced to work in Icecrown Citadel, Rostamin remained until the Ashen Verdict stormed the palace and deposed the Lich King. Rostamin was killed a second and final time by Ivan after the Arch Warlock had joined the Ashen Verdict's cleanup efforts.

- Lily herself was ultimately killed when a group of Forsaken apothecaries destroyed Necroxis and his wife Ranaynne's house in Redridge, where Lily lived, seeking to learn more about what Rostamin's interest was in her beside's familial ties.

- Lily's death hardened the already callous Warlock, causing him to retreat, both physically to a private room in Dalaran, and emotionally, appearing only for mandatory Watch duties.

- When the call to lead Watch members in the aid of Wyrmrest Temple against Deathwing and Twilight's Hammer was sounded, Ivan took the responsibility unto himself, hoping it would provide a much-needed distraction.

- With Deathwing's demise at the hand of Thrall and the now-mortal Aspects, Ivan was seen launching attacks against remnants of Twilight's Hammer bases. He was presumed killed or kidnapped, having been missing-in-action for a month. Declared deceased by the Dusk Watch, his position as Captain was forfeit.

- Having freed himself from a Twilight Hammer encampment in the ruins of Onyxia's Lair, Ivan was present at the destruction of Theramore. Here, he was partially exposed to the effects of the bomb, and was poisoned by the arcane energy, turning his hair white.

- Promoted to Captain once more, Ivan was charged with leading the Dusk Watch's efforts against non-Horde threats on Pandaria.

- Increasingly fascinated by the Sha, Ivan has re-opened his lab in the Blasted Lands that had been closed down since his cleansing of Xeriaxis' corruption, using it to research the creatures.

- With the destruction of his lab at the hands of what Ivan claims was the Grim, his research into the Sha had ceased. Rumors swirl around the truth of what happened at the site, as mention of a Blood Elf victim began to arise. She was supposedly being used as a test subject, and went by the name Nanori. Said Blood Elf managed to escape during the chaos of the lab's destruction.

- Eventually, whispers of the truth began to surface: Ivan refused to subject a living sentient creature to Sha energies after his first few attempts. He freed Nanori, destroyed his findings, and torched his own lab, framing The Grim. His guilt soon came to head and he fled to a hidden lab he once used while under Xeriaxis' servitude, hiding from Urivial, the current Commander of the Dusk Watch.

- Nearly a week after, Urivial and Ivan met and spoke about what had actually occurred at his lab. Ivan was exonerated from any fault as Urivial realized Ivan's opinion of the morality of the subject was being prematurely dismissed. The two made a tenuous peace once more.

- Despite his lab's destruction, Ivan has continued to help the SI:7 arm of Operation: Shieldwall and the Explorer's League with their investigation into the Sha and Garrosh's potential involvement.

- After finding several issues in the method the Watch was currently operating, he has left and created a Mercenary group with Janaelle and Settana named "Ruststorm Trust."

- Hearing about the Council of the Black Harvest, Ivan left Ruststorm Trust for the Black Temple, where it is rumored their core group sought powers that Illidan had used reside. He has since disappeared, cutting off all contact with even the few close with him.

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Ranaynne pauses when asked about the man.

"I.. I don't know what to say, in truth. His deeds have been.. among the foulest I have experienced.. the horrors he has put me through.. " She looks off into the distance, a haunted expression on her face. "Simply.. unspeakable."

Rubbing her temples as if they pain her, she continues, "His brother is such.. a wonderful man, though.. and Ivan sometimes seems.. to be trying, perhaps, to deserve him."

Frowning, she shakes her head, "Under the control of another or not, he brought that upon himself... Some might argue that I had done the same, if they knew my history. I am.. I try not to judge others who claim to seek a better path than the one they followed. He will have to.. deliver some sort of empathy to those around him before I view him as more than an untrustworthy snake, however."

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Saarvon's helmed head turns a bit to face the reporter from his corner in the tavern. "A formidable opponent. Though I suppose I can also see him as a formidable ally, depending on the season. "He chuckles quietly to himself. "Gave me the fight of both my lives several times... and ruined a fine breastplate..." His head turns to face forward again and waves dismissively at the reporter.

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*Ivan scoffs as the Goblin asks him for an update on his status*

"Well...that annoying Sin'dorei was destroyed...I managed to free Necroxis and Ranaynne's childrens souls from the stones he was keeping as hostage.

Other than that...not much has happened...More recently I've joined with the Dusk Watch and saved those two, AGAIN, from this unknown Forsaken poison that was being developed..

I always seem to get sucked into their problems..."

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Amallah turns his head as he sees a goblin walk up to him. He blinks as he is asked about Ivan, "I... Can't say I know him well... He recently joined the Dusk Watch, and has saved my life before... I guess I could consider him a friend... I do not know if he considers me one, or if he considers anyone a friend." Amallah stares out across Darnassus, remaining silent as the goblin asks more questions before it gives up.

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The goblin pauses and looks up to a face that is mostly hidden beneath a cowl, eyes seeming to radiate a disconcerting red hue. He clears his throat, then holds up a portrait, "Do you know this Warlock?"

Pushing back her hood, the girl reveals a young face surrounded by ebony locks, pale features lit with a small smile. "That's mah Iv! 'e's mah best friend, an ah member wat tha Dusk Watch. e's real strong an' power'ful, and 'is minions always listen tae 'im."

Her expression is fond, and a beaming smile forms on her lips. "Iv's mah ev'rythin; ah owe 'im so much.. "

The goblin scribbles this down, brow furrowed at how different this statement is than any he has heard yet about the Warlock. "And who're you?"

The girl smiles shyly, tugging her hood back up. "Ah'm Lily.."

Nodding, the goblin scribbles this down as well, then looks up in time to see the girl walk away from the Silver Enclave, a Voidwalker trailing along behind her.

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Human Warlock... part of the watch you say? -Cyr muses over the name for a few minutes- Nope doesn't seem familar... although I don't normally take my opponents names down when fighting... There was that ONE Warlock in Stormwind... He was fun... He and his friends eventually repelled me but I like to think I gave him a few bruises to remember me by -smiles-

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"So, this is one of the more powerfull alliance warlocks, eh?"

The goblin nods as Duroxas reads over the small paper.

"Well well. I feel we ought to get aquainted somehow...thank you for the information Goblin"

Indignantly, the goblin blinked, thinking the elf was going to give HIM some knowledge about the human. Instead, the warlock walks away with the goblin's paper in his pocket

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*The Paladin sits by a lake, as the sun slowly sinks behind the clouds.* A goblin approaches her. "Excuse me, miss?" *The Paladin brinks briefly and turns to look at the goblin.* "May I ask a few questions about a Human Warlock, who goes by the name of Ivan?" *The Paladin shifts her position, so that she is facing the goblin.* You say his name is Ivan? The goblin nods his head. *The Paladin smiles softly.* I don't know much about him. I've only come in contact with him a few times. Despite that, I suspect that he still could be a fairly good guy. Although, I can't be totally sure of his character or anyone's for that matter, until I get to know them better. Still he is in the Dusk Watch supposedly, so I guess, he's somewhat of a okay guy. *The Paladin chuckles lightly.* I can't say, that I've seen him in battle though. He looks fairly strong though. To control his demons he must be. After all, chances are that they wouldn't listen to him, unless he was strong. I've heard from several other warlocks, that demons tend to have a mind of their own. *The Paladin smiles lightly, as a light breeze flows through her hair.* Other then what I've told you, I really don't know much about him. Anyhow, I should go. I have to meet someone in the next town over, before nightfall comes. The goblin nods his head. *The Paladin summons her Charger and rides off into the distance.*

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"He is...different. I feel he is judged too harshly by most, though caution would be wise around him. He lets his burdens drag him down and doesn't know when to let go it seems. Sad really."

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Urivial eyes the gnomish reporter for a long moment.

"Captain Zephyr is a loyal officer of the Dusk Watch. He leads some of our forces against threats to the Alliance that fall outside the Horde boundaries. It's very important work that he does you know."

Urivial chuckles and shakes his head.

"People tend to distrust him because of his chosen path in life... the fact that he's a warlock. But let's be honest. Even the light can cause harm. We've got an old geezer of a druid that delights in scaring recruits by explaining to them how his healing can also be used to grow plants and saplings from their wounds. Utterly disgusting to think about, but there you go. Even NATURE can be used to hurt, harm, destroy."

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Jin slows sips from a small cup of tea as he eyes the gnomish reporter in the far end of the Pig & Whistle;

"...Ivan, the man has quite a history, been known to interfere in Kerahli business a while back; Interesting how a warlock such as himself can cause such interference in a group steeped in shadow magic."

Taking another sip, he lowers his head lightly,

"Still, It has come to my attention that he has taken an interest in some very dangerous subject matter; Such things that can both save this world, or destroy it if used improperly...Still, I find it intriguing; I used to think that this conflict between the Horde and Alliance would not end until one side prevailed...Perhaps now there is another way."

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