Aita Treesunder

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Full Name:Aita Treesunder

Nicknames:none as of yet

Date of Birth:Late summer







Height:4 foot nothin

Weight:210 lbs

Place of residence:None, stays at inns on a regular basis

Place of Birth:Thelsamar, Loch Modan

Known Relatives:Baklar

Religion/Philosophy:Not being seen is handy, but being felt is better.

Occupation:Rogue, Leatherworker

Group/Guild affiliation:One-woman guild

Guild Rank:Boss


Likes:Quiet places, sound of falling water

Favorite Foods:Fresh green salad with sliced strawberries and a light vinigirette dressing.

Favorite Drinks:Cool, clean water

Favorite Colors:Darker shades of blue

Weapons of Choice:Daggers, swords, and fists (armed)

Dislikes:Mindless followers, fighting with her brother

Hobbies:Sitting on the Stonewrought Dam, talking to her family...

Physical Features:Minor nicks and bruises, multiple facial piercings

Special Abilities:She's very quiet for a dwarf, even at the taverns. Innately has a knack for going unseen.

Positive Personality Traits:Ferociously loyal, able to think outside the damn box.

Negative Personality Traits:Exceedingly introverted, and a lack of female guidance from a young age has made her socially awkward.

Misc. Quirks:Lots of silent contemplation. Make sure she's looking at you before you start talking...else the wind will be the only listener.

Played by What Famous Person:Lelenia/Treesunder

Theme Songs:Her Diamonds (Rob Thomas), I'm Movin On (Rascal Flatts)

History:Hailing from a family of crafters, the Treesunder clan was hired to assist the Stonemasons to reconstruct Stormwind after the ravages of the Second War. Upon completion of the task they, along with the rest of the Masons, were stiffed by the council of Stormwind. Instead of joining Van Cleef and his band of Defias, the clan decided to leave Human territory, and settled in north-eastern Loch Modan, content to build a set of clan halls for themselves near Ironforge.

A year after their move, with a few cave systems dug out in preparation for detail crafting, Baklar was sent with his sister, Aita, and their uncle, Borin, to gather supplies and new mining tools from Thelsamar. The journey and restock took till early evening, and instead of thumping their way past the Kobalds to travel across Stonewrought Dam, they bedded down for the evening at the town inn. Early the next day the trip back started, Treesunder and Borin pulling a small cart full of supplies, and young Aita singing as she followed behind. Upon reaching the dam, they paused to rest, and Aita asked what would make a lot of smoke come out of their home. The other two loked east, and saw the billowing plumes curling from behind the mountains. They abandoned the cart and raced across the dam, Borin drawing his axe and yelling for Baklar and Aita to stay with the guards. They watched him pelt down the trail, and never return.

The guards finally mustered, and forced their way to the valley that the Treesunders called home to find it crawling with huge ogres. Later it was found that a band of the beasts, who had splintered from the Horde after the war ended, had been roaming the mountain passes, and decided that the caves the little dwarves had dug into the stone would make an admirable home for them.

Now, Baklar and Aita are (far as is known) the last two of the Treesunder clan, and both fight on with a particular hatred for the Ogrekin.

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