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Assassination (( One profane word ))

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(( Part 1 ))

Gildel sighed wearily as he sat down.

"You had something or me?"

"Indeed," replied Keraph, "we seem to have a problem arising, a revolt of sorts. The hopeless Orcs have taken notice of our hatred and feel threatened by it. Thrall recently contacted Lady Sylvanas, warning her to consider where her allies lay. As of late, he no longer allows more forceful Forsaken - with any purpose - into Orgrimmar. Awkward as it may seem, he then sent small group of his men into the "enemy's" territory... the Sepulcher."

Gildel leaned forward slightly in his seat, anxious now, expecting a scouting mission.

Keraph continued, "I would like you to slip into Orgrimmar to see what you can find out. Be careful though... if you attract too much attention, they may suspect you are scouting for us. Find out as much as you can from Thrall's mindless guards. Try to figure out what his next moves are going to be, so that we can prepare."

"Would you be able to send anyone else on this mission with me," the impatient guest asked.

"I'm afraid not, more than one traveling together would be too noticeable. You alone are able to slip into the shadows where no-one will see you."

Gildel considered this for a moment, then decided to do it. He was thinking only of his faithfulness to the Dark Lady. Though in the depths of his mind, the small chance of failure, thus doom of the Forsaken, nagged at his conscience.

As if reading his mind, Keraph spoke up. "Anyone would have a chance of failure, yours is the lowest. I have seen the way you fight, and even better... the way you avoid fights. I feel that you would be the best able to get in, get the information, and get back without being noticed in the slightest."

"I accept the task you place upon me, Keraph. I will try my best to remain unseen and to hear all pertinent information."

Gildel stood up and placed the chair back near the table. He stood in one place, thinking of what he was to do. After several minutes, Keraph broke the silence.

"You may leave and begin now."

"I'm on my way already," Gildel whispered as he went unseen out the door.

(( Part 2 ))

"Come in and sit down."

Gildel did as he was told, though he was quite familiar with the routine.

"What have you learned?"

"Thrall is planning on disposing of the Dark Lady. He plans to take us over through brute force. He is also once again allied with the troops of Jaina Proudmoore. They believe the Forsaken are the cause of the plague that is killing most of the humans."

"Shot down before we were powerful enough to put up a winning fight..." Keraph thought for a moment. "I would like you to slay Thrall. Should you fail... all of the Forsaken shall spit your name out like hot lard in a pan. As you are preparing for the job, I will inform the Dark Lady of Thrall's plans and ready forces to defend the Undercity."

"How will I get out? Surely my actions will cause some sort of uproar."

Keraph stood up and stared into Gildel's lifeless eyes.

"I have other agents to help with that. One more thing, you will be needing this..."

(( Part 3 ))


Gajinnu stopped dead in his tracks.

"What are you doing here?"

"I... I be lookin'... for... for umm... da guy who be Keraph. He s...sent me."

"So you're the 'visitor' he was talking about. Go in."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Sit down troll."

"I.. I like to keep me wit about me all the.. the time."

Keraph didn't notice.

"All the better. I would like you to keep an eye on one of my assassins. I feel he may not be as safe as I planned. He first tried to spend some time in Ragefire Chasm, to try to earn some respect with the members of Orgrimmar. I have called upon you because I have heard some pleasing facts about you."

Gajinnu blushed slightly and chuckled.

"You have spent your whole life, if I am correct, which I am, fighting the scourge for the... no, with the Forsaken. Many Forsaken look up to you, though you have been seen fraternizing with the other races of the Horde. No... don't worry this is a good thing. You will be unseen amongst the denizens of Orgrimmar. Wait, a question. Do you fight to rid Azeroth of the scourge, or do you fight to protect the Forsaken?"

"Well.. I be thankful for wat your friends be sayin' abou'.. fine... I be fightin' mainly ta protect the Forsaken. I have me own reason's for slayin' the scourge. My own parents.. was taken.. by dem... MINDLESS MURDERERS.."

"Silence! Do you want all of Azeroth to know what we are doing? I didn't think so. Now.. I would like you to watch over an assassin of mine in Orgrimmar. Do you accept?"

"Yah," he replied hungrily. Keraph didn't like the glint in is eye.

"His name is Gildel. He should already be in position to murder Thrall where he sits. I would like you to get him out of there safely. Do not, however, let him live if he fails. Leave him to his death if he cannot simply strike a foe once."

Gajinnu was breathing heavily, obvious thirst shining from his eyes.

"Why is it that you accept?"

"Contrary ta wat I be makin' ya t'ink, me own family was taken by damned Orcs, not scourge. Da Forsaken shall be takin' over Azeroth soon wit' Thrall gone fo' good."

"Leave now before I force you to."

(( Part 4 ))

Gildel stared at the item of obvious power sitting in his shaking hands. He was wondering why Keraph had entrusted him with a weapon of this much power. (( Italicized )) One strike of this blade should be sufficient, Apothecary Razakel Calivan has made sure of that. Keep it hidden until the time comes to slay him, do not expose it until you have your chance. (( /Italicized ))

Gildel could only imagine what it would look like out of the package, blinding certainly. He then noticed a troll seemingly coincidentally following him. The troll noticed Gildel watching, and decided to enter conversation first.

"What you be carryin' there? It be pretty shiny, and pretty too."

"A.. a gift to a friend of mine. I came from Ashenvale, I'm on my way to Undercity. Could you tell me which way the exit is?"

"Sure, go dat way 'til you be seein' a brighter place. Turn left and keep goin'."

"Thank you."

Gildel actually knew his way around quite well. He turned down the road, seemingly following the suspicious troll's instructions. He checked to make sure the troll wasn't following him, and turned right just before the bank. He hid behind the stairs and vanished.

As he exited the alcove in which he was hiding, he nearly ran into the troll. (( Italicized ))Apparently, my observation skills aren't what they once were, or perhaps they are not yet fully developed. For my sake I hope the latter. (( /Italicized ))

When the troll turned to leave, Gildel crept past him and up the stairs. He turned right at the top after a small rope bridge. Slowly he made his way into Thrall's chambers. Sweat dripped down his face, his hands were shaky again.

He slowly unwrapped the parcel given to him by Keraph, expecting it to shine and give him away. Thoughts of betrayal crossed his mind, but were quickly discarded. There it was, lying in his hands. Black. It was black. It sucked the light into it rather than broadcast it. Anyone watching carefully would have only noticed a slight disturbance in the air behind Thrall.

Which is exactly what the troll saw.

Gajinnu slipped into the shadows. Here was his chance to avenge his family. With little effort he shielded himself. He stared at the black dip waving side to side.

It stopped. The troll readied himself.

A flash of white light and Thrall was staggering forward. Gildel slipped back into the alcove, but it was too late; someone had already seen him. He thought briefly of what he was going to do and decided to start climbing. He knew he wouldn't make it, but it would stall his death momentarily.

Gajinnu knew what his job was, and he felt compelled to do it. Gathering up his strength, he shielded the assassin.

Gildel felt the power rush through him, and he knew what had happened. (( Italicized )) So this is the 'agent' he was talking about... (( /Italicized )) Knowing he was safe, he jumped down and sprinted towards the exit.

The troll was easily keeping the assassin safe, though his strength only lasted until the guards started attacking Gildel. Realizing their efforts were futile, some of the guards turned on the one making them so. With both shields being degraded, he could no longer hold on to both shields.(( Italicized )) Take down my own, we both die. On the other hand, take down the assassin's and I stay safe for a short period of time. (( /Italicized ))

Sacrificing himself, he put up the strongest defense he could on the assassin and let go of both shields. In an instant he was gone. Everything was gone. The assassin, the guards, the dying Thrall, all of it gone. His family was avenged and his spirit would lay guiltless for eternity. Or would his deed be enough to gain the strength of the Forsaken...?

(( More to come hopefully... ))

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