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Duroxas (Redfury) Quel'Ivan

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A quiet hour at the Wyvern's Tail, Liyint was sitting in an obscure corner scrawling seemingly nonsensical notes on disparate pieces of paper, using a unique writing utensil that fits snugly at the end of his middle finger.

“Oh... hey...”

Liyint stops writing and his gaze focuses on the approaching goblin with a stare from the corner of his eye. Immediately, he stops writing and, in a several fluid motions, removes the finger pen and deposits it into his glove while folding the papers and sliding them into a journal with his free hand. In a quick moment, space had been made at the table for the short, green interloper. Liyint folds his hands and gives the goblin a pleasant smile,


The goblin had focused his eyes down at his own pad of notes, flipping several pages back. He looks at Liyint with a scrunched nose and disbelief, “Lint? Izzat' how it's said?”

Liyint clears his throat and suppresses mild frustrations, “Yeah, good enough. What can I help you with?”

“Duroxas Quel'Ivan... says he met you. What can you share 'bout him?”

Liyint tilts his head to the side and gives the reporter a quizzical smile, “Duro talked about me?” He immediately sat up, scooted over, and slid an unopened bottle of Frog Poison to the vacant seat. Liyint gestures for him to sit, “Let's chat.”

The goblin hesitated for a moment, but with a shrug and a smile convinced himself he deserved a relaxing interview for once.

“What did he have to share about me?” Liyint eyed the goblin cautiously as he sipped his own Frog Poison, making only a mildly dissatisfied face as the swill alcohol went down.

“Only basic stuff.”

“Basic stuff?” Lint asked. The reporter was taking in heavy gulps before setting the bottle on the table with a satisfied,

“Aaahh... yeah. Basic stuff, yannow'? Said you're a decent guy. Seems to be reliable.” the goblin gave Liyint a smile of approval before returning to his drink.

Liyint's eyes searched around for a bit and his fingers ran slowly across his chin as he pondered this.

“What can you share about him? He gets a lot of mixed reviews, so I'm interested to hear what a man of your integrity might have to share.”

Was the reporter genuinely happy, or just trying to flatter Liyint for information? Regardless, the elf looked down at the goblin with another curious expression, “Mixed reviews? Really? Like what?” He spoke in a tone of incredulity.

“Like... you know. Some people like him, other people hate him. Some even fear the guy...”

“Hm..” Liyint ran a finger across his chin again, “Well, he's a warlock... and I'm sure you've noticed his red eyes?”

The goblin shrugged, “Yeah... no idea what that's about...” he looked to Liyint, hoping for an answer.

“He's a warlock, with red eyes, and seems to be a decent guy...” Liyint took another drink.

The goblin paused, “That's it?”

“Basic and mixed...” Liyint put his mug back down and gave the reporter an apologetic shrug.

Disappointed, the interviewer got up to leave the table.

“Hey,” Liyint called the goblin's attention this time, “Do you know about Farahlon?”

“...who?” The reporter was utterly confused.

Liyint explained succinctly, “Netherstorm.”

“Oh yeah... I got a cousin that works out there... poor guy.”

Liyint nodded sympathetically before continuing, “Manaforge Duro was a massive facility designed to forcefully siphon mana from the twisting nether. It, like the other facilities just like it, violently ripped into the world around it, wreaking havoc and tearing the earth to bits, and generated turbulent storms. Worse still, it was run beyond regulation, sundering reality in an already broken land and inviting into the world void entities- horrible creatures that are a mar upon reason. It was one of the prominent developments for Netherstorm's namesake.”

The goblin listened, waiting for the point, “and... what does this have to do with Duroxas?”

Liyint sat up straight and leaned back. “Duroxas?” he shrugged and took a casual drink, “I didn't say anything about him. Duro's a warlock... with red eyes... and seems to be a decent guy... with mixed reviews” He paused between each point, hoping they'd sink in.

“I'm sorry I can't give you more.”

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Illisade peers down at the interviewing panda as it looks up. "Duroxas? Yes I've been following him, whats it to you? Let him know that I will not sleep, I will not rest, I will not waver in my resolve until him and his little Sin'dorei wretch get what they deserve. " The pandaran looks at him with fear as his eyes start narrow. "your anger and rage fuel the evil in our lands! You must go now or great evil come!" he responds. With that Illisade sees Duroxas and Svetlaena riding across the land and he fades off into the shadows toward their direction.

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"Duroxas Quel'Ivan?" Lindsey Brookes stared down at the goblin, an excited look on her face. "He's m'teacher!"

"Teaches? Wait, wait, wait, that man actually teaches people now? To what? Be crazy?" The goblin snorts, yet he writes the information now.

"Noooo.." The like-living looking undead woman squinted her eyes. "He's helped me come a long way wi' m'fel magics and tha like! Helped me summon m'demons other than just m'imp." Her heavy Gilnean accent only seemed to grow thicker with her elation towards the stranger's inquiries. "M'Lord doesn't really approve of him.. Shame."

"Whose yer Lord? No wait don't answer that, I wanna know what you think of him." The goblin waved his pen at her, of which she followed with her eyes perhaps a little too long.

"What I think? Hrm... He's got really pretty red eyes, and his robes are always so fancy! I want fancy robes like his one day. He's super powerful from what I've seen, his demons follow his orders so well! I want to be just as powerful as he is! Oh! He showed us once how to corrupt people with fel too, made this pretty elf man grow horns and wings, poor fella was screaming up a storm. I think Duroxas put it out of it's misery. Good man." She nods enthusiastically.

"...Good.. man? Heh.. yea.. that's the term I would use for that story. But on that note.. I think I'll leave you alone now." Grinning nervously the goblin slooowly backed away.

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Ranavos sneered in disgust at the mention of Duroxas’ name. “If he ever makes a move on Lindsey, I’ll snap his pathetic twig-like body in two. Hopefully his works with the Fel will beat me too that.” The Captain snorted a soft giggle upon thinking. “Crushed by his own deamon that he wished to control. Ahhh, one can only hope.”

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