Aestiaeda Uru'Baen

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Name: Aestiaeda Uru'Baen

Nick Name: Aest

Age: Unknown, she is young.

Gender: Female

Hair: Red

Eyes: Fel Green

Height: 6'2"

Weight: Never bothered to find out.

Race: Blood elf

Occupation: Blood Knight Mercenary. (currently in training)

Appearances: Aest is a female blood elf of moderate height and health weight. Long days of tramping through wildernessin chain mail armor and many hours at a forge and anvil has put muscle on her slim frame. She wears her red hair in a pony tail when not wearing a helmet, the hair in question reaching down to just below her shoulder blades. Ocasional scars of battle riddle her hide from claws, blades and the ocasional ranged artillery. None of those scars marr her general appearance.

Personality: A kinder member of the Blood Knight order, Aestiaeda will not shy away from trying to make a friend. Carying a good natured attitude unless in battle, upon which she deals out rightious retribution to any who wish to harm her or her friends.

History: Resentfully adopted as a very young elf into the order of the Blood Knights because of her lineage. Her father, one of the city magisters was slain during the Scourge invasion of Silvermoon City. Her mother, another Blood Knight, presumably KIA for the past 15 years, no body has been found to prove of her death. Trained in the arts of fighting and bending the Light to her will, Aest aided the Ghostlands and the people of Tranqulian to place a considerable dent in the legions of the Scourge. Upon learning her grandfather and great grandfather were still alive in the shape of Death Knights, she took a lightly more open oppinion of the Knights who now serve the Horde. Despite her upbringing with the Blood Knights she had remained illiterate, prefering to do something then read about it. Upon joining the organization know as The Pale Heart, she continues her training with their fighters and learns the finer, more difficult skills of proper reading and writing from the local Professor, fondly called Svett by Aest. When available, the young paladin would spend much time with her friend and crush, Hector Fen - a very odd but loveable blood elf hunter.

Likes: Hector Fen, Euripides, Dragon Hawks, Hector Fen, Fuzzy druids of either side, Hector Fen.

Dislikes: Chocolate (no...more... easter... eggs....) Scourge, rude alliance, rude horde, obnoxious stuck up people, mean fuzzy druids.

Favorite Foods: Rosted tallstrider leg, otherwise not too picky.

Favorite Drink: Red wine, Moonberry juice.

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