Langara Bloodwither [neé Dawnsinger]

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Langara Bloodwither [neé Langara Dawnsinger]

Blood Elf Death Knight


Some have taken to calling her Lang or Langa. She isn't sure why, but responds anyway.


Doesn't matter anymore, and she doesn't know anyway. Been risen for approximately four years.


5'4", about as short as a female Blood Elf can be.


120 lbs.


Her skin is corpse grey, the tips of her ears are frostbitten black. Her blackened fingernails are ragged and chipped. She managed to keep her teeth and doesn't appear scarred or damaged from death. May have been pretty once, but that attribute is past its expiration date and she's well aware of it. Remind her at your own peril.


Black. Formerly long and tied in the back, after the incident in the mortuary, she has cut it short. It doesn't grow anymore, so it probably won't change in the future.


Typical Death Knight blue.


Formerly a mortician and burial consultant, now she lives with and works solely for The Pale Heart and its interests.


Heart Sworn of The Pale Heart, still loyal to The Ebon Blade.


Roughly Horde. Mostly apathetic. Neutrality suits her fine, "Fighting the Alliance is a waste of time and limbs."


No known relatives, no interest in finding them. Though the name Dawnsinger does seem to have come up in distantly overheard conversations.

Enemies: She's made a point of hunting down any San'layn and Darkfallen she can find. Beyond that, and a few rogue death knights, there are few she'd spend her time killing.


She only believes in her own abilities, and those of her superiors in her respective affiliations. Greater truth, beauty, and justice are all altruistic words and therefore meaningless to her. Revenge is nice, and loyalty does matter. Forgiveness is a new skill, but it's come in handy on a couple occasions.


Two-handed axe or sword. Her soulblade has diminished in importance.

Theme Song:

Nemo by Nightwish


Flirt with her and she'll cut you or, at least threaten to. Flinches when exposed to the Light, and avoids it with vigor. Any use of telepathy or other mentally invasive tactics incenses her to the point of rage. She doesn't sleep and has removed the bed from her room in the tower. Likes geists, but had to sacrifice the one she kept. Actually misses it from time to time.


When she had first come down from Acherus, Langara seriously lacked tact or any skill in conversation. As a result of spending so much time in Silvermoon, and gaining something along the lines of friendships, Langara's softened her edge a bit and has been known to crack a genuine smile from time to time.

Despite her spiny attitude, Langara does have a sense of humor, though it's usually quite morbid. This seems to catch some people off guard.

After regaining some knowledge of her lost life, Langara found her hatred for Paladins slightly tempered, and in general, avoids picking fights with them now.

She tries to leverage her intimidating aura whenever possible, though that isn't as often as she'd like. Somehow, a short, thin dead woman isn't very threatening, no matter how much her eyes glow or how hard she scowls. This irritates her, so she usually resorts to colorful threats of torture when she's mad.


Langara Dawnsinger met an abrupt end in an abandoned servants' building on the outskirts of an estate in what is now the Ghostlands. She lived as a healer and diplomat for the Argent Dawn. The events surrounding her flight from Silvermoon probably created quite the scandal. However this scandal was immediately forgotten as the Scourge marched on the city mere days afterward. The majority of her soul and memories reside in Langara's soulblade.

Langara Bloodwither is the name of the Death Knight that was risen from Dawnsinger's corpse. Having existed without the memory of her life, she's formed an identity of her own. Her work among the Scourged armies focused on interrogations. She spent some time on the front lines, initially, but was taken under the tutelage of Prince Keleseth as well as the Blood school. She managed to distinguish herself there and earned a surname as a nom de guerre. Before that, she went solely by her first name as she was unaware of her family name by birth.

Since breaking free at Light's Hope Chapel, Langara's become self-assigned to working with the Pale Heart, though her original affiliation was with the Ebon Blade. She technically reports to Ebon Hold but has fallen out of touch with them.

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"Dawnsinger? Oh dear, I received a letter asking about someone with that name, why, do you know something?" Ilin eyes the goblin reporter. "If you know something, you'd best tell me." She sighs, "Anyway, my Lady Aloril Dawnlance of House Dath'helar received such a note as well, perhaps I'll have more to say if we ever encounter this woman."

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Keldorin stares at the goblin and scowls before abruptly turning on his heel and marching away.

A small green doll is left behind with strange eyes that seem to stare into the soul of the goblin interviewer.

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"Really, all she needs is some love and affection. She's a good person at heart, and just needs to be reminded that she's not a monster just because she's a Death Knight." Erohol muses politely to the goblin, a soft smile on his face.

"In fact, I think that you should seek her out yourself... I hear she likes her men short, green, and greedy. Plus, anyone with eyes can see that... "

The goblin's eyes had nearly popped out of their sockets, the little green menace darting away in search of Langara.

"... I think I just killed him."

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