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Arcane Scribblings on Schematics!

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*The more than wrinkled piece of parchment contained precise, detailed drawings of what could only be described as a pair of stilts powered by steam. Needless complicated scratchings of wiring configurations, pump design and what style of shoe should be upon the foot of the stilt littered the page. Along the edges of the parchment, written in Gnomish, were random notes, each one shining ever so slightly with the arcane filled ink that was used. Some thoughts were, obviously, incomplete.*

Shopping List

Bucket of Bolts

Box of Screws





Cologne to attract the Draenei ladies

A comb


Leather chaps

A top hat


I saw the most beautiful lady Draenei earlier today! Sometimes, I just want to grab onto one of those tails and


Redirecting the ley-lines of the deeply hidden pathways beneath Gnomeregan has been difficult. The matrices of the spells and their complexity seem to be ever changing, never stable, shifting just as I find a suitable point within them.

Continuing tests from the Old Home daily, hoping to recall some of the lost arts or possibly even finding a way to get the stink of the TROGGS out of my clothes!


I remember it like it was yesterday. There I was, standing outside the shop, the wonderful artificle lights shining down upon the most beautiful gnome I had ever seen. You should have seen her legs. They were so..

But then the TROGGS errupted from somewhere below! The TROGGS ruined my chance with her! I never caught her name. But That's okay.

The TROGGS got her.

Only 50 Silver lost on the booze.


Explosions! Screaming! Death! Hairy things.



I wonder what I should make for dinner tonight.


Investigate this Import company that goes by the name of Fordragon.

I hear they fight TROGGS alot. Especially the big green ones and the ones with the demon eyes and the outrageously long ears.

Kinda like the purple ones.

But mean.


Oh no! I am late for--

Why am I writing this?!

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*Various short notes were written upon the back of the same schematics, the writing dancing slightly from the arcane filled inks.*

I received a letter today from the Import people by the name of Fordragon! It would appear as though my application has been accepted iron toe.


I did not KNOW this place was run by an appendage! Much less one made of iron. Huh.

I think this will be a very very interesting meeting with this toe.


I tried once again redirecting the ley lines that run beneath the beloved, wonderful, TROGGS ridden city of Gnomeregan.

Er, it sort of backfired. I think I spent a good three to four hours running around Ironforge as a sheep.

And then this one burly dwarf...

Oh god...



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*The usual erratic scribblings and notes littler the back of the schematic, but in one lower corner, the writing seems to smooth out, becoming more linear, neat, clean.*

Upon further investigation, I found that I stumbled upon what could possibly be described as a tainted ley line below my previous home. I can only assume that it is directly related to the happenings of the radiation or that it has to do with what is going on in the north. I managed to catch a glimpse of a full blown ley line, dug out directly from the earth by the Blue dragons.

The sheer amount of energies that lace the air are enough to intoxicate even the most well trained, strong willed mages. It is no wonder that so many seek the powers that lie far and wide. The visible arcane flows that erupted from the broken earth was beautiful, intimidating and awe inspiring.

Numerous times I have wondered and tried to seek out the answers as to why humanoids of the intelligent variety seek out certain lands to call their home, be it in the mountains, lake side or in the deserts. Sometimes, it is for mere survival, other times, it is for the sake of their kind.

But what if things influence us? The elves are prime examples, seeking magic rich lands to call their homes. The sickly, fel tainted elves in the north stay near the Sunwell. The land around saturated with the magicks that lay on the surface and extend WHO KNOWS how far from the reaches of the well. I do not doubt that far beneath the earth that even the dwarves have dug, all sorts of magicks, both corrupted and pure, influence the lands and the inhabitants above.

I will continue my work upon the various ley lines that litter the world, some visible to the naked eye thanks to tampering, others hidden behind a veil of mystery. It makes me wonder, where do they lead? Is there one spot of pure magical energy that every ley line pours into? One node of power that even the strongest willed person would fall to?

Research and theories say yes.

I should dive into the books at Dalaran to see if any of the ancient tomes survived the incident.

I think that is what I will do in my free time. The inventions can wait for the time being.

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