Selash Gustblade

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Full Name: Selash Gustblade

Nicknames: Sel, Selash, 'Lash, the Sin'serrar (Blood Blade) hunter, The Negotiator, The Gunslinger, Grandpa, Lord Gustblade (but don't call him that!)

Date of Birth: Unknown (believed to be sometime in the winter)

Age: 131

Race: Blood Elf

Gender: Male

Hair: Reddish orange

Skin: Pale

Eyes: Fel green

Height: 6'2"

Weight: Approximately 170 lbs.

Place of residence: Booty Bay

Place of Birth: Unknown (presumed to be somewhere in Eversong Woods)

Known Relatives:

Tayler Proudguard (first wife, assassinated)

Ryenn Gustblade (daughter with Tayler, missing)

Carrowyn Cealliagh (second wife, deceased)

Kahlan Gustblade (daughter with Carrowyn, alive)

Nalette Goldenlark (third wife, divorced)

Nanori Gustblade (née Windstalker) (fourth wife, Alive)

Religion/Philosophy: Loosely believes in the light, but doesn't really care to discuss it.

Occupation: Bounty Hunter, ex-Farstrider, ex-Horde Commander, Gunsmith, Engineer

Group/Guild affiliation: None

Guild Rank: N/A

Likes: Alcohol, Guns, his pets, plentiful bounties, his daughters

Dislikes: people getting in his way, claims to have a distaste for romance/women, nobility, people who are too damn serious

Favorite Drinks: Nearly any form of hard alcohol

Weapons of Choice: Typically wields two firearms; His rifle, and a pair of custom, self-made revolvers. He also typically carries a hunting knife on his belt for various purposes. He is also trained in the use of various bladed arms as well as bows and crossbows.

Hobbies: Animal handling/taming, hunting, drinking, tinkering with his various mechanical creations.

Physical Features: His body is littered in various scars, the most prominent of which is a long scar covering his right eye which extends from his hairline to his jaw. There is also a rope burn that looks like it once surrounded his neck is currently faded, hinting it has been on his body for some time. However, it is only visible when he exposes his neck (i.e. looks up), and it is unclear how he obtained such a scar. He also keeps his left eye under a simple black eyepatch. He is also a habitual tobacco smoker and usually carries at least one pack of imported Ironforge cigarettes and a simple mechanical lighter.

Positive Personality Traits: Is very loyal and caring once he finds you trustworthy, is also very responsible and reliable as a bounty hunter and commander. Is relentless in his hunts until he clears his mark.

Negative Personality Traits: Very slow to trust, usually comes off as rude and cold around people he doesn't know. He also is a bit of an alcoholic, and is also addicted to tobacco. Has a violent temper when provoked, quick to draw one of his guns or throw a punch.

Enemies: Urivial Beckett, Taram Beckett (nee Juliar), Trigin Steelblade, Yueme Ravensong, Dalomere Whitewind, members of the Night Elf Liberation Front, the Cult of the Nightmare, any Alliance millitary member.

Quirks: He has a habit of cracking his joints, the most common one being his neck. And every time he cracks his neck, it makes loud pops that sound very unhealthy, as if it had suffered some kind of severe previous trauma. He also collects all kinds of alcoholic drinks and has a large collection of imported alcohol he keeps safely locked away, referring to it affectionately as his 'stash.'

Played by What Famous Person: Kevin Sorbo

Theme Songs:

(When Drunk)


Tall, intimidating and cold to most, Selash is an enigma to many people in Azeroth. Most know him by his namesakes; the Sin'serrar (Blood Blade) hunter, which is both known and feared by people in both the Alliance and the Horde, as well as the Negotiator, earned from his many successful business dealings and brokerages when he worked under the Cartel. As such, he usually doesn't socialize much with anyone outside of his faithful pets Arwyn and Blaize, and what few friends he has within the Cartel Enforcers, The Raven Cross and the Horde. About the only things known about him are that he's a former Farstrider and loves to drink. He also had romantic involvements with Lelea Sunfury and Sin'lanna Arath'dorei which ended prematurely for reasons he refuses to discuss in public. The only known past about him is that he has a daughter by the name of Ryenn Gustblade, and that the two appear very much alike. This would hint that he at one point in time was married or had a procreative affair. However, when asked by a Goblin reporter for the TNG about a possible previous marriage, he gave the goblin a swift punch to the teeth and reduced his smile to a pile of shattered bicuspids. The goblin later went on to report that even while drunk, Selash is a more than formidable threat and refused to try and pursue the story further, fearing that the next time Selash would shatter far more than his mouth.

After a dispute over a payment issue, Selash abandoned his position as negotiator of the Cartel and resumed his work as a freelance. After meeting with Anorah Nailo and Leoren Evershine, he joined the Raven Cross and remained with them for more than a year, still gladly accepting bounties brought to him.

Shortly before leaving the Cartel, he met and befriended a fellow red haired sin'dorei by the name of Kira Skye Nirvanna and took sympathy upon her cause after she explained her plight to him. She was under his protection for more than a year before the two were finally invited into family's estate in what seemed like a possible welcoming of the idea of their marriage. But, in a cruel twist of fate, Selash would be kicked out of the family's home in a month's time, and he would lose all trace of Kira and never hear from her again. Her family making sure no trace of her whereabouts would slip out of the family's lips.

After the defeat of Kil'jaeden at the Isle of Quel'danas, he wandered Azeroth and Outland, befriending Carrowyn Cealliagh at the start of the war with the Lich King with their relationship eventually leading to a romance. This romance, however, was met with turmoil at the discovery of a hidden arcane elemental sleeping in confinement in his body and gaining the freedom to wake up whenever his emotions turned volatile. Calling itself 'Baraxxus,' the elemental proved its sentience as one seeking destruction and vengeance over its confinement within its host, being bound mortally with Selash.

With its discovery also came the emergence of an old enemy he had long thought dead; Jainus Proudguard. Driven by madness and determined to destroy the Sin'serrar, Jainus pursued Selash through Azeroth and Outland, targeting both the hunter and those close to him, trying to use Baraxxus against him and revealing that he had been placed within Selash by him. After a relentless hunt and with Carrowyn's help, Jainus was defeated in Hellfire Peninsula when Selash gained the ability to communicate with Baraxxus and reason with him, allowing their consciousnesses to merge and cooperate for a common goal.

With his loyalties and views on life changing, he left the Raven Cross to the dismay of his peers and formed the Warsong Liberators after obtaining financial support and the blessing of the Warsong clan from Garrosh Hellscream. Initially, this decision was met with scorn from Leoren and the rest of the Raven Cross, but the relationship between them seems to have mended some, as the two forces have been seen interacting regularly with each other on the battlefield, and Leoren and Selash are once again on speaking terms.

With the Lich King's fall and Jainus's defeat, Carrowyn and Selash settled down into marriage with the hopes of a renewed, peaceful Azeroth to raise a family in. She gave birth to their daughter at the end of May, naming her Kahlan, but fell ill months after childbirth with an illness that couldn't be identified or cured. Desperate to save her, Selash temporarily abandoned his duties as Commander of the Liberators to find a cure, but failed to do so as Carrowyn died shortly after the shattering of Azeroth by Deathwing.

Grief-stricken but determined to press on for Kahlan's sake, Selash took charge against the Twilight's Hammer with the Warsong Liberators, only to have his command stripped from him and his group disbanded by Garrosh. Left with near nothing, he sought out his old friend Xaraphyne Na'we and took temporary refuge with her aboard the Skyseeker, returning to his old ways as a bounty hunter for hire. Since then, his life has seemingly turned around. Not appearing as grief-stricken and back to his old, wise-ass self. He has since become very wealthy from very high paying successful marks from various clients, and has seemingly moved on with his life.

Like most soldiers in the Horde, Selash followed the campaign into Pandaria, taking odd jobs here and there while continuing to increase his wealth and reputation. While in Pandaria, he would meet and fall in love with a high-elf named Nalette Goldenlark. Hesitant at first, the two would start a blossoming romance and marry, with Selash eventually convincing her to rejoin her people in the Horde. But as Garrosh's conquest continued, his past as commander of the Liberators would haunt him, with Garrosh ordering his desruction, wanting to cover the existence of the Liberators and his alliance with an elf. Selash would survive the destruction of his home in Booty Bay and a handful of attempts on his life, dedicating his efforts to taking down the power-hungry Warchief and his allies. With the fall of Orgrimmar, Selash would take comfort in seeing Garrosh brought out in chains, but the stress of the whole ordeal would take its toll on his marriage to Nalette, forcing them to separate in divorce.

Selash remained quiet for nearly a year once the dust had settled, choosing not to face the Iron Horde threat in Draenor and instead focusing on raising his daughter, Kahlan, and the home on the eastern coast of Quel'thalas he had managed to hang onto after the divorce. Many within the military ranks of both the Horde and Quel'thalas had pleaded with him to join the fight in this time, urging his skills were needed once again and that he belonged on the battlefield. He would resist for a long time before finally agreeing to enter the battlefield again, rejoining his comrades in Borrowed Time.

While in Draenor, he encountered Nanori Windstalker again after years of not having heard from her. He knew she had changed the moment he saw her again, but the two had clicked together, just as they had before when they would frequently drink together in the Wyvern's Tail during the Cataclysm. And it wouldn't be long before Nanori took the initiative and admitted she had feelings for him, all along. Their courtship would be short, sweet, and eventful, but eventually would result in their marriage at the start of the summer months following their reunion. Now hunting together as a husband and wife duo, the two are seeking to reunite and prove their people as a race to be respected in the Horde under the banner of the Eversong Elite.



Artwork by Ranadarus.

Edited by Selash
Bringing up to speed for current events.

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"I thought he was sort of mean the first time I met him, but he actually seems to be very nice. I'm extremely thankful that he helps with watching Trae."

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Samiel puts up a grin at the mention of name Selash.

"The legendary Selash Gustblade, how could I forget. I grew up listening to his stories about excellent marksmanship as my bedtime stories."

The goblin asks, curious about the 'bedtime stories' part. "How old are you?"

"Old enough. I should be around forty years or so if I counted right. Anyhow, I must have few words with him regarding this war with the Alliance. And this is private issue, so back off before I break your neck, you little green fiend."

Samiel starts gulping down a strong alcohol from it's keg.

"And, of course, how he beat a rifle shooting match after a keg of bourbon during Northrend expedition. I was actually surprised that my King, Terenas Menethil or the aristocracy had money to hire this man. Veteran of the First AND the Second war? That's something you don't come across that often. Now shoo, I've no more interest with your ilk."

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Raynell grins. "Selash, as fine a leader as one could hope for. Dedicated, unrelenting, a true soldier in every sense of the word. I'm sure his enemies are always wary of his movements. Certainly wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of his rifle."

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Selash? He is a ...a business associate. I seem to find myself helping him with various 'problems' occasionally. I like him--reliable sorts are so hard to find.

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"There are those among the Horde who fight with valiance. Who conduct themselves honorably no matter what they are doing, who respect their enemy, who don't turn to shady tactics. Those who do what they are doing for moral reasons, reasons anyone, no matter what faction they are from, can recognize, relate to and respect..."

"The Sin'serrar is none of these."

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One of many of my Arch-Enemies, One day his villainous schemes will be his undoing, that I can be sure of.

..*Okhu promptly makes a couple of hand-gestures before pointing off towards the sky*

Okhu!.. UP UP AND AWAY!..*She'd promptly hearth away from the annoying goblin newsman*

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Cytiana whirls on the goblin, hissing coldly, "Bastard-!" She picks up the slight creature, and held him at eye level, so to get the message across clearly, "Not one day goes by, that I don't think back to Warsong Hold, in some way. The next time I see him, he'd better be dead, or dying, if he knows what's good for him. Do you understand me, Goblin?"

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"Ah, yes. Selash. I have the utmost respect for him and his Liberators. I've had the pleasure of meeting with them on a few occasions. Very esteemed and very professional. I only wish him and his close ones all the best of luck in these times ahead." Aedris bows cordially before dismissing him.

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“Selash?” The trolless put down her mug on the bar and arched a brow, a smirk tugging at the corners of her mouth. “Old friend, even olda' enemy.. 'E an I got our common grounds dat keep us civil. I be knowin' some a 'is secrets, 'e be knowin' some a mine.”

Thoughtfully she rubs a portion of her tusk that seems to be re-attached via a bronze band, laughter coming to her lips as the Goblin asks what they are, “Joo kiddin' right? De man could git me killed wit what 'e knows I sure as fel ain't sellin' 'im out. Not yet anyway.”

With a lazy hand gesture the shaman shoo's the little green pest away, “Leave me be.”

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Ugraz was hiding in the shadows of Orgrimmar when the Goblin approached him.

"Selash? Ugh..." Ugraz sighs, "He a dumb Elf. He trying to capture Ugraz for da bounty.." Ugraz grins, "He's a dead man..He was messing wid Jaiiiee da oder day..Ugraz don't like dat..Ugraz gonna skin him and toss his wretched body into da river." Ugraz nods, throwing a smoke bomb and disappearing.

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" Gustblade is his last name?" The orcess might have laughed but she was worried about spilling her drink. " Yes I know him, I shot him in the arm." She smiled, seeming a little proud. " And out smarted him. " Rolling her shoulders back the warrior looked to the roof of the tavern. " And if I see him again I'll run him through with my blade. I don't trust him as far as a goblin could throw him to be honest and I think he's just another nameless face in the list of people out to get my friends. " The goblin nodded at her, moving on to the next interview.


The warlock sat by the well in the age quarter, she was rather surprised to hear the voice from behind her. " Ever heard of a Selash Gust blade?" Taram flinched, turning around to see a gnome with a little talk box at his side, he grinned, seeming to know something. " Rumor has it you were flying down to Booty bay to meet him for a while."

She relented holding her hands up. " Maybe.... Why?"

The goblin shrugged and held out the talk box. " Just for the record, can you tell me anything about him?"

" He's a nice guy, I think so anyway... very sweet and sensitive, I don't want anything bad to happen to him.... but I guess he is horde." She paused. " I know he's a bounty hunter but it's just a job..." The gnome didn't overlook the blush on her face as she shrugged, the petite human woman looking away nervously. " Beckett said to avoid him... But he's still my friend, I worry about him I guess..." Nodding the gnome seemed that it was all he'd get from her and bowed before walking away.


The paladin giggled, leaning on the bar in Orgirmarr, her head tilted up at the troll bartender, flirting as she sipped her free drinks contently. The first thing the goblin noted of the woman was her swaying hips as he moved up to her, it too a minute to remember she had a face. " Hey miss, ja know anything about'a Selash Gustblade?" Her attention perked and she looked back to the goblin, her skin flushing as she shot back a a sulferion slammer.

" Yeah, nice guy, cute kid, what of it?" He smirked at her, smoothing his hair back and leaning against the bar cooly.

" Jes try'n ta get a feel for the guy ya'know? Help a guy out?"

She shrugged and smirked in return tossing her curled locks over a shoulder. " He's kind of my room mate right now... Bounty hunter, we have the same boss in a way, he's sort of a romantic if you ask me, sappy stuff feelings.... the whole nine yards. " She giggled and the goblin frowned at her, causing the girl to pause and reflect, she looked down at her empty shot glass and sighed. " He's really sweet... needs to get his head out of the clouds though, find someone who's actually good for him."

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"Engaged? -Her-? He's asking to be left..." he murmurs. "He probably roped her into engagement; She's never been content with him."

The goblin gave him a look, to wich Duroxas gave an indignant reply. "What?! I pay attention to this kind of stuff!"

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