Ser Peritous Traken

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Full Name: Ser Peritous Traken


Age: Deceased

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hair: Pale blonde

Skin: Corpse White

Eyes: Blue (In life they were a dark violet.)

Place of residence: None

Place of Birth: Stromgarde Keep

Known Relatives: None living.

Religion/Philosophy: Devout Paladin of the Holy Light, Knight of the Ebon Blade

Occupation: Knight

Group/Guild affiliation: The Veiled Council

Guild Rank: Blade

Enemies: Arthas, Sylvanas Trolls, Syndicate, Scourge, Horde, Ogres,

Likes: Cursing

Favorite Foods: No desire for food.

Favorite Drinks: No desire for drink.

Favorite Colors: None, though he responds with a sneer and says pink as though it is some inside joke.

Weapons of Choice: Swords, Maces, Axes, Spears.

Dislikes: Disobedience, disorganization, sloppy soldiers.

Hobbies: Punishing himself for his crimes.

Physical Features: Pale flesh and bright blue eyes, he has been dead for an extended period of time, so it may be difficult to recognize many human traits in him. His body is heavily decayed and often smells of burned flesh. Usually wears a full suit of plate mail to keep his body hidden from public lest he terrify the common folks.

Special Abilities: He's a Death Knight.

Positive Personality Traits: Strong willed and determined, honest and loyal.

Negative Personality Traits: Known to be verbally abusive and crude in certain company. Looks down on those who don't regret their mistakes and believes in harsh justice for a person's crimes.

Misc. Quirks: Self abusive and extremely resilient. Often finds himself wishing he was still alive and still a Paladin of the Silver Hand.

Recent History: Awoke as a forsaken soldier some time after the battle of Stratholme, and was slain in Stromgarde Keep when he went to see what condition it was in. Awoke some time under the sway of the Lich King and committed countless atrocities in his name. Upon regaining his soul he has spent much of his time in search of vengeance against Sylvanas and Arthas for the things he did whilst under their influence. All other time is spent in penance, punishing himself for his crimes.

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An honorable man...

Death does not absolve a man of his crimes, even if he goes on living afterwards. Peritous understands this; many do not. Our kind will walk this world until we are no longer needed, then we will be done.

Folvelor grins solemnly for a moment.

We'll see to it ourselves if we have to.

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Nel smiles for a minute, then shakes her head sadly. "He's a good man, and has become a good friend. I made him a promise... and someday I plan to uphold it. I just hope that it's what he really wants." She looks off into the distance for a moment, then sighs heavily. "I know he'd do the same for me..."

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