Dunamis [Alliance, Heavy RP]

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What is the backstory for the guild (if any)?

Sir Issachar Athamans came to the attention of King Varian Wrynn when the king turned up his name two years ago, looking for Third-War veterans to decorate to bolster morale. After Sir Issachar's elevation to semi-nobility, he showed considerably more moral rectitude than his new peers.

When said peers complained to King Wrynn about this "stuffy" fellow and his equally-irritating wife, the king decided to give Sir Issachar something to do: form and head an order that would train up soldiers and craftsmen to aid the war effort.

One of the first recruits was Farseer Ariaan, who quickly rose to the council. Others followed, and the order is thriving and prosperous.

Guild Requirements:

No level barrier, no limit on alts--but we reserve the right to razz you mercilessly and pelt you with beanbags if you have five alts and none of them over 30.

We have limitations to classes: only those that don't directly conflict with the Light are admitted. In essence, no warlocks, death knights, or shadow priests--and we'd appreciate it if the rest of the classes didn't talk nonsense about "balance" of Light and Shadow. Priests already specced shadow who still want to join will get the funding to respec holy or discipline.

How large/active is the guild?

55 members, 30 players, most of them at least modestly active. As with any guild, we have a solid core of very active people. Those absent for over 30 days without notice are removed.

We don't exactly have large epic storylines going on at all times, but we enjoy our characters' interaction. We keep things open to larger storylines, and encourage them. We also try to have events regularly, from cookoffs to achievement-based events and even, occasionally, a PvP event.

Is RP required?

Absolutely. Our guild chat is 100% IC (although you CAN bracket something OOC to provide links or whatnot); we actually carry it out as if we were sitting around our guild hall in Ironforge (which has a physical location). We have an OOC channel as well, to which a member's guildie character and all alts are invited.

Do you have a guild website?

Yes we do, and we're proud of it.

Is there an initiation process before you are tagged?

We require all potential members (even alts of current members) to pass an IC interview process, during which we assess:

- the person's RP skills, determining whether they will need additional support and how to allocate it;

- the character's backstory and philosophy, to see whether they will mesh with the overall guild's; and

- the person's probable choice of promotion path, so as to advise them. We offer two ways to rise in rank, based on merit (crafting skill or PvP), faction reputation, and time served.

We do not usually invite total strangers, generally preferring those who come recommended. However, some of our best have come through random recruitment.

What would you say is the average level of the guild?

30ish. We have members of all levels, literally from 1 to 80. We don't push people to level fast and hard; your goals are your own, because this is a game, not a job. If you like to level, then enjoy; if you like to pursue achievements, good; if you prefer to just hang around and roleplay, have fun.

How would you classify the guild in RP terms?

Low-key: We don't tolerate god-moding, departures from lore/canon, Mary-Sueism, or Hollywood/soap-opera tripe. It just gets exhausting when everyone's pulling frantically at each other with huge urgent life-and-death issues. We don't reject all adventures and character problems, but prefer a generally low-drama style.

Family-friendly: We maintain an environment safe for teenage players and Southern ladies. ERP and even "implied casual sex" are not recognized by the guild, and discouraged as much as you can discourage a free adult. It's assumed that married/lifebonded characters are intimate, so we don't need details. Language is curtailed.

Holiness-based: While not all of our members are paladins or priests, we insist that characters have to have at least a passing acceptance of moral absolutes and the importance of holding to them.

Other notes of interest:

One of the things we offer is advice on how to make money, particularly through selling crafted goods through the auction house. Many of our members have gotten their various mounts without recourse to loans; you will very seldom, if ever, hear people crying in OOC about how broke they are.

Please visit our site! Contact any of us in the guild for more information or for an interview, if interested.

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Behold! Issachar finally updated our forum! When he sits down and really focuses, he writes beautifully. It's completely IC, as well.

The issue isn't so much the (arguable) volition of the DK; it's the continuing (and, to some extent, mandatory) use of Shadow powers by the class. We did try rolling DKs to see how it worked, using only Frost and melee, and it's really just not viable. It's like a warlock using only Fire: just doesn't work.

Shadow just doesn't fit with our guild, that's pretty much it.

I don't think there's anything else to say on the subject that wasn't discussed by some brilliant people here. :)

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For those who rise along their respective paths of rank to eligibility for Virtuoso or Champion, we have created a fantastic ceremony to celebrate it.

Also, we are fast approaching our sixth and final bank tab. Our donors have been very, very generous, and the Auction House has been favorable!

Our forum will be redesigned soon to be more aesthetically appealing, as well as having new content added.

We are looking to implement a Grand-Tour instance-run cycle, although we are still hammering out details.

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Dunamis has now implemented "Instance Nights", on Tuesday and Thursday. We will take up any Old-World or BC instance that our members need, hopefully two in a night if we can manage it.

Also, we are beginning patrols of hotly contested areas. Peaceful Horde have nothing to fear from us, as always, but may the hostile beware!

We are also forming our Heroics team! We have a wide variety of candidates just within our ranks, and perhaps we can even form two teams!

We are looking forward to some shakeup in our RP environment. Some familiar faces will be slipping to the background while fresh ones will take their place, and now more than ever, we will be giving opportunities to our membership to take the lead! Excitement is coming!

Finally, we have acquired a satellite guild, using that vault for even more of our crazy overflow. (So this means we now have seven bank tabs and three bank alts to hold all this wealth.) Members above a certain level are encouraged to create alts to access it, although nothing is kept back from them!

Fortune is smiling on us; if you can commit to our vision (visit dunamis.guildportal.com), and you want to be a good guy rather than an anti-hero (for a refreshing change of pace), contact any of us, and we'll set up an interview!

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