The Hand of Kargath [H]

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Rumors circulate among the regular Horde infantry, old orcs tell stories, young ones speculate, tauren listen, trolls nod, and blood elves gossip as if they know something.

"They're supposed to be the survivors of the Shattered Hand, stranded on this side of the portal, reformed under Thrall."

"Only thing we've heard from the Shattered Hand is years is they're nothing but traitors and assassins. We put them down like the weaklings they are for resorting to fel blood again."

"I hear they're converts, former zealots reformed from Kargath's defeat in outland."

"Lunatic's maybe? Why would anything like that be allowed back into the Horde?"

Of course, rumors are just that. And a careful observer might notice a few ears perk at the mention of the Shattered Hand. Perhaps even better to notice the ears that don't perk at all. A wily troll, grinning for no apparent reason. An orc who's step is just a little to light for his stature, hands just a little to quick for one with such bulk.

But even those actually within the ranks of the Shattered Hand aren't fully aware of the source of these new rumors, they've never left the Horde, and only in the last year has the fate of thier old clansmen Kargath come to light. No these rumors are truly new. Inspired by something else.

"Do they even have anything to do with the Shattered Hand? I heard they had something to do with Kargath's hands."

"I heard Kargath cut off his own hands!"

All parties go silent to address a blood elf, who finally joined the conversation.

A short distance away from the gossipers an orc, tattooed from olden days and wearing a talbard to match, addresses an elf next to him. "Had hoped to keep a little more secretive then this..."

" I guess i talk a little to much when i drink, that and ya know everyone wants to be the first ta know about things" She winks to the orc adjusting the mask she wears a bit nervous at the attention she is receiving.

The orc sighs and shakes his head "well at least it will make us easier to find. Lets ride!"

Again the careful observer might notice the ring on the elf's hand, black, etched with a open hand, the insignia of the Horde carved on the palm. And in the passing the orc breaks the silence;

"They're called The Hand of Kargath."

((The Hand of Kargath is a special unit within the Horde's active military, working in small scale conflict resolution, small unit tactics, diplomatic negotiations, and possibly mercenary work.

Our goals are casual, in game, story based RP. We're aiming for storied/RP'ed instance runs, adventures, and hopefully some cross faction interaction, either in conflict or cooperation, though PVP is not one of our main goals.

This would be a good guild for an alt, or someone who would like RP while running instances for a IC goals, with RPed difficulties as well as game mechanics (Read as RP run throughs for some). Low OOC drama, fun, and a bit of silliness, minotaurs with blunderbusses after all, should be expected.

Think the WoW version of the A-Team.

Guild Chat is IC, and we do have an OOC channel.

Contact Thoraggar, Thoramaul, Toraneko, or Caipora in game for information. Or PM Thoraggar or Toraneko here on the TNG))

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