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Green Lantern Corps formation story part 1.

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Little RP backstory to the formation of the Green Lantern Corps.

(Work in progress)

Working through the Strangle thorn jungle Snake stalked his pray; the once proud Witherbark trolls were now his playthings. He crept around a tree and spied two trolls patrolling the nearby ruins. Skillfully he distracted them with a small stone as he snuck up and bludgeoned the troll with his mace. The other troll wheeled around and said “Peace mon, peace!” but snake paid him no mind as he ran over and struck the other troll down. “You’re at peace now, troll” whispered snake as he silently fused back into the jungle.

Snake then heard something sounding like an argument off to his right so silently worked his way over, expecting to find more trolls, instead he found a withered old man leaning against the side of a hill fending off a gnome mage. Snake was an old veteran of SI:7 and was used to seeing the alliance fighting amongst themselves, but this didn’t make sense. Why was this old man being attacked in such a manner? The gnome whose face snake couldn’t see was yelling at the old man, “You fool, your ideas are outdated! Use the power for what it was truly meant to be used for. Destruction!” and with that the gnome hurled a very large and deadly fireball at the old man.

Now, Snake thought to himself that this must be the end of the old man and it was a shame, but the old man had other plans. He looked right at Snake as if he had seen him the whole time blended into the jungle the way he was and gave him a questioning look. The old man then chanted a magic word and a translucent shield appeared around him. It absorbed the fireball and shimmered out of existence. The gnome was furious and he wheeled around to take a look at what the old man was looking at. “What, what is it you senile old man! What, do you think someone is going to help you? Fool! There is no one there, just this blasted jungle. You are an out dated relic and I am the one who will send you to the afterlife!”

The gnome turned back onto the old man and started firing arcane missiles at him. Snake had had enough; he snuck over to the gnome rather quickly and while the old man was fending off the missiles with his own arcane arts snake brought the force of his mace down upon the gnomes head. He hadn’t killed the gnome, oh no, Snake knew how to stun and incapacitate his foes without the need for death when the situation called for it. He now turned to the old man. “What is going on here?” snake asked, “We don’t have time for that now, come.” And with that the old man opened a portal to Stormwind, city of men.

Snake found himself somewhere in old town he thought as he looked out the window of the old man’s house. “So you’re telling me that the gnome that was attacking you, the gnome I knocked out, was in fact a member of the horde? I find that hard to believe.” Said snake as he paced the room trying to make sense of what he was being told. “Yes, there are magics in this world that will allow one to take the form of another. Look at the druids, who can shape shift from one form to another, there is your proof right there!” The old man had a point. The Night Elf druids that he had met in Darnassus had been able to do exactly that. Just thinking of Night elves made Snakes mind wander to a certain Night elf priestess whom snake had met a while back...

“Alright, so say I believe you, what of it? I don’t even know your name.” Snake said as the old man conjured some water out of the air and started boiling it over a fire. “It’s Hallisus. Hallisus Jordan” The old man said nonchalantly as he took the now boiling water off the stove and began to pour it in cups that now had tea leaves in hem. “Well that makes it all better now doesn’t it?” snake sighed, “Oh well, it can’t be helped, my name is Snake…that will do for now.” The old man chuckled, “Alright then Snake, just snake, Thank you for your assistance earlier today.” He handed snake a cup of tea, of which snake took a sip, “Mmm, Thistle tea, I love this stuff.”

The old man took a sip as well then sat down at his chair next to the fireplace where he had brewed the tea. “Snake, I know we don’t know each other very well, but I have a favor to ask you…”

This concludes part 1 of the formation of the Corps!

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