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Crown of the Earth (A)

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Alexstrasza, the Lifebinder, placed a single, enchanted acorn within the heart of the Well of Eternity. The acorn, activated by the potent, magical waters, sprung to life as a colossal tree. The mighty tree's roots grew from the Well's waters, and its verdant canopy seemed to scrape the roof of the sky. The immense tree would be an everlasting symbol of the night elves' bond with nature, and its life-giving energies would extend out to heal the rest of the world over time.


As elves, many of us travel the forests alone, but there is a certain amount of comfort knowing there are friends and allies nearby. The Crown of the Earth can be that home where you will find those friendships in your fellow brothers and sisters.


OOC Info:

The Crown of the Earth is a new, night elf only RP guild that has large dreams and aspirations. I would like this guild to be a place for people to relax and enjoy good company. I would be very pleased if we eventually had enough people for guild only endgame pve but in the meantime a guild alliance is in the works for those at 80. The only requirement is for you to be interested in RP.

At the moment this is a night elf only guild, but special exceptions might be allowed depending on the story behind their character being accepted into night elf society.

I am currently seeking anyone interested in rp(any experience), but also reliable people that are interested in becoming officers and helping the guild out more than the regular member.

Contact: Aíela (the í can be made by holding alt and typing 0237 on the numpad)

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