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The Ash Bringer - Frostwolf Brotherhood Unity ((RP Event))

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The sound of friendly chatter and cheers could be heard from both the Ash Bringer Clan and The Frostwolf Brotherhood as Ravicarrak and Brakogar shook hands as a sign of friendship and unity. All drank in a spirit of unity and frienship as if the clan and the brothehood had both become parts of a greater thing.

As Brakogar shook the hand of Ravicarrak, he remembered what had transpired before this glorious event and how it suddenly happened.

It had only been a couple of weeks since Brakogar had returned to Booty Bay from hunting the Jungle Trolls of Strenglethorn Vale as a fabour to local Goblin Baron while at the same time battleling the Alliance on the side. As Brakogar walked exhausted to the inn for some rest he noticed a large but familiar figure at one of the Bar Tables.

"If it isnt Ethersist, the mighty Chieftan of the Ash Bringer Clan! It is a pleasure to see you once again, old friend"

Ethersist looked up with a cheered face but with some concern behind his eyes

"Hail Brakogar it is an honor to see you too"

Both spoke as old friends do for the first few minutes telling each other's tales of battle while retelling old stories of friendship and Honor. Soon the conversation steared towards the current prosperity of each other's guilds and Ethersist begun to look a bit down in mood and in a low tone looked at Brakogar in the eyes and asked

"Brakogar, we both have stablished guilds within the Horde but dont you think that they are both capable of been much more?"

Brakogar thought of it for a moment and replied

"Yes, I have had similar thoughts and spoken with my brothers about this and we are all in agreement that even though we have grown greatly in the past few weeks we could still be more"

Ethersist inclined towards Brakogar and said

"Both the Ash Bringer Clan and the Frostwolf Brotherhood are very similar in our loyalty to the Warchief and our Ideals of honor and battle. They are both like brothers and that is the reason why we have grown close since their beginings."

Brakogar understood and agreed with what Ethersist was saying but he felt that something else that the Ash Bringer wanted to say.

"Ethersist what do you have in mind?"

Ethersist looked at Brakogar's eyes with determination

"That both the Ash Bringer Clan and the Frostwolf Brotherhood should join as one!"

Shortly after a friendly meeting was aranged between both the Ash Bringer Clan and the Frostwolf Brotherhood in Ratchet. Unfortunately Brakogar had recieved a letter from Ethersist saying that he will no longer be able to dedicate the time and effort to lead The Ash Bringers. Brakogar felt saddened by this as he was looking forwards to fighting along side his long time friend while under the same banner. However Ethersist had left command of the Ash Bringer Clan to Ravicarrak, his second in command.

Before the friendly meeting Brakogar was concerned about not having Ethersist as leader of the Ash Bringer clan but as the meeting went on and he heard the great words of honor spoken by both Ravicarrak and the Tauren Warrior Draekon, it was clear that Ethersist's ideals were not only his but shared by all the Ash Bringers. After the meeting it was decided that on the following week the joining was going to be official

A week passed and both the Frostwolf Brotherhood and the Ash Bringer clan continued to fight along side one another but with a much greater spirit of camaraderie.

The Frostwolf Brotherhood fought in the great battlegrounds along side the mighty warriors of the Ash Bringer Clan such as the Wise and Powerful Draekon and the swift and mighty spell caster Sinia. We worked as one and contributed to the Horde's Victory in every battle.

Both Ravicarrak and Brakogar had agreed that both guilds will be going under the banner of The Frostwolf Brotherhood as the name represents both their ideals of honor and dignity. However the new Frostwolf Brotherhood knows that the Ash Bringer Clan will now be a part of it in the same way as the previous Brotherhood will now be a part of The Ash Bringer Clan despite the name they fight under.

As both Brakogar and Ravicarrak saluted each other at the end of a week long discussion they could both now see only great things for one another in the future.

All that was left now was to make their joining to be known troughout the Horde!


There will be an RP Ceremony this Saturday at 7pm in Orgrimmar

The RP Event ceremony will be held to formally mark our unity as equals under the banner of the Frostwolf and it is open for other RP guilds to attend.

A thank you to the entire Ash Bringer Clan and the Frostwolf Brotherhood for their show of enthusiasm and help in making this a reality. With very special thanks to Ravicarrak, Draekon and Brothergrim.

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