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The Veiled Council (Alliance)

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"In shadows is where we dwell. We are the secrets, we are the lies, we are the masks and the actors in this absurd tale. We are the unstoppable force of Hope, and the distinctly fond sense of euphoria. You do not speak of the Council; you do not acknowledge the Council. We are simply here to help move things along.”

Kill one to save a thousand.

We do the dirty work, the things that go on behind the curtains before anyone see’s what’s going on. Death is an idle threat where we come from, and not one that we are too fond of. Enemies? We have them. Do we worry? Not for a moment.

To some we are the heroes, to others we are the Villains. To us, we simply do what we think is right and consequences be damned. We serve no one, and everyone. Your morals are your own, we don’t ask that you take on ours, but we do have rules. They are simple as this: You follow them. When the Masque bids, you come. You do not kill the young. You do not harm the old. You fight the Scourge and the Legion tooth and nail. When a Brother or Sister needs you, you give your life for them.

OOC Info:

We are currently accepting all classes and levels. Eventually we plan on doing world PvP as well as Raiding. We are a heavy Role Play guild and intend on doing large RP events as well.

We interact with many different guilds on different levels, and enjoy forming ties with Alliance and Horde members. This is not to say that we necessarily like the Horde in character, but we do have ties with a few members.

If you’re interested or have any questions feel free to contact Either Trystanel or Peritous.

I’ll be posting Ranks and Officers once I have them concrete, as well as general rules and the like. Just wanted to get something up. ^_^

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