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Catilyn "Blightwalker" Llandalor

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Pre-Resurection Info (Information of her past - Prior to The Culling of Stratholme)

Full Name: Catilyn Llandalor.

Nickname: "Kaytie" or "Cat".

Age: 11.

Race: Human.

Gender: Female.

Hair: Long-ish, light brown.

Skin: Fair.

Eyes: Dark brown with elements of gold.

Height: Around 5'1" or 5'2"

Weight: Unconfirmed.

Religion/Philosophy: Finds herself jealous of the zealotry that those dedicated to a particular religion or faith possess and although she participate with the other locals in religious activities, doesn't quite see the point in it herself.

Occupation: Child; Civilian.

Enemies: Horde in general. (She's heard stories...)

Likes: Thinking idly about the world.

Favorite Foods: Tigole & Foror's ice cream.

Favorite Drinks: Water, ice-cold. Never tasted alcohol.

Weapon of Choice: Spoken words.

Dislikes: Anything that makes her day more stressful.

Hobbies: Writing poetry and trying to understand Human politics.

Physical Features: --- Pending ---

Special Abilities: Primitive healing.

Positive Personality Traits: Non-judgmental.

Negative Personality Traits: Somewhat clingy in regards to her loved ones. Can seem naive at times.

Misc. Quirks: Her childish, if understanding personality seems to give off the impression of not being anything but utterly adorable. Not the kind of person you can stay mad at for very long.

Post-Resurection Info (Current Information - statistics of the present)

Full Name: Catilyn Blightwalker.

Nickname: Lyn.

Relative Age: 21

Race: Human.

Gender: Female.

Hair: Neck length, black & to the sides of her face.

Skin: Corpse-white.

Eyes: Pale blue.

Height: Around 5'9"

Weight: Unconfirmed.

Religion/Philosophy: Sees religion as a sense of false hope. She has the opinion that whatever may happen in the future there will always be war, chaos and mayhem.

"Alliance, Horde, Scourge... it's not about pure domination over one another - just a means to an end. No matter our allegiance, everyone kills; and in the end, we're all the same."

Occupation: Formally a Military Overseer & Tactician of Fordragon Imports - now a Captain (Full Officer) of The Dusk Watch.

Enemies: Everyone who gets in her way.

Likes: Everything going according to plan.

Favorite Foods: Still sometimes indulges in Tigole & Foror's ice cream, though physically eating is not a requirement in her unlife.

Favorite Drinks: None.

Weapon of Choice: 2-Handed Sword. Always swords.

Dislikes: Speaking formally. She'd much prefer just to say whatever the hell was on her mind at the time.

Hobbies: Researching the anatomy of Human and non-human species, as a means of understanding and controlling all the internal components of a physical form. She uses this knowledge to her advantage in battle, attacking the vital spots of an enemy.

Physical Features: No distinguishing features.

Special Abilities: Possesses a greater deal of control than most Death knights when it comes to the domination of Undead creatures; going so far as being able to subtlety manipulate precise movements in combat against enemy Forsaken.

Positive Personality Traits: Takes a very confident and intellectual approach to the creation and application of battle plans.

Negative Personality Traits: Sees being outnumbered by the enemy as a challenge rather than a threat.

Misc. Quirks: Does not introduce herself as "Blightwalker"

General/Misc Info

Guild Rank: Captain [Officer]

Place of residence: No place of residence. She is constantly on the move since there is no longer a biological requirement for sleep due to her unlife.

Place of Birth: The Holy City of Stratholme.

Known Relatives: Mother and Farther, both deceased. Only child.

Played by What Famous Person: (( Undecided ))

Theme Songs: (( Undecided ))

Brief History: Born in Stratholme, 10 years before the city was razed by Arthas during the 3rd War. Catilyn's parents used to run a small hospital for wounded soldiers, where she discovered both an interest for anatomy and the human body. The casualties that came through weekly, in addition to the influence of the locals is what originally fuelled her disgust for the Horde. She fought for the Scourge in the Battle of Mount Hyjal alongside her scourge-ridden parents, who both met their true death in the battle. Catilyn was not slain and then raised as a Death Knight -- like other 2nd generation Death Knights, her soul was split from her body and her will bound to The Lich King (the exact time of this transition is unclear in her memory) therefore her physical body still ages. As such, her current appearance is the result of her undeath taint and the natural aging of her body.


RP Stories

Required Lies 07-26-2010 02:31 AM

Nourishment For The Fallen 02-01-2013 04:21 AM

"Mandatory" Patrols 02-08-2013 01:53 PM

Other Pages

Catilyn's Corner (Art Thread)

Most Recent Photograph


RL Interpretation of Catilyn via the magic of Photoshop (created by yours truly :D).


Posing for a newspaper photo as the winner of a dueling competition in the Argent Tournament (In-game WotLK)

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The Death Knight leaned up against the wall, continuing to answer the Goblins incessant questions.

"Anything ELSE you'd like to interrogate me with?!"

The Goblin grinned eagerly at the massive wall of text that now drenched his notepad. "Just a few more things until--"

Catilyn suddenly changed her expression to a more appealing tone. "Zax.... it is Zax, isn't it?"

The Goblin widened his eyes at the sudden turn of conversation. "Err.."

She continues "Zax... have you ever wondered what your insides look like... ?"

The goblin stumbled over his words, feeling uneasy about where this was headed. "Well, I suppose I have been a bit--"

"Well I'll be perfectly happy to satisfy your curiosity; is that clear?! Now get on with these questions of yours! Chop-chop!"

The goblin rolled his eyes at the obviously agitated Death Knight and, with a sigh, continued to record on his parchment.

*** OOC ***


I'll attempt to write up some stories for the Nether Legends, should I find the time.

*** OOC ***

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Arkn stared at the photo of the Death Knight, seemingly lost in thought.

He glanced back and forth between the girl and the Ebon Blade Tabard that she donned.


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Raynell pauses on her usual route through Silvermoon, reigning in her horse as she's interrupted by a goblin rushing up to her and handing her a parchment with a sketch of what appears to be a human death knight. She takes a long look at the parchment, her eyes narrowing and her placid expression broken by a rather pronounced frown. The goblin grins, squinting at Raynell and chuckling to himself.

"So, ya know he-"

The goblin is interrupted with a swift kick to the jaw from Raynell's steel boot. She crumples up the parchment, stuffing it in her bag. She mutters something about vile pranksters and being jumped out front of Orgrimmar, then swiftly rides away, leaving the unfortunate goblin reporter seeing tiny zeppelins flying around his head as he rose slowly from the sudden blow. He nurses his jaw, spitting out a tooth or two, then hobbles away.

"I need a new job..."

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Amallah looks up from his papers as a goblin approaches. He lets out an exasperated sigh, "What now?!" The goblin holds up a picture of a female human Death Knight. Amallah looks at the picture closely, then smiles, "Ah... Catilyn... Yes, we're both in the Dusk Watch together... She's a good fighter..." He looks back down at his papers, apparently lost in thought.

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"Lyn?" Omy lifts her goggles, looking over the anvil at the goblin. Her eyes skip over the offered sketch, to focus on the face peering at her. She stares for a moment, the nature of her look unapparent to the goblin, but the relief that overtakes him as the goggles are returned and the attention directed elsewhere is immediate.

"'ve never fought alongside her, so, let me explain..." The rogue grins lopsidedly, tugging her gloves off. " know how paladin's sometimes, glow, hn?" The raised eyebrow is sharp, the goblin nodding quickly. "She glows too...but with a confidence strong as any blessing. I've done stupid, stupid un-roguish things in her company..." the smile quirks upwards, "...and enjoyed every moment."

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Tovann throws a mug at the goblin, spilling brew all over the floor.

"Ye think this funny? I'll take that grin off yer face an-..."

He snorts and returns to his beer.

"Oh aye, cause not every bloody passerby in Goldshire didn' notice that bloody death knight beat me into the floor over and over and over..."

He tries to kick the goblin away.

"She probably was laughin' the whole time..."

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"Oh yeah! Her! I know her. She's nice. Funny, too!"

The man knelt, bringing himself to the reporter's eye level.

"Could you deliver a message to her, should you see her?"

He straightened up and his eyes flicked about as if preparing to share a closely-guarded secret. Drawing in closer, he raised a plated hand and pinched the reporter's pointed green nose.


Geofforan fled with incredible haste for a man covered in armor and disappeared into a crowd as the goblin spewed foul language.

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"She's awesome. Everyone in the Liberators seems to hate her, but not me. I still admire her."

"I can't wait until I get my strength back so I can fight her again. I never won our sparring matches in the past unless I was really fortunate."

"Good thing I'm feeling lucky these days."

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*Ranaynne glances behind her as she finishes her bank transaction, having heard a soft 'ahem'. Seeing the goblin holding a sketch of a familiar woman, she smiles a bit

"Ahh.. Catilyn.. I know her. She's in the Watch with me.. we've fought together many times. She's one of the best I've ever seen in battle.. won nearly nearly every tourney I've seen her compete in. I'm glad she's Free.. Light help us if she wasn't."

Inclining her head, she moves on to conduct her other business as the goblin finishes noting their conversation.

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*A young priestess sits at a table in the inn, at Stormwind City*

*A goblin approaches her* "Excuse me, miss?"

*The priestess blinks a few times, as she looks down, and sees the goblin standing next to her* "Can I help you with something?"

*The goblin shakes his head briefly* "You seemed deep in thought. Did I interrupt something?"

*The priestess smiles lightly* "I was just thinking about a few things."

*The goblin shakes his head slightly* "Well while I have your attention, may I ask your opinions on someone?"

*The priestess smiles slightly* "That depends on who you're asking about."

*The goblin shakes his head, as he sighs lightly* "A Human Death Knight, who goes by the name of Catilyn."

*The priestess smiles slightly* "I met her in Ironforge recently. She is one of the few Death Knights, that I've met. She seems nice enough. She doesn't seem to judge others, which is more then I can say, for most beings I've met. She offered to help me, if I ever need it. She is kind."

*The goblin nods his head, as he jots the conversation between them down* "Is there anything else, that you would like to say about her?"

*The priestess smiles, as she slowly stands up, and grabs her staff that is leaning against a nearby chair* "No. That's all for now. If you see Catilyn, tell her that Mizuki says hi."

*The goblin jots this last line down*

*The priestess smiles slightly at the goblin, as she makes her way out of the inn, and disappears into the crowded trade district*

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Aetyra stares coldly at the goblin reporter.

"Yes, I know her. What of it?"

"I was hoping you could comment more specifically..." The goblin shifts nervously and fiddles with his notepad, clearly uneasy in the presence of the death knight before him.

"Hm. She's... interesting. Very strong, surprisingly so. I don't know what font of power gives her such terrible resolve, but... it is potent. Many times we have clashed, and she was the one to walk away victorious."

Aetyra pauses to look out over the lake in Elwynn. "It is yet another mystery that shall be revealed to me in time. All I can do is train myself to be better."

"As for her personality, well... not much to say about it. It never struck me as of particular note... She probably hasn't had enough time for it to fully develop... the transition to undeath at a young age will do that."

"I hope that suffices for you, Mister Fritzcrack. Now please take your leave, I wish to continue my meditations."

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(( Small update. Name changed Catilyn's in-game name to Caítlyn. Updated bio to reflect this.

It's something I've always wanted to do and to be honest I don't know why I never did it sooner

More new IC stuff incoming on this page soon-ish :) ))

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((Content update to suit current MoP information. Also, I'm planning on writing a short story for the nether Legends with the theme of disconnection and Catilyn as the central character. Keep an eye out :) ))

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A gnome held a picture up to the paladin and Aeiryn couldn't help the smile that followed seeing the photo.

"Catilyn? You wish to know more about her?" She asked as she almost reluctantly handed the photo back to the gnome. "Perhaps you should ask her...she's not as scary as she may least that's how I see her."

Aeiryn kept right on grinning as she put her goggles back over her eyes, "But I will not feed you information without her permission." She then swung herself up into the saddle of her horse...taking off down the streets of Stormwind.

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