Ryan McCreedy

[LFG] Angry Dwarf Seeks Dwarven Guild

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Now I haven't played Alliance because I hate 4/5 races in the Alliance. I love Dwarves. Ever since LotR I have loved the Dwarven race. Unfortunately, I'm not too keen on the other races. I'm fine with humans, disdainful of gnomes, filled with loathe for elves, and don't trust the dranei

My character (named after myself when I get my name changed legally to Ryan Maxwell McCreedy) feels similarly. I'm looking for a Dwarf Only guild that feels similarly towards the races (especially the elves and dranei.)

My character's name in-game is McCreedy.

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Ach, I think this one be a fine candidate fer de Ironforge Reg'ment. I strongly suggest yeh seek out Livingstone o' Paderick an' make yer acquaintance.

*clears throat* They're rebuilding after a rather quiet period, but I do hear their voices ring out from the Forge to Northrend. They are the reason I have 5/10 char slots filled with Dwarves.

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