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So it Begins (Crimson Watch's Madness)

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((Posted by Yomi on the TN forums. Rather than have it get lost I'm posting it here.))

Yomi woke to find her bones aching in excitement. The thought of assassins from the Swordwaltzers brought a sense of accomplishment over her. Today felt like it was going to be a good day. She knew that Windsor was supplying information to a certain few of the plans of the Crimson Watch. He must be taken out but finding him was going to prove a little difficult...

The sun warmed the air around the streets of Stormwind. Vendors walked the streets selling their wares. Yomi carefully snuck around the sides of buildings as not to be seen by the guards walking about. A boy ran from a little girl waving a doll in the air as the girl yelled something in the language Yomi wished she could learn.

Not sure where Windsor was Yomi decided to go to the Mage District. Knowing that a powerful mage by the name of Maginor Dumas, the Master Mage, stayed in the tower there. Yomi quietly crept up the steps to the tower and stopped in front of a glowing portal. She scratches her head not sure if the portal would let her through. Reaching out her hand slowly towards the blue swirling light no pain is felt. She grins wickedly and steps through the portal. Maginor stood off in the corner with a young mage sitting on the floor as if in meditation.

Yomi stikes out from the shadows. Maginor cries out in pain not expecting to be attacked in *his* tower. Blood seeps into the bricks as his lifeless body falls to the ground. The young mage just sat there seemingly unaware of the madness that unsues around her. Yomi shrugs her shoulders and cackles to herself as she swings and kills the unsuspecting young mage. Noise of guards can be heard through the portal and Yomi vanishes into the shadows. A gnome Mage by the name of Toc and the paladin Jerone step through. Toc begins to cast arcane explosion throughout the room and Yomi tries to duck into the corner to avoid it.

Yomi feels pain course through her bones as the magic hits her. She cries out in pain and gnashes her teeth at the mage. Ice explodes from around Toc freezing her feet to the ground. "How does he always show up!" Yomi yells to herself angrily. Toc stumbles around as blinding dust flies into his eyes. Yomi sprints towards the portal and Jerone hits her from behind stunning her in place. "DAMMIT!" Yomi glares at Jerone remembering him from the funeral in Darnassus. Yomi lay almost lifeless on the ground, hoping that this will make the two leave her alone. She waits a few moments seeing that they are not going to leave. Exploding from the ground, Yomi dashes through the portal and jumps off the tower vanishing as she hits the ground.

The Slaughtered Lamb looked as good as any place to hide until the city died down outside. Yomi stepped down the stairs into the basement surprised to find it full of warlocks. "Hmmm..." Yomi grins to herself and laughs, "It might be fun and pleasing to the Crimson Lord to clear this whole room of these warlocks."

Yomi jumps from the shadows striking the weakest trainer down quickly. Fire erupts from the little imps running around the room. Yomi dances around the room killing all who stood in her way. She cackles at the fun of this fight. Knowing guards would be here any minute she made her way out and headed to the park to rest. Remembering that Windsor was her target, she scratched her head not knowing where to look. Having looked in the Keep, SI:7, and other places and no luck. A small grin appeared on Yomi's face as she thought of Lovely. Remembering the time of ecstasy on the boat a slight tingle came over her body. Maybe I can have some more of that fun and also ask if Lovely knew of Windsors whereabouts.

"LOVELY!!!!!" Yomi yells throughout Stormwind. Knowing guards would be alerted she stayed in the shadows of the surrounding buildings. "LOVELY!" 15 minutes later and no response Yomi pouts. "I know," she said to herself. "I'll check the chapel and see if she is in there."

"Greetings Rogue." The Matron it the chapel said in a tongue Yomi could understand. Yomi paused not knowing what to do.

"I could understand him," Yomi thought confused. "Weird." Light shown in the room where paladins went to train. Lord Grayson Shadowbreak sat at a desk reading a book. Lovely was no where to be found. In frustration Yomi lashes out at Grayson. His hammer swung striking her shoulder breaking bone. Yomi's swords parried the next blow and in the next instance Grayson was disarmed on the ground. "Where's Lovely!" Yomi yelled at Grayson holding her sword to his neck. He looked into her eyes with hatred. He spit blood into Yomi's face before she swung the final blow taking his head.

Yomi sighs in the defeat of not finding Windsor as she hearths back to the Undercity. This mission was a failure and some reconnaissance would be needed to find his whereabouts...

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((Posted by Morghoul on TN forums. Posting here to avoid slippage due to idiots))

The toymaker, Yomi, had asked Morghoul to address the gathered forces of The Crimson Watch and was granted permission to do so. A twisted grin pursed her lips as she stared down upon the army.

“We are preparing for the coming of the Crimson Lord. Many preparations are at hand at this time for his coming. Little do the people of Azeroth know that they are aiding in their own destruction as they help us to open the gates to Ahn'Qiraj. The opening of the gates will flood the world with the Plague of Locusts as has been foretold! However, certain key individuals must have their blood collected for the river of blood before we can succeed! We do not have the strength to go up against these cities at this time, but we can prepare! A key to taking these cities is to anger one of the powerful minions of the land and bring them to the city to wreak havoc and do our work before we swoop in for the finishing blow. Tonight we shall work on perfecting our art and we shall unleash minions from the Blasted Lands upon a feeble Alliance town. We shall corrupt and taunt powerful minions into a fit of Crimson Madness and then release them upon Darkshire!”

Morghoul walked up behind Yomi and placed his hand upon her shoulder. “Yes, tonight it seems we shall work on our anger management...” A small chuckle escaped him. “We ride now to shackle these minions to our will. Let the alliance tremble at their approach.”

The forces of The Crimson Watch rode out from their meeting place in search of unwitting servants of their cause. It proved all too easy to corrupt the minions of The Blasted Lands and lead them to march against the townsfolk and guards of Darkshire. The sounds of ringing steel soon blended into the cries of pain as the battle unfolded. Wave after wave of alliance forces took up arms against the gifts from The Crimson Watch… to no avail. The minions had been shown the power of the Crimson Madness and would simply not topple. The Crimson Watch lurked in the shadows and picked off hapless alliance soldiers who dared drift too near the forest. Corpses began to litter the streets and every footstep of the alliance began with a splash of a comrade’s blood.

Soon the Alliance were calling in reinforcements from all across Azeroth to deal with the threat… and Yomi was informed that everything went as anticipated. Morghoul found himself at the end of an alley filling vial after vial with alliance blood that flowed freely in the gutter. The blood offerings to the Crimson Lord would be plentiful. The night ended with the Alliance in a panic. Corpses littered the streets of Darkshire and the alliance were left wondering what had hit them. Surely their leaders would take notice... It was all as intended.

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Lovely stood in front of Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker. The scar on his neck was almost invisible...Benedict had done a good job of bringing him back to life. He looked at Lovely sternly as he spoke.

"Paladin, as I told you a moment ago, this undead rogue was looking for you. Don't think I don't know what happened between the two of you either...I read your confession."

Lovely nodded and smiled. "What would you have me do?"

Grayson smirked as he spoke. "By the light, Lovely, what do you think I play chess with her? I want that rogue brought to justice. You seem to have some sort of connection to her, so I want you to bring her to me. She won't catch me by surprise again."

Lovely stood for a moment, perplexed. Why was she having second thoughts about this? Something was wrong. Clearly Yomi was evil and deserved justice, so why was Lovely even thinking about it.

Looking at Lord Grayson, Lovely said plainly "Get someone else to do it. I will have no part of this."

Grayson's eyes grew wide. "What?!? What did you just say to me?!"

Lovely turned to walk away. "I said I will have no part in this. Good day to you sir."

"Lovely," Grayson bellowed, "You turn around right now and talk to me! I will have you exhiled..."

With those words, Lovely left the Cathedral....

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((Posted by Sojii on the TN forums))

"Dey be mad!" Sojii dropped to his knees with a splash, shattering the images which had danced upon the surface of the pool a moment earlier. He turned his face to the stormy, portent-filled sky.

"Demons in Dahkshia ... Dose ah fo'ces not ta be meddled wit ... An why now? Da Scarab Wall is about ta come down an engulf da world in a sandsto'm ... madness."

The Troll stood, and glanced down again to the rippling water. "Madness ... Dis troll wishes 'e could believe dat. Morghoul, Yomi ... from what I 'eard about dem, it would be da most cunnin madness da world 'as eva seen." He touched one of the fetishes hanging from his belt, gently caressing the ivory length of the hydra's tooth. "Hist'ry say dere be no coincidences. An' a hitorian like dis troll should know. Dere be mo' happenen he'e den I know. An' I dun like dat."

Crouching by the puddle's edge, he invoked the spirits of storm and water, and began the scrying ritual again.

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Lovely sat in a cell in the Stormwind Stockades. She had been intercepted on the way to the griffon in the city by the guards, and had been escorted to her current room.

Archbishop Benedictus stood on the other side of the bars, with his arms crossed. A scowl was on his face as he looked at the young paladin. After a few moments of silence, he spoke. "Lovely, I am giving you one more chance. I have been more than fair with you, given your past acts. Bring Yomi to us, or you will be branded an ally of the Crimson Watch. Surely you know what that would mean?"

Lovely sat crosslegged in the cell, looking at the archbishop. She said nothing, pretending to pick some lint off the frayed rags they had given to her to wear.

Benedictus grew visibly angry. Then, his posture changed to almost fatherly concern. "Why," he asked. "If you are going to do this to yourself, can you please at least tell me why you are doing it? You know what Yomi has done."

Lovely sighed. Without looking at the archbishop, she inquired "When does the food get here?"

Archbishop Benedict grabbed the bars and shook them. His temples turned red and a vein bulged forth on his forehead. "By the light, Girl! You will answer me with respect or you will be punished accordingly!!! Do you comprehend this?!?!"

Lovely looked at him and licked her lips. "You're sexy when you're angry, Benny."

The archbishop got so mad at this he stomped the floor. Turning quickly, he strode up the stairs. Lovely could hear him yelling at the frazzled Warden as he left. "I want information out of her. Do what you want, but get it for me. This is off the record."

Lovely looked down at the floor. She knew no one would understand. Not the cathedral, not her friends...No one. Yet at the moment, she would tell no one the thoughts that raced through her head. They were hers alone, and she would die before talking to the archbishop.

Yomi probably deserved punishment, but Lovely would not be the one to do it. Lovely could not do it. Lovely could not harm Yomi, as she could not harm any of the Crimson Watch.

The stress of all this began to take its toll, and the young paladin fell upon the floor and wept...

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((Posted by Zusteakai on the TN Forums))

A mist flowed through the jail, down the stair case, and into the cell that the human, Lovely, inhabited. It began to hiss, and rise, taking almost a humanoid form. It began to take the shape of a Troll, to lovely, one would expect that this troll was firmiliar. "You must kill Morghoul... You must damage the Crimson Watch Lovley..." It spoke merely in definition, words only Lovely and the Troll standing in spirit could understand. "It is I, Zusteakai, I'm vigorously training, I'm concerned with the Watch, much evil they've in store for the world. I cannot deal with them. I've already sacraficed quite a bit to rescue you. I'm counting on you, yuman. Not for me, not for the Horde, but for those that you care for, or ever will care for. For yourself. Deal with them. It is needed. Tell no one of this--"

Foot steps could be heard coming down the staircase, and the troll seemed to bicker at another trollish voice. As soon as the mist apeared, and took form, it disperesed and became a puddle under the bench that Lovely sat upon.

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((Posted by Yomi on TN))

Deathweed smoke seeps out from under a closed door near the Rogue District in the Undercity. Inside sparks leap off the table in the center of the room. Yomi hunches over carefully applying the final touches on her newest creations. A loud crack sounds in the room and the lights flicker off. Yomi giggles gleefully in the dark of her workshop. Slowly the room begins to fill with an eerie greenish glow. One by one 40 green eyes begin moving around the room. Yomi lights candles around the room and smiles as she looks at her creations. The squirrels look up at her curiously and she cackles as she rounds them up into crate.

Further down in the district Yomi flings open a door while holding her crate of squirrels. "Morghoul!" She yells. Standing in front of a mirror Morghoul quickly turns around covering his bare chest. Yomi giggles silently to herself as she could see long hairs growing off his nipples.

"DON'T EVER JUST BURST INTO MY ROOM AGAIN!" Morghoul screams at her.

Laughing Yomi tells him, "Look! I made 20 squirrels. I'm going to let them loose on Azeroth tonight. I've implanted small censors in their eyes and we can keep tabs on alliance with them. I'm going down to Booty Bay to put them on the auction house there so that Alliance can buy them! Then we can find out about some of their plans against us."

Morghoul nods at this idea and cracks a small smile. "Good, good."

Yomi turns to leave and smiles to herself. "Plus I've made a special one for my special friend Lovely. It's not like the others, and hopefully she'll be up to finding out what I hid in it for her." She whispers to herself.

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Lovely walked from the Stockades toward the mage quarter. The past day had been rough, as the guards had tried to torture information about Yomi from her. Lovely laughed at their torture, having been worked on by Clys and Danlily, and had driven them crazy as they found they could not break her.

After a day of this, Warden Thelwater was in a panick as yet another Defias uprising had started. His guards rushed to attack, but were outnumbered by the prisoners.

Never one to shirk her duties to the light, Lovely summoned strength and ripped away two of the bars of her cell. She strode into the hallways, consecrating the ground and attacking the Defias rioters.

After a short battle, the rioters were dead, and Lovely wore their blood as a badge of honor. Thelwater released her, knowing full well that Archbishop Benedictus would not approve. Lovely knew he would take blame for this, and told him if they needed her to come back they could just contact her.

Later, she received a box in the mail. It was from an anonymous source, and inside was a mechanical squirell. Lovely opened the box and looked at the creature....Something about it looked familiar...Was it one of Yomi's creations, she wondered?

Dressing in her armor, she rode toward the Trade District to see where Kurohane was...She had much to tell her....

((OOC OMGZ we had some good RP based off the squirell last night. Last night was very eventful, but I'm stopping for the moment in case someone else that was there needs to post.))

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