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Invictus Sanctum (A)

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Safety is a commodity found in so few places nowadays, for even within the boundaries of tall city walls, darkness lurks in the recesses. The proud fortresses and stout defenses of the Alliance had their confidence shattered when their King was slain by his own son. The shock only matched the fear that followed, and before too long, panic began to gnaw at the fabrics of our society. Only spurned by the deterioration of the pact with the Horde, people everywhere were soon commissioning blacksmiths to forge swords and armour to defend themselves in a world rife with potential enemies.

It was the birth of the world as we know it today.

Invictus Sanctum, the 'Unconquerable Sanctuary', fights to provide safety and refuge. Its members are comprised of people from all walks of life seeking to better themselves and each other. The guild seeks to offer services to its members in their many endeavours, as well as to encourage them to extend the same grace, courtesy and respect to others. Guardians of their own harmony and way of life, each follower of Invictus Sanctum is a fierce defender of their guild and their integrity. Despite various appearances, cultures, ideologies, social standings and talents, the wearing of Invictus Sanctum's tabard identifies the members as a diverse group able to show tolerance for differences.

We are a place to call home, a people to call family, a purpose to call your own.

Invictus Sanctum welcomes Alliance members from all walks of life - retired knights, disgruntled druids, young magi, travelling bards, etc.- so long as they have good intentions, a willing and tolerant mind and a want to assist others. We do not request that you change your beliefs or lifestyle to join us, but be prepared in any case to compromise.

There are no restrictions dependent on skill level or ability.

This script (( )) will lead you to our documents within the Stormwind Library, which must be perused before your induction takes place. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to meeting you in person should you feel a sense of belonging with Invictus Sanctum.

How large/active is the guild?

On average, we have approximately 11 members on at one time. Decently sized with close to 120 members rostered.

Is RP required? Is OOC allowed in guildchat, or do you have a separate channel for that?

RP is NOT required, but most of our members are active RPers. Guild Chat is IC, and we have a separate OOC channel.

Do you have a level restriction?


Do you have a guild website?

What is the back story for the guild (if any)?

Summary posted above. For further reading, please visit our website.

Is there an initiation process before you are tagged?

This is explained more thoroughly on our website.

A candidate must complete three steps before they will be formally inducted into the guild.

1) Review the Getting Started section, including the FAQs.

2) Perform a quest or small adventure (while role playing) with current guild members.

3) Meet and speak with the members.

This step is generally fulfilled at induction time, but may be done before the formal induction ceremony. This meeting is intended to serve as a time for the candidate and guild members to ask any questions they may have.

What would you say is the average level of the guild?

We have members of all levels, though the average level bracket would most likely be 50-80 (simply because we have members that have been with us for some time, and have progressed to high levels).

How would you classify the guild in RP terms? ie. evil/good/neutral/chaotic/lawful/etc

Lawful good.


Hey everyone! Invictus Sanctum, your friendly local casual social guild is still around, going strong and looking for more people! We are specifically recruiting raiders for our 10 mans and fellow RP-PVPers.

We welcome all levels and as a casual guild we work to keep all aspects of the game available to our members while not requiring they participate in every aspect, though you are more than welcome to. We focus on building a POSITIVE and FRIENDLY atmosphere in our guild. We like mature people and try to keep a family-friendly atmosphere.


Invictus Sanctum places emphasis on meaningful interaction with each other in-game through character role-playing. We are a medium role-playing guild, which means that we encourage role-playing activity among our members. We are very open to new and experienced role-players who are interested in role-playing on Twisting Nether.


We've cleared ToC10 and are looking at doing Ulduar 10 hard-modes and ToGC10. We welcome both new and experienced raiders so long as they are willing to put in the same effort we do in helping you gear and learn. Right now we are in need of healers, particularly priests, as well as rogues, shamans, and boomkins. Any class is welcome to apply though. We are also part of an alliance for our 25’s.


While we have weekly battleground nights we are also working on building the ranks of our PVPers as we continue organizing world PVP offenses and events. (Thanks to Maurkakar and Rethius for heading up the last one).

~Our current schedule~

Mon: Battleground/Wintergrasp/World PVP night (8:00 pm server)

Tues: Guild 10mans (8:00 pm server)

Wed: Guild 10mans (8:00 pm server)

Thurs: Chosen of the Alliance 25mans (7:30 pm server)

Fri: Off Night/Random Fun

Sat: Chosen of the Alliance 25mans (7:30 pm server)

Sun: Guild Meetings (8:00 pm server)

If you would like to apply or want more information about Invictus Sanctum, please visit, or contact one of these officers:







Cambro (Executive officer)

Teesah (Guild Master)

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IS is a pretty active guild server wise, I do not think it is fair for it to not be on the first page (which contains completely DEAD guilds.) In other words, bump.

Invictus Sanctum's Guild meeting at the garrison on sunday night.


Guild party and story telling event in Loch Modan!


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<Invictus Sanctum> is still recruiting. We're looking for more raiders for our 10 mans and fellow rp-pvpers to join us in world defense and retaliation against the grim, raven cross, and other reputably nasty horde.

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((We have been around since the dawn of WoW, led by exceptional individuls (dont tell them I said that) backed by a core group of raiders and PvPers, and held together by the strong bonds of friendship and co operation. We have downed Lich King, ten man, and continue to fight the good fight against the horde.

We have no level restrictions as stated above, and seek to enjoy the game in all its forms. We regard ourselves as polite individuals and expect the highest code of personal conduct from all our members, OOC at least. Our constant struggle to maintain excellence in all areas of WoW has gone on for well over five years now, join us and help us keep that goal alive.))

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IS is indeed an old guild, and we are currently looking for more people to recruit, particularly more raiders, raiders of any type would be good (healers and dps especially) but people of all level and class are welcome as long as you are mature and have a level head. Your experiences in RP or raiding does not matter we will help you get to where you need to be. if you are interested Please contact me online.

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Now we are back in black! IS has recently redoubled her efforts on TN!

For more information please contact the following members as several of the other listed has moved on:









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Invictus Sanctum is more than just a random assortment of adventurers. When you enter our guild, you are entering a family.

We provide structure and purpose and strive to be honorable in all that we do. Our guild has been around since December 2nd, 2005. Our roots were well established in the RP community years ago and we are building our guild back to that point, and hopefully greater.

We have dedicated leadership whose goal is to take care of all who share our tabard. This game is meant to be fun and we will ensure each member has a great time within WoW. Our guild provides multiple opportunities for RP throughout the week as well as PVP events and raiding (Friday's are our progression nights and Monday's are our "catch-up" raid nights to help gear up our fresh 100's). We also have a weekly IC guild meeting that is meant to bring us together as a guild once a week for inductions, promotions, and announcements (both IC and OOC).

Our rank structure follows a simple format. We have an RP officer, raiding officer, as well as a squad officer. The squad officer has sergeants that are appointed over a squad of 9 members. This is important because no matter how big our guild gets, you will not feel like you're lost in the crowd. Your sergeant as well as your squad officer are charged with personally making sure you are taken care of, as well as having fun in the game.

We take care of our own and we with to form strong bonds among our guild members. If you seek a guild where you matter and are given opportunities to have fun, then seek out any officer of Invictus Sanctum or you can visit our forums to get a headstart on the induction process:

We look forward to seeing you wear our tabard :)

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I would look forward to speaking with Naheal in game, and just visit our website Aaren or you can find us in game too. Just ask for Illiana or any other officer of the guild :)

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Yes, it is true what you have heard.  Invictus Sanctum is still kicking and won't let up!  With Legion close on our heels we have set said heels into the dirt and are determined to be ready for the coming threat.  As newly appointed Guild Leader, I would like to say that we are now actively recruiting.  All those who hold honor as one of their highest ideals, as well as those that love to RP, should seek out any officer within the guild to start the induction process.  If you would rather visit our forums first you can find it at  You can find out who we are and go ahead and submit an application to join us under the Getting Started section.  We look forward to growing our family and helping to bring the Legion to it's knees!

Edited by Illiana

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