Skaadvik Eriksson

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*The goblin shows him a portrait of the Paladin*

Who is THAT? He looks rather... old.

*The goblin explains who he is*

He parades around with those TERRORISTS and calls himself a Paladin. Laughable. But he does look oh so very old, perhaps he is a bit senile? Bah, no matter, he has not been seen in SIlvermoon from what I recall, and if he wants to live out the few remaining days he has left, and enjoy old age, I should say it should remain as such.

*nods and sends the Goblin off*

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*Smiles at the mention of his name*

One of my most trusted friends, and mentor. He has proven to be quite a beacon of light, and it is an honor to not have him as one of the top ranking officals in the Guard.

He is one of the most reliable soldiers in the Alliance and I look forward to fighting alongside of him in the future as we have in the past.

And be careful, he might look old... but he is... wiley.

*chuckles and shoos the goblin away.*

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A very strong paladin. Bit old and a bit quirky because of it.

-smiling Urivial downs his glass of Dalaran wine-

He'll always come through for you in a clutch.

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