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Alissi Quicksting

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Full Name: Alissi Toggletorque

Nickname: “Ali” "Quicksting"

Date of Birth: Before the First War

Age: In her early 40s

Race: Gnome

Gender: Female

Hair: Black

Skin: Olive

Eyes: Green

Height: 2’ 2”

Weight: 38 lbs.

Place of residence: Stormwind stockades

Place of Birth: Booty Bay

Known Relatives: Unknown (Grandmother IronForge, deceased father buried in Booty Bay)

Religion/Philosophy: None

Occupation: Cutpurse, Thief, Pirate, Miner and Tinkerer

Group/Guild affiliation:

Guild Rank:


Likes: Snow, gold, the oceans and small animals

Favorite Foods: Kabobs.

Favorite Drinks: Any port wine.

Favorite Colors: Purple and black.

Weapons of Choice: Dagger and sword

Dislikes: Beggars, large carnivores, Authority, and sand.

Hobbies: Stealing, tinkering... making trouble.

Physical Features: Alissi looks like a typical Gnome. She is pretty, although she has many scars to prove her hardiness (or foolishness) in battle. She looks innocent, but that is part of being a rogue!

Special Abilities: She can charm small creatures, run on top of water (for short distances) using a weight displacement gel on her boots, and is an expert lock picker and cut purse. She can hide in almost any setting.

Positive Personality Traits: Alissi is loyal despite her roguish qualities. If you prove you are a trustworthy person who can be counted on, she will always be there to help. She can hold her ale with the rest of the dwarves.

Negative Personality Traits: Alissi is crude, despite her ability to speak like an educated individual. She has no problem dropping enemies to get to her objective… a quality that has made SI:7 target her for interrogation and an Gnome of interest for G.C.O. recruitment. Alissi is ultimately a coward however and if her life is threatened, she will do whatever she must to walk away alive.

Misc. Quirks: Alissi loves the sea, is an excellent swimmer and knows her way around a ship. She also loves the snow and the mountains, though she HATES sand. She will go around deserts unless forced to. She will avoid all conversation regarding family due to her guilt. She does not trust goblins. While in prison, she has abandoned her theories on balance (or just no longer cares about it).

Played by What Famous Person: None!

Theme Songs: Three Days Grace: Get out Alive

History: Alissi Quicksting grew traveling Azaroth with her father. Her mother and father had split before the fall of Gnomeregan because they had differing theories on the transmutation capacities of- nevermind. "Ali", as her father often called her when she was not in trouble, was forced to growing up fast. Her father was a diplomat for High Tinker Mekkatorque and his assignment was to improve relations between the Gnomes and other races. While he often said it was the easiest job in the world (who DOESN'T like Gnomes?), he often stressed the importance of his work to Alissi... would could care less at the time. While Alissi and her father travelled, Her mother remained at their home in Gnomeregan where she was a professor of social engineering at Gearshaft University. Alissi's older sister Lilia, was an aspiring journalist.

Her father often visited towns and while he was in meetings and council sessions, Alissi spent her time alone tinkering with contraptions, puzzles, or trinkets her father would bring to her as souvieners from his job. Often Alissi would run out of spare parts she needed. Although her family was well off, Alissi learned quickly that goblins often horded hardware needed for some of her designs and it was easier to ask for forgiveness as opposed to asking for permission because while her mother was a tinkerer, her father was not and she had assumed he would not understand. She became adept at sneaking into shops and “borrowing” what she needed to complete her projects. She would often steal and pickpocket merchants and travelers they passed or interacted with.

Alissi could not help but become addicted to the thrill of the Rogue’s life. She stole coins, purses and bags simply for the thrill of it. The adrenaline the youngling felt was addictive. She began to roam the countryside when her father left her to her linguistics studies Alissi would breeak into homes by lock picking the doors and helping herself to trinkets and items. What harm could it do? Throughout her journey, she often found having a pet around helped to keep her from feeling lonely. She befriended a myriad of creatures; snakes, chickens, gophers and even little kittens. Little did she know it would be one of these pets that would change her life forever.

Alissi was working on a particular gizmo her father had bartered for in Stranglethorn when she realized she had run out of sprockets. Alissi and her father often travelled to Booty Bay to maintain a cordial relationship with the neutral Goblin trade merchants and Alissi knew the town well. It was one of her favorite places to visit. One goblin Alissi knew named Torik had so many sprockets; she knew he probably had the size she needed. She dawned her outfit and made her way out of the house. She crept slowly through back alleys, keeping to the shadows. She finally made her way inside his tinker house through the smokestack, when suddenly a meow sounded Torik’s front door startled her. Her pet kitten was meowing and pawing at the door! He had followed her out of the house and had made his way here! Alissi tried finding a way out, but there were no windows. Torik opened the door, only to find the little cat immediately began to make it’s way to her. It rubbed against her leg, revealing her position. The goblin yelled and Alissi fled, scooping up her pet in tow. An alarm bell rang, and Alissi ran behind the auctioneer’s boxes. She hid her kitty in her bag and moved into the shadows. They would find her eventually and Alissi had seen what the brawler’s did to thieves and criminals. As a survivalist at heart, she refused to be caught. She jumped into the bay. Alissi kept to the shadows under the docks of Booty bay as she swam out to sea. Her only hope was to get passed the patrols that would soon be out looking for her and make her way up the coast, but being stealthy was a slow and meticulous process (esecially underwater) and they would close off the bay before she get passed them. Nets would be dropped at the exit of the bay and she would be trapped. She had seen it hundreds of times before as people of all shapes and sizes committed crimes here.

Then what Alissi saw lightened her spirits. An unmarked ship had arrived a few days ago, and they were just now drawing up the anchor in preparation to ship out. Alissi made her way to the ladder of the boat, and crept on board. Exhausted by all the activity, she found a small niche in the floorboards, and fell asleep.

She awoke to soapy water splashed into her face. She was wrenched of her hiding place and interogated by the crew and captain. Rather than throw her overboard, they sent her to hunt for rats onboard. While Alissi could have asked them to return to shore, the thought of facing her dissapointed father was too much to bear. He had held such high hopes for her; Alissi was to be his apprentice and soon she would take up her father's assignment. The thought of being a snooty ambassador also motivated her decision to remain on board.

That was the beginning of three years of her life, working for the crew of the Dirty Steward, a pirating ship. She worked her way up from washing the decks to helping them pillage and steal.In one port, the crew picked up the Twisting Nether Gazette and she read, "Public Relations Disaster Gnome, Goblin on Rocky Shores" It described the public relations nightmare her father had dealt with from the backlash of an ambassador's daughter stealing from humble citizens and fleeing the authorities. That single headline kept her from going back, though she kept the article in a secret pocket in her boot.

While onboard the Dirty Steward, the crew taught her how to climb, barter in Orcish and troll and other useful skills. They found her skills of stealth was invaluable to helping taking over merchant ships in the sea. She was considered a part of the crew and she was extremely loyal to the Captain and his crew of mixed criminals. THe crew also taught her how to kill. Her first kill was a Human trying to board the ship and steal black powder from the store room. Alissi had cried for three days. Each time she had to kill, she got a little more numb to the idea. It was the least favoirte part of her job. It was an Orc spymaster that had first taught Alissi that killing wasn't always necessary. "Poisons can often make your enemy WISH he were dead, or even shut the body down to make it look like they were dead," he had told her, and Alissi had began doing just that. Poisons wouldn't kill and her concious could remain clear.

Alissi got a chance to see the world and she met fantastic people and saw amazing things. She was truly happy with the life she had been forced into. It was during this time that Alissi stopped using her father’s name “Toggletorque” and adopted her own, one that the crew had given her for her accomplishments. They had begun calling her “Alissi Quicksting”… a name that told of her ability to strike fast with her daggers.

Throughout the years the crew of the Dirty Steward were so successful in their ventures that after three years, they eventually made berth in Tanaris. They lugged their wares to the auctioneer and hoped for the best, when her father saw Alissi laughing among the crew. Her father recognized his daughter and saw the brutal crew that walked around her. Fearing she had been captured, he sounded the alarm. thinking the bruisers had made them out as thieves, Alissi fled, taking a majority of the goblins with her so the crew could escape. Including their privateering crimes and the ones in her past, Alissi knew she would be put to death if she gave herself up and such a fate scared her more than anything, spurring her to run even faster. Just when she thought she had escaped, a hand from around the corner grabbed her.

Out of instinct, Alissi spun and slashed with her sword. A splash of warm red liquid sprayed across her face as Alissi watched in terror as her own father struggled to speak with his throat sliced open. Tears mixed with blood as Alissi realized she had killed her own father. The act had been instinctual… her body had not given her mind time to think. Her father clutched at his throat as he looked into his daughter’s eyes with a confused expression of twisted pain on his face before he fell to the ground. Alissi fled into the desert and never looked back, leaving her dagger beside her dead father.

Years passed. Not even the news of Gnomeregan's fall could have brought Alissi to face her mother and sister. The news had read that her father had been killed in a scuffle between bruisers and a privateering crew. They had all died for killing the ambassador, a crime she had committed. Alissi signed up for a sanctioned military organization after Gnomeregon fell, even though didn’t care about petty wars between the factions. She had clung to the hope that war would take her life as she deserved. No longer fearing death and numb from the misfortune brought on by her own cowardice, Alissi became a silent killer, throwing herself into the fray… yet always managing to come out alive again. Her spirit refused to perish, which only irritated and inflamed Alissi's guilt more. She learned loyalty while working with the other races of the Alliance and even though she would never forgive herself for her father's death, she thought her services should have exonerated her of her past crimes.

She was wrong.

Cut off from her mother and father's wealth and no longer working for a crew made Alissi poor. She had toyed with the idea of joining the Fordragon imports, but the Dwarf contact had fled after his run in with a simple paladin. Eventually, Alissi was contacted by the Hidden Palm, a secretive organization only heard in myth. Alissi had no choice but to accept, hoping that this group would be her new home. However, fate is cruel and the Hidden Palm dissolved before she could learn any of their secrets (or be one of those secrets). When the organization evaporated, Alissi's instincts kicked in once more. As she fled the city, SI:7 ambushed her. SI:7 had spent years infiltrating the Hidden Palm until they were in a posistion to coordinate a sting operation to capture or kill the remaining members. Alissi was tried and imprisoned in the stockades for life for simply being affiliated with the ellusive sect. In addition, a certain dagger with her father's blood had made their way into SI:7 evidence and although they did not know Alissi had been related to the late amabassador, the evidence doomed her.

She has been in prison for three years, brooding over the authority that locked her up, her past crimes and what she would do when she would escape.

Escape. The idea was the single rope dangling above an ocean of insanity and Alissi clung to it like any survivalist would.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

When free, Alissi could normally be found trying to drown her guilt in a few pints at any inn or wine sink she comes across. She can never settle down, always up for going new places to take her mind off of the crimes she has committed. She is fearless and will go on adventures that are almost impossible, almost as if to punish herself… but she has grown addicted to adventure, excitement and the adrenaline rush that accompanied it.


Uncovering the Secret!

Terrible Hangover

The Cogs of Redemption

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- More backstory. She is currently serving a life sentence in the stockades for her affiliation to the Hidden Palm. Her return will involve getting her out.

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