A Night at Home in Northrend ((Open))

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((Cross-posted from, where a guild member invited us to share a short bit about where our characters live/what they have been up to in the expansion. Open for others who want to give TNG a bit of a glimpse into how their "at-home" lives have changed since journeying to Northrend.))

Litoko chuckled and took the proffered armor from Yemana's hands. "You are quickly becoming my best customer, druid-sister," the Taunka teased as he laid the leather breastplate to one side. Yemana's grin flashed white in the darkness and she handed over a few gold coins.

"The path of the Great Bear Spirit is a dangerous one, Icetotem. With learning comes a harder fight." Yemana clutched her cloak around her shoulders against the chill and moved closer to the heat of the forge. "I am enjoying the hunt more than ever these days, though."

"It shows." Litoko folded the battered leggings and laid them atop the breastplate. "You return every night with new, swiftly mended wounds on your body and another meal for my mate and children in your coin. And every night the fire in your dark eyes grows brighter, druid-sister." The Taunka nodded approvingly. "Tomorrow afternoon, they will be ready for you again."

Yemana smiled again. "Thank you, Litoko." She nodded to several of the Taunka gathered around the main fire and began weaving her way through the camp back to her tent as a light snow began to fall.

The druid shook the cold from her dark mane as she stepped inside her tent, dropping the flap behind her. She had started the water and crushed mistletoe berries heating as soon as she got back from Dalaran; the weak concoction was steaming and ready, now. She poured off a measure into her bone cup, discarding the soggy berries, and drank three swallows with a grimace. Three swallows at night, three in the morning, for every day you are not bleeding Ishnalea had taught her. Yemana could have used a type of ground-vegetable or the root of the cotton plant - both milder tasting, but neither readily available in the north. She washed her mouth out with fresh water and shuddered again at the bitter taste. As long as the magic works, the druid reminded herself. I will not lay down my armor as my mother was forced to.

She began preparing a light meal and fresh tea. Her sleeping place had been widened enough for two several nights ago; Yemana straightened the furs and began unbraiding her manetails as she waited, singing an old Runetotem song softly to herself.

The way is dark

Mu'sha's light will bring you

The way is long

Brother Eagle will carry you

The way is cold

My embrace will warm you.

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