Salute to Skafloc

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I haven't been able to think of a way to pay my respects until just now, and I hope this is a good way to do so. Rick was a great writer and I always enjoyed reading things he posted in Nether Legends.

So I present to you a (partially incomplete) list of his RP stories. I wanted to link to everything he's written, including stuff in posts by others, but he's just so prolific that I've narrowed it down to stories he's started. Some of them aren't "stories" per se, but all are worth posting.

As Lupa:

The Cleansing of Atal'hakkar

The Saga of Lupa'Jin

Amantes Audere (Mature Content)

Met Tet

The Mission

The Serpent and the Tiger

The Last Hunt

The Plea

Spirit of the Wolf

As Upae:

Wild Child

A Letter to Amadare

Whole Again

A quiet beer by the fireplace

As Noury/Nouri:

Nouri the Heretic

My Fair Heretic

Randall Hunter's Riding Academy

The Holy Proclamation

Weather Woes


The Patrol

Affairs of the Heart

Advertisment in the Gadgetzan Times

The "Tower"

Ill Winds Blowing

As Skafloc:


The Gardens

Silvermoon Inn - A Party

The Presence of Presents

A Tale of Two Houses

Lovely -- The Doom of Lovely

Hunter's Pow Wow

A Radical Solution

The Answer

To Be A Gunslinger

Roots of the Tree



The Calling

In The Hands of the Enemy

Hell To Pay

To Kill A Dragonhawk

Chocolate Decadence

Death's Embrace


Sunset Serenade

The Surly Wench


To Build a Home

The Frost of a Man's Soul

I've looked up all the forum accounts that I know are him. If I've missed any characters, or if any of these links are wrong, please let me know.

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This list is not complete, but I tried to grab everything he made significant contribution to, as well as a good smattering of smaller contributions to show how he was always willing to RP with anyone.

I know a few of these were posted as characters that he kept secret, so if you didn't know he was some of these characters, enjoy.

Also, if someone know of other characters that I missed, let me know :)


The Cleansing of Atal'Hakkar - A Saga in Prose by Lupa 01-10-2006

We once had something special... minor collaboration 01-10-2006

A small note pinned on the walls of the Gallows End Tavern minor collaboration 1-23-2006

A Taste of Immortality minor collaboration 1-31-2006

Raid on Loch Moden minor collaboration 2-12-2006

The Saga of Lupa'Jin 2-26-2006 primary

Amantes Audere 4-29-2006 primary

Bonfire 5-04-2006 minor collaboration

Met Tet 05-02-2006 primary + collaboration

The Mission.. 5-11-2006 primary collaboration

The Serpent and The Tiger.. 5-17-2006 primary collaboration

The Last Hunt... 5-29-2006 primary collaboration

The Plea.. 6-18-2006 primary collaboration

Upae, Nouri, and Lupa again

Nouri The Heretic primary 5-30-2006

My Fair Heretic.. primary 6-14-2006

Wild Child.. primary collaboration upae 6-21-2006

A Letter to Amadare.. primary collaboration 7-26-2006

Front Page News minor collaboration 8-21-2006

Dor Shando minor collaboration 9-12-2006

Randall Hunter's Riding Academy by Nouri 9-13-2006 primary

The Holy Proclamation... primary 9-14-2006

Taming the Beast minor collaboration 9-22-2006

The Death of a Name minor collaboration 9-29-2006

Weather Woes poetry! primary 10-13-2006

Portents primary collaboration 10-18-2006

MISSING minor collaboration 10-23-2006

A Study of the Mind Upae minor collaboration 10-27-2006

I need a break!! collaboration 10-30-2006

Hideous minor collaboration 10-31-2006

A Special Occasion 10-31-2006 minor collaboration

For the Crimson Lord! 11-01-2006 minor collaboration

Advertisment in the Gadgetzan Times.. 11-03-2006 primary collaboration

The Patrol.. 11-06-2006 primary short

Memories Again collaboration 11-06-2006 Upae and Nouri

The Second Life minor collaboration 11-08-2006 upae

Whole Again 11-07-2006 upae major collaboration

Middle-Class Imp 11-07-2006 minor collaboration

Washed Up - A Feathermoon Failure Story minor collaboration 11-10-2006

Atop the world collaboration 11-13-2006

My Take on the Ball 11-19-2006 minor collaboration

By the Moon 11-14-2006 minor collaboration

The Bite minor collaboration 11-16-2008

A quiet beer by the fireplace... 11-19-2008 collaboration

Another Try 11-23-2006 minor collaboration

Many Questions. 11-23-2006 minor collaboration

Of Sand and Blood 11-20-2006 minor collaboration (famine start)

Affairs of the Heart... 11-24-2006 primary collaboration

The Stormwind Times- 'Sanctuary' True Motives Revealed! 11-27-2006 minor collaboration

The "Tower" 11-27-2006 primary collaboration

The Shut In 11-28-2006 minor collaboration

The Nut House.. 11-07-2006 minor collaboration

Lost in a Sea of Belief 12-07-2006 collaboration

Snakes and Paint 12-08-2006 minor collaboration

Boredom spreads like the plague minor collaboration 12-12-2006

Small world through small eyes 12-14-2006 minor collaboration

Ill Winds Blowing.. (famine) 11-30-2006

Ritual 1-03-2007 collaboration

An End 1-07-2007 minor collaboration (Nouri possible death)

Baptism of Blood (famine) 1-18-2007

A Return to Order 8-13-2007 minor collaboration

Oh yes. There will be blood. 8-28-2007 collaboration (mud wrestling)

Spirit of the Wolf. primary

Trials and Tribulations minor collaboration 10-05-2007

Golf Claps: Where Someone Might Remember Your Name minor collaboration 12-15-2008 3-3-2008


Servitude... primary short 12-25-2006

Immortal Triumvirate ~ Chapter One collaboration 12-25-2006

Immortal Triumvirate ~ Chapter Two collaboration 12-28-2006

The Gardens.. primary collaboration 1-06-2007

Silvermoon Inn - A party.. collaboration Skaffy and Lupa 1-15-2007

Immortal Triumvirate ~ Chapter Three 1-17-2007

Contrition 1-24-2007 collaboration

The Presence of Presents. skaffy 1-26-2007

Immortal Triumvirate - Chapter Four 2-09-2007

Nex'Cruor Wedding Gifts 2-13-2007 minor collaboration

Visit to the House Ran'Deau 2-26-2007 collaboration

A Tale of Two Houses 2-20-2006 primary collaboration

Both Ends Against the Middle 3-3-3007 collaboration

Dinner Time 3-07-2007 minor collaboration

Voyager 3-13-2007 collaboration

Lovely -- The Doom of Lovely.. 3-19-2007 collaboration

A Radical Solution.. primary collaboration 3-26-2007

Roots of the Tree... collaboration 3-30-2007

Again, Issues With Memories 4-06-2007 collaboration

Nexus of Souls minor collaboration 4-13-2007

The Answer.. 4-16-2007 collaboration

Hell To Pay 4-30-2007 collaboration

From the Desk of Marthin Sunfire 5-07-2007 collaboration

A New Dawn.. 5-11-2007 collaboration

To Be A Gunslinger. 5-15-2007 primary short

Confusing The Spirit 6-19-2007 collaboration

Communion primary 6-18-2007 (goodbye nymare)

Curiosity Killed The Cat 6-26-2007 collaboration

Neighbors collaboration 6-23-2007

A dish best served cold.. 6-11-2007 minor collaboration

Divergence 6-27-2007 collaboration *cry*

The Calling 6-29-2007 primary

In The Hands of the Enemy 7-24-2007 primary

To Kill A Dragonhawk 8-3-2007 primary short

Finding ~S~ 8-2-2007 collaboration short

To Betray a Heart 8-5-2007 collaboration

The Hunt 8-11-2007 collaboration

Chocolate Decadence. 8-18-2007 primary short (malorii+chauncey)

Death's Embrace. 8-20-2007 primary collaboration

Taken 9-10-2007 collaboration

Trinity 10-10-2007 collaboration

Memories of the Red Baron 10-19-2007 collaboration short

Blood of Time 10-21-2007 collaboration

Sunset Serenade 10-25-2007 collaboration *

Stowed Away 10-25-2007 collaboration

The Surly Wench 12-28-2007 primary

A New Setting 2-29-2008 collaboration

Death of a Blood Knight ( The Trial of Sir Leoren Evershine ) minor collaboration (epic)

Dentley, Steward of House deSinisca, R.I.P. 3-9-2008 collaboration

Misdirections primary collaboration 3-19-2008

Fata Morgana collaboration 6-23-2008

To Build a Home 6-26-2008 collaboration

Betrayal and Redemption 9-20-2008 collaboration

The frost of a Man's Soul 11-28-2008 primary short


May and September 7-11-2008 primary

... Violets Are Blue. 9-3-2008 collaboration

Executive Assistant 10-14-2008 collaboration

The Dead March On 10-31-2008 minor collaboration

The Garden of Ashes. 11-13-2008 collaboration


Revelations in the Drag 3-27-2007 collaboration

Jailed 11-15-2007 minor collaboration

A Grim Homecoming 1-2-2008 collaboration

It Begins 3-2-2008 collaboration

Cooking Up Trouble 11-14-2007 primary

Letter to the Inquisitor primary short

the shadow

Lorelei 9-13-2007 primary

News From the Grave 8-2-2007 primary collaboration

Blood of Orcs 12-17-2007 collaboration

Dark Shadow collaboration


Another Try 11-22-2006 collaboration

Enough 11-25-2006 collaboration


Melar Danashj Ravages Azuremyst Isle! 4-8-2007 minor collaboration

The Shadow War.. 4-17-2007 collaboration

Melar Danashj Deep Fries Aerie Peak! 4-17-2007 minor collaboration

A long time coming 4-30-2007 minor collaboration

The Aftermath 5-2-2007 minor collaboration

Shadow Wars... collaboration short 5-24-2007

The Guiding Hand 6-5-2007 collaboration short

The Order of Sanctuary 7-27-2007 minor collaboration

Past Due 8-29-2007 collaboration short

The Essense of Vengeance 3-1-2008 minor collaboration


High Strung 8-3-2007 minor collaboration

Silvermoon University and the Homecoming Rush 8-21-2007 minor collaboration

Creative Writing 101 8-30-2007 collaboration


Assembly of the Blood Brigade 2-11-2007 primary short

Evil Incarnate 3-5-2007 primary

Soul Forging 6-14-2007 collaboration

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Oh, and Skafloc's journal Personal Archives which includes one of the most beautiful things he wrote.

From :

A wolf sat down on a rock one day;

A brief respite from a bout of play.

With a sudden flurry of wing and claw

A raven set down beside his paw.

In the verdant woods of Feralas.

The wolf was enamored of the bird,

So smitten he was he could utter no word.

Her ebony feathers dark, her eyes so bright,

Reflecting the stars of the warm summers night.

In the moonlit woods of Feralas

“Come hunt with me, stay by my side,”

He asked the raven, his green eyes so wide.

The raven preened her feathers and cocked her head.

She smiled at the wolf, “Mmhmmm” all she said.

In the love filled woods of Feralas.

Long weeks they spent together in play,

Sweet nights they enjoyed at the end of the day.

Wolf and raven together a pair,

Never was there a bond so fair.

In the storied woods of Feralas.

One day Wolf dashed into a cave,

Raven followed her mate; she was so brave.

When wolf emerged he sought for his love,

But there was no Raven swooping down from above.

In the dangerous woods of Feralas.

Long he sought her in places far and near,

He found her lying in pain and fear.

With broken wing she could not fly.

Wolf cried in sorrow for it seemed she might die.

In the tragic woods of Feralas.

Long days and nights he tended her wing,

He fed her, held her, sweet songs he would sing.

Yet though her wing did mend from his care,

No joy returned to the heart of Raven fair.

In the sad woods of Feralas.

“Why do you weep my love my mate?”

Asked Wolf one day, but it was too late.

For Raven had seen that which Wolf had not.

She loved him dearly, but a bird he was not.

In the quiet woods of Feralas.

“I cannot go where you do my Love.”

“I need to soar high with the Hawk and the Dove.”

“Should I run with you through bush and wood,”

“I fear my wings shall break for good.”

In the weeping woods of Feralas.

Wolf cried for a time but nodded his head,

He loved her so much, he would not see her dead.

“Then go my love, fly unto the sky.”

“But listen at night, you will hear my cry.”

Of love everlasting.

In the bittersweet woods of Feralas.

Raven took flight and soared to the sky,

An eagle circled the airs up high.

She joined the Eagle and together they flew,

Wolf watched them vanish into the sky so blue.

Over the green trees of Feralas.

A wolf sits down on a rock by day;

A brief respite from a bout of play.

At night he sings to the moon filled night,

A mournful call, to a Raven in flight.

In the verdant woods of Feralas.

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