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Azual sat motionless in the ice as his brother moved the stones into position. “This will do”, Resinous said as he glanced at Azual. Quickly rising to his feet, Azual looked over to the frost wolf. “Do you have plans for Surin as well, lord Resinous?” Resinous pulled out a sword and ran his hand down the blade, “He will watch over my remains.”

“Do not fail me, my brother”, Resinous said calmly as blood began to trickle from his hand. “This sword has been in our family for centuries, make sure it gets to its rightful owner”, he uttered as he handed the sword to Azual.

The snow began to fall as Azual took the blade into his hands. “What if Infection finds out about this”, Azual asked as he stepped inside the circle of stones. Resinous laughed as he heard the question, “I doubt the warlord would look kindly upon the slaying of an officer, but worry not”, he said as he handed Azual a scroll. “Give this to the one who will hold our blade. It has instructions that will clear you’re name should you be caught.”

Resinous knelt down in the circle as he looked up into the sky. “Dark lady’s blessing upon you then, brother”, Azual said with a smirk. Resinous turned his head grinning upon hearing the sentiment. In an instant, the loud sound of metal clashing with ice and stone rang out. The blade pierced through Resinous back and down into the ice in front of him. Slowly falling forward, Resinous gasped as he slid down the length of the blade towards the ground.

Azual pulled the blade from the ground and out of his brother’s remains. Surin slowly walked over and took his seat next to his master’s corpse. Azual wrapped up the blade and placed it on his steed. He remained silent as he rode off to the southeast, heading towards a destination that did not expect his arrival.

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The Goblins continued working as Azual stepped onto the zeppelin. They had been transporting so many to the cold north as of late but, did not seem surprised to take one back to the Eastern Kingdoms. Azual walked downstairs, keeping his few belongings close. He never did trust Goblins or shrunken Orcs as he called them. Too much was on his mind now. The purpose of his resurrection was finally at hand.

He pulled the scroll given to him by his brother out. Only to find it magically sealed somehow. He sighed heavily as he placed it back, feeling forsaken for the first time in his undeath. Memories of his childhood began to flood his thoughts. They were good memories of his family before the tragedy. Azual smashed his head back against the wall, trying to interrupt his thoughts. The pattering of small feet coming down stairs forced his attention. “You’ll need to pay for that”, a small little goblin said as it came around the corner and saw the dent in the wall. Azual stared at the creature until it left, and it soon did. Not many enjoy the gaze of an undead for long.

“He told me this would be hard”, Azual thought to himself as he tried to regain focus. He tried to picture what the target of his mission would look like. He only has a name and it’s a Thalassian name to be sure. He studied over an old map, charting a back route path to an area that may house his target. Silvermoon City is certainly a place of interest in this journey.

The loud horn sounded the end of his flight. He could already smell Undercity. There was no time to stop though. Azual walked down the tower and across the road. He looked back to only to see his steed abandon him. He glared for a moment in the horse’s direction of retreat before turning back to his quest. Into the forest he ventured, off the beaten path he would force his way to his target. He walked quickly feeling his mind begin to race again. For the first time, failure seemed possible.

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Azual’s mind began to tire as he voyaged through the Ghostlands. He decided it was time to rest. His mind continued flashing images of his brothers betrayal. Clan Beyruul’s demise at the hands of insanity and greed. Azual remembered Resinous murdering their family and the heads of the clan. The Iceclouds finished off the rest with ease during this inner struggle. Women and children all fell before clan Iceclouds magic. In fact it was the greed of his brother that caused their clan to lose the war.

Azual thought to himself, wondering how he could forgive such a crime. His brother did grant him immortality just as he promised before killing him. Though Azual couldn’t of imagined that his immortality would come in the form of a hideous undead creature. It’s really that prophets fault, he thought to himself. That prophet if he was so wise, should of forseen what telling my brother of the coming of Ner’zhul would entail. Maybe he did know, he thought. None the less, it was Resinous that acted upon the knowledge. Seeing his one chance to live long and gain more power.

Glancing down at the sword, Azual closed his eyes. He looked around the forest he sat in and then looked back at his clans sword. “This is his only way back now”, he said as his eyes widened.

Knowing all too well what his brother had planned, Azual felt disgusted. If the sword made it to its target, it would only help Resinous crush his enemy and eventually bring him back stronger than before. Azual began to dig a hole next to a tree. He started to dig so fast that one of his fingers ripped right off. Horrible thoughts continued to plague his mind but he kept digging. Finally he felt satisfied and placed the sword into the ditch. He started to laugh as he covered it in dirt. “Finally its over”, he said as he walked away.

He continued his journey to Silvermoon. Interested in his former target, he wanted to meet this man. He walked north at a steady pace now. His mind at peace with what he had done. He never once believed the destruction of his brother would be so quiet and so peaceful. The ease of how he did it, it didn’t feel right but, the feeling of him being gone for good did.

He would no longer serve the guild which his evil brother did. Instead he would find a new purpose. Finally free of the filth of that disgraceful Ice Mage.

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