Ansha Saeralyan

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Full Name: Lady Ansha Saeralyan

Nicknames: Ansha-pants, Annie, Ana-Banana (only by Tim-tam); Stiff, Lady Stiff (she despises these last two); the Butcher of Murder Row

Date of Birth: March 3

Age: Around 150 (equivalent to mid-to-late 20s for a human)

Race: Blood Elf

Gender: Female

Hair: Platinum-blond, worn down past her thighs (often tied in a loose ponytail or put up in a bun)

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Emerald-green

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 114 lbs.

Place of residence: Silvermoon

Place of Birth: The Saeralyan family mansion in Silvermoon

Known Relatives: Athanarion Saeralyan, grandfather (deceased, ghost); Anwë Sairályien, cousin (deceased, death knight); Lianthos Mournsonnet, husband (deceased)

Religion/Philosophy: A follower of the Light. Personal creed is "knowledge for its own sake."

Occupation: Librarian, Archmage, sorceress and Magistrix

Group/Guild Affiliation: The Stormwolf

Guild Rank: Librarian

Enemies: The Scourge

Likes: Books, learning, magic, experiencing new things

Favorite Foods: Dalaran clam chowder, mead basted caribou, firecracker salmon

Favorite Drinks: Aged Dalaran Red, Suntouched Special Reserve, but most of all Snowplum Brandy

Favorite Colors: Blue, red, black

Weapons of Choice: magic

Dislikes: Necromancers, the undead, censors

Hobbies: Reading, arcane research, cataloguing books

Physical Features: Two silver studs through the arch of each ear, always wearing a pair of wire-frame spectacles

Special Abilities: Has some measure of telepathic ability

Positive Personality Traits: Very laconic, cool-headed

Negative Personality Traits: Emotionally cold to most people, can be somewhat ditzy and inattentive, blunt; can come off as condescending and superior

Misc. Quirks: Left-handed; insatiably curious; is a bibliomaniac; often found reading while walking, one eye trained on the road under her feet and the other on the book in her hand; can often seem amoral in her willingness to provide information to multiple parties of the same conflict.

Noticeable tics: a tendency to readjust her spectacles on her nose; often removes her spectacles to rub the bridge of her nose, particularly when annoyed, upset, or thinking.

Played by What Famous Person: Keira Knightley

Theme Songs:


," Danzig


," The Smashing Pumpkins

"Muzzle," The Smashing Pumpkins ("My life has been ordinary, just like everyone...My life has been extraordinary, blessed and cursed at once.")


," Alice Cooper

Physical Description: Ansha is a delicate-featured young elflady, seeming no older than an eighteen- or nineteen-year-old human girl. She is six feet tall and slim, with almond-shaped emerald eyes and long platinum-blond hair. Achingly beautiful, she is quick with a disarming smile and comes across as something of a flirt. Obviously proud of her appearance, her porcelain skin is unmarred but for a pair of platinum studs through the arch of each ear and a pair of emerald earrings, and has a propensity to be judicious about the amount of jewelry she wears, favoring gold, silver and gem-studded armbands, anklets and rings. She wears her hair down almost to her knees, a bright blue hair-ribbon binding it loosely into a long, elegant ponytail. She walks with the grace and poise of a noble debutante, and has a confident air about her, as if she is used to getting what she wants.

She can often be found wearing a pair of wire-frame spectacles.

Personality: Raised in a noble family, whatever Ansha truly desired has always been hidden beneath the veneer of propriety. Prim and proper in public, there is nonetheless a subtext to Ansha Saeralyan of insatiable curiosity and barely-contained, smoldering sensuality. In public, she is cool-headed and laconic; in private, she is often coy and flirtatious. Amoral and self-serving, her overriding goal in life is simply to know--anything and everything--and whether first-hand or through a book, she'll try almost anything once.

History: Ansha Saeralyan was born to the noble Saeralyan family of Silvermoon, an elder House often called upon to have a member on the Convocation of Silvermoon, known for the talented mages it has produced over the centuries as well as for maintaining one of the largest libraries public or private in Quel'Thalas. Ansha was the only child of a middle child. Discovered to have a talent for magic early in her life, she was taught by the finest mages in Quel'Thalas. Eventually, as with many elves, she was sent to the magician-city of Dalaran, both to further her training at the hands of the Kirin Tor, and to cement the ancient alliance between Quel'Thalas and Dalaran. She lived through the first two wars with the orcs in Dalaran, working as a sorceress and tutor in the Sorcerers' League, even fighting against the Orcish Horde in a few minor skirmishes. Eventually, she returned to Quel'Thalas, her studies and her services as a tutor complete, having become an archmage of the Kirin Tor in her own right. She was inducted as a magistrix upon her return from Dalaran, an event that her family celebrated with great fanfare. This homecoming was short-lived, as she was sent away again to Dalaran after the news of the Ranger-General's death at the hands of Prince Arthas, while the rest of her House remained behind. She was thrown out of the frying pan and into the fire when Arthas returned to Dalaran, but she managed to survive the Scourge attack and was among the first to return to the city. She helped rebuild the city for a time, anticipating that the magical might of the Kirin Tor would be needed again soon.

What she had not anticipated, however, were the effects that the destruction of the Sunwell would have upon her. Each day, the hollowness in her seemed to grow, a hunger for magic that she could not satisfy even near the powerful ley lines upon which Dalaran rested. She grew more and more irritable, withdrawing into herself and ignoring the aid offered to her by other High Elves in the magician-city. Soon, the hunger grew overwhelming.

Driven nearly mad by the resurgence of her racial magic-lust and unable to draw upon the mystic energies of the Sunwell, Ansha returned to Quel'Thalas to find Silvermoon slowly rebuilding, and Grand Magister Rommath teaching the survivors a new way of satiating their magic-lust. Desperate to sate her own addictions, Ansha eagerly learned the Grand Magister's methods.

The maddening addiction brought under control, Ansha swiftly came to regret her decision. The Blood Elves--High Elves who, like her, had embraced this magic vampirism as a way to sustain themselves apart from the Sunwell--had fallen into xenophobia and broken off contact with their former allies in the Lordaeron Alliance. Rumors circulated that the elves were making diplomatic overtures to the Horde, seeking a new alliance as they prepared to follow their Prince beyond the Dark Portal into Outland. It took her a long time to come to terms with the fact that her former enemies are now her allies.

Her family had been slain or scattered by the Scourge invasion, but she still remained. She moved into the shattered remains of the family mansion, chasing out a gang of Wretched that had been squatting there, and "set up shop." A bit reclusive, she is most often found in her family library, which survived largely unscathed, but she makes a point to attend the various balls and social events her fellow nobles hold occasionally, just to keep up appearances.

With the Kirin Tor on the move again, she readied herself for her own part in the upcoming war in Northrend--both as a longtime ally of the Kirin Tor, and for revenge against the Scourge that robbed her of her home.

She reestablished contact with the Kirin Tor and returned to Dalaran, a homecoming she never expected to happen. She believed she owes this almost solely to Archmage Aethas Sunreaver of the Council of Six, Dalaran's ruling oligarchy, and his efforts to allow the Horde into the city. Ansha believes she owes the Archmage a debt of gratitude so great it may be years before she repays him. (She won't admit it, but she probably had an infatuation with him too.)

While this gratitude has not changed, the infatuation with the Archmage has faded, and there were rumors that she was seeing someone, though she was careful to conceal this person's identity. She occupied herself for a time with reestablishing her business after a lengthy contract to a mercenary company, where she served as their spymaster.

She started working as a consultant for that same mercenary company, and she eloped and married Lord Lianthos Mournsonnet (though she retained her maiden name, as the last living survivor of House Saeralyan).

Not long after the mercenary company's campaign in Icecrown Citadel, it was discovered that she was the murderer responsible for a string of ritual slayings in Silvermoon City's Murder Row. After being captured in an ambush in Blade's Edge arena, she was placed in Silvermoon jail's arcane containment unit. She managed to escape after a couple of weeks during the confusion and chaos of an abomination's break-in to the jail. In the process, she was freed of the majority of the influence and control the demon that had been possessing her had held over her, though she seems a colder, crueler person than she did prior to the final push into Icecrown Citadel.

She survived the Shattering and has been keeping a low-profile as of late, keeping to Dalaran and her own estate outside Silvermoon. Recently widowed, she has become even more reclusive, but rumors have started reaching the ears of those in the know in Dalaran that there is a night elf sorceress using her name. As there was a night elf druidess by this name who worked for the famed Blades of Lordaeron mercenary company, any relation to the former archmage is unknown.

Relevant Reading:

The Book of the Flesh (other relevant reading found linked within)

In Her Family's Shadow

Shady Business

Shadowy Business - by Qarma



Ansha being molested by Qarma (courtesy of Taminda <3):


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Oh. Yes. I met her...I'm not sure whether I think she was nice or not. She talked to me even after I tried to get her to go away so I think that's nice. Right.

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Carmen frowned at the poorly made rickety Flying Machine. One of the blades falling off the propeller and smoke billowing from the cockpit. She kicked it hard, injuring her toe in the process and stumbling over.

"Damn piece o' crap! Stupid goblins an' their lousy schem--" She halted her cursing to a clipboard in her face. "Wha' tha hell...?"

She peered up over the sketch that it held, to a pair of purple glowing eyes. They did not appear to be pleased by her less than favorable opinion of Goblin engineering. "Oh! Heh, ay there l-lovie.." she bared her teeth in an awkward oh-shit-I-got-caught manner. She stood dusting her pants off and smearing the soot on her cheeks.

"Le's see wha' you go' there, hm?" She took the sketchpad, her hands dotting the corners of the page with engine grease. "Ah, yah... tha magic lady," she said, poking over the face and basically destroying the picture. She frowned at this in an attempt to fix it, but instead completely blacking out her face. "Ah hell...."

She coughed and gave the clipboard back, the goblin frowning but still waiting."A'right a'right! I tell you what I know eh? You impatient bastard!" The goblin folded his arms and listened.

" Well'p, see... I were mindin' my own business right? I were goin' to tha bank an' this horse come by, almost smashin' me in tha process. So I think to mysel' why a horse in tha bank?" she shook her head, batting her dusty lashes, "I's no matter o'course. I yell at 'em to watch where they goin' an' piss off one o'tha locals in tha process."

"Pretty gal, by tha look o'er but, hay." she points her thumb towards herself, "I ain' no man either." With a wrinkle to her nose she adjusted her goggles, "So she tell me to shu'tha hell up, cause I wakin' folks up."

Carmen grinned arrogantly and began to embelish the story at this point. Hell... the girl was drunk anyway, she couldn't remember.

"So I tell her where she can stuff it eh? She were o'course really scared an' so I tol' her I be nice. Tha's when she get real mad-like, an' PUSH me into tha well!" She scoffed and spat upon the ground next to her. "Yeh, I know righ'? Pretty nasty that one."

Carmen ended her farce of a tale and turned towards the Helicopter, "Ay lovie eh..." she laughed and rubbed her neck, "You wouldn' min'e fixin' tha fo'e me uh?"

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Raynell arches an eyebrow. "Ah, Lady Ansha? Yes, I'm quite well acquainted with her. Rather friendly, has a knack for knowing a lot of things, plus she's a rather classy dresser." She chuckles a bit. "She's definitely one of the few bearable people in the tavern." She sighs, shaking her head. "One of the -very- few..."

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Akulazeel stares down at the interviewer for a brief moment at the mention of the name, arms crossing, and weight shifting to one hip. "Ansha? Hrm.. Not quite sure 'ow I feel 'bout 'er yet.. Ain't been no trouble yet, so I suppose she ain't dat bad.. Dough she always seems ta 'ave some sorta flask in 'and." She shakes her head and waves the goblin off, "Dun got much ta say oder den dat, off wit ja."

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"Ansha is the kind of woman you could spy on all night long. She may read for the most part of it, but there's always something she does that is interesting. Sometimes it makes me want to congratulate her. Other times, and oftenly, makes me wonder why I haven't gutted her yet."

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"... Lady-who?"

"So you -don't- know her?" The interviewer raised a brow as he scribbled something in the corner of his notepad.

Taminda chewed on her lip in thought, swirling her drink in it's mug before raising her chin, "Oh! Oh- Anoush? Anona? Bah- whatevah. Ah tink Ah recall dat hookah. Got some weird vibes from dat one ah did. Ya'd tink she was plottin' ta get in mah pant o' sometin'"

The troll looked into her mug lazily and shrugged, "Den again- she friends wit Nity, So dat dun surprise me much."

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Nicasian leans back against the bar casually, sniffing his wine before downing it in one swallow.

"Yes, Magistrix Saeralyan. It's interesting I only just recently discovered her first name." Nic looks thoughtful. "It's funny how you can, quite literally, travel the universe and end up running right back into people..."

Nic shrugs and returns his attention to the interviewer. "She was one of the instructors when I was pursuing my studies in Dalaran before the fall. Brilliant and beautiful but a bit flighty... There were more than a few near death experiences in her classes." He smirks. "But that did nothing to tarnish her pin-up status... I dare say she seems to only be getting more tantalizing with age. Like a fine wine!""

Nicasian laughs at the interviewer's bemused expression and pats him on the shoulder.

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*A sly grin spreads across his face at the mention of her name by the Goblin*

Ah, yes, I have met this Lady. She was at the soriee. A shame I was unable to... mingle, but it is not my place.


I know little of her, Goblin, she is rather polite! What else would you like to know!?

*the goblin slowly backs out of the room*

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"Lady Ansha Saeralyan...I would have to go with elegant...stunning perhaps. Although to be honest, she has never struck me as the type to be anything more than a lady...however...In my line of work, the femme fatale is very subtle. I will say this...she seems to make enemies as easily as she makes friends...Ill have to watch myself, though I can trust her enough. If she ever found out about my past--" He cuts himself off and smiles. "Well that's information I wish to keep to myself."

He nods at the goblin, continuing his talk about Ansha. "As lady like as she is...she seems to have an eye for my Amalyn...which scares me a little... Anyways. That is all I can say about her..."

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"A very unpleasant woman, she is by far the worst person I have ever met...why you ask...because she stole my book. I hate her."

The goblin sighs. "You know she is Ansha Saeralyn right? The writer..."

Ariavan nods. "She is an amazing writer, her work has been part of my lectures for sometime...although, I make my own minor modifications to some of the nonsense that I find in her writing. As brilliant as it can be. She is a pleasant person to have intellectual discussion and debate with. I like her."

Ariavan scratches his head. "Though...why she would steal her own book is beyond me. I mean...why make me pay a late fee for something that she already has. Maybe I can get the manuscript from her. A rare collectors edition indeed."

The goblin, yards away from Ariavan, can be seen laughing as he continues to walk away.

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Khristien rubs his chin thoughtfully. "As far as I can tell, the woman gets around." He shrugs. "I might be interested, but she keeps giving my dragon strange looks."

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