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Hey Mom!

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Oh, mother.

..You only wanted to be remembered as Her Lady Servitor.

I get it, now. Don't worry, I remember you.

..Mom you can't be fat-- Draenei, are not fat.

Look at this mom isn't he SO. COOL?

I want to die when girls hug me-- but that girl is not a girl she is a boy.. Who loves a boy who is a girl.

...You're not a raper at all!!

Oh, good. I see a female warrior KOVEN- and I can't RP with her. She's tried but I just am too busy-- is that an imp over there--? Where! *points* No..? ...Ah, yes it is. Look at him.

...That's motivational because it's framed like one.

That little doggy is with mom and dad!

She's not very happy-- who the hell is behind that camera?

Maybe it's Evanthe and Malorii.

You did not draw those butterflies Malorii but you did not need to. The color was enough, thank you so so so so so much.

..Is Bir a kitty?

Yeah sometimes I'll protect it-- IN MY DREAMS!

That pink and black tabard is SO. COOL. It's on a warr~~rrrlock~! YEAH!


Cousin Noury is too.


You never tried it-- And Errigal hated you when he met you. He could tell you were a troll. But what's wrong with trolls?

Errigal and his wife? No, I don't imagine Errigal that way BUT IT. IS. AWESOME.

It sucks, that wasn't how our RP looked at all.


Yeah but it wasn't.

That's not where he is, in his head.


You'll live.


When you're not batman you are so cool!

You gonna cry now baby?

Hell no!

Oh shit, where are you going?

..I killed a druid, did you know?

Who cares a tauren always hugged me.

I don't want to finish this.

This one is done.

Kyle, that doesn't look like you at all.

S1's not so great if I think about warsong gulch.

...Well, shit.



Yeah, I hate to think that too.

Ritorix you were way cooler IC. I remember when Errigal kissed the dead skin off your lips and you stood there and wondered why. Then your succubus beat the shit out of Errigal.

Yeah nobody said anything about it though.

Trees are cool.

..What's an imp to DO?!

I can't draw my warlocks together.

Eladis go away I'm a pirate--

I LOVE THIS GUY-- But he hates me.

BIR YOU'RE A WHORE-- But are you enjoying it?

You make a better female elf.

No way I'd rather be a man with a moth.

You think that's lame? I don't.

Family never has to look at one another.

Lets just kidnap him huh?

Fuck, that didn't work out.

Check out this ooooze!


..Orc women? They're not scary.

MY NOSE LOOKS LIKE A BEAK. I could never be a fucking paladin, fuck paladins.

They're souls.

This guy on a pvp server needed to go on a date.

We went on one!

Don't draw me naked you don't get the anatomy right.


This is one of my favorites.

Don't mind if I do, bart!

I loved you a lot more when you were a secret.

I still talk to that guy sometimes.

YEAH RIGHT NOW-- fuck they took forever to drop eh guys?

Being pissed off is so easy.

Being confused isn't.

Easier to dance.

Do you get it?

I'll always be Elaine from the block, yo. Zombie in a pretty dress, WHAT. IS. UP? --Oh wow she can-- change-- her-- hair-- now?

I agree, bird. But you are telling someone to fuck off!

If Errigal were undead he would look so cool, like this!

Fuck it.

I can see you when you're mad at me, love-a-do.

Sometimes, I just want to hug my felguard.

What the fuck do you look like that for? Are you looking at that girl? Don't, look at me.


The girl is more interesting to look at. (did you know this is the first piece of digital art I ever did?)

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...And did you know, that I only frame art I think is worth it?

Some art teacher told me to frame all of my art.

A stippling picture of death-- and life.

..Is framed in an office in Banff.

Where is it?

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I have so much more to post but I need a scanner, mom.

I'll call you tonight.

(If anyone else wants to call me PM me and I can give you the number)

Also, not needed--

But be nice to Pyrana. Be as nice to Pyrana as you can.

And if you see Errigal online he is trying to get his argent tabard.

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