The Wizards of Dalaran: H

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Guild Name: The Wizards of Dalaran

Type: Heavy Rp-Pvp, Class specific (Mage)

Size: Extremely small, with about four active members and a couple stragglers. However, each are heavy Rpers, especially the guild leader (myself).

Info: The Wizards of Dalaran is a heavy Rp guild and class specific, meaning the entire guild is dedicated to one class only. We have considered allowing other classes in, with the exception of Warlocks.

This guild so far has been fairly heavy on the RP despite it's size. When it was first created the size was never important to me, and it still isn't. However, it would be nice to gather some Rpers who enjoy PvP, a deepening resolve to the Arcane Arts, and a consistent lore-based storyline.

Current: Presently we are working to relocate our offices to the actual city of Dalaran, which was the goal from the beginning. Menion has been recently hired into the Magocracy as an apprentice of sorts, and has also been tasked with security assignments. Those who bear the colors of the Violet Citadel come for higher learning and protect its secrets. The laws of the Senate are absolute and must be obeyed.

Contact: Menion (myself), Zephrythos or Alacardia.

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