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Full Name: Alecalius (Last name: what ever he feels like at the time)

Nicknames: Alec

Age: Older then he acts

Race: Half-breed; Night Elf/Qal’Dorei gone Sin’dorei (Just ask and I’ll explain)

Gender: Male

Hair: Dark Brown fading to Deep Blue

Skin: On the pasty side

Eyes: Turquoise

Height: 6’ 3’’

Body Type: Lanky and somewhat awkward.

Place of residence: Blood Knight Barracks in Silvermoon City

Place of Birth: Darnassus

Known Relatives: None that he would care to name.

Religion/Philosophy: “What does… ‘fill-oh-so-oh-fee’ mean?”

Occupation: Blood Knight in training. Odd jobs, miner, engineer.

Group/Guild affiliation: Raven Cross

Guild Rank: -

Enemies: Isendur, Kovan

Likes: Sin’Lanna, food, playing games, dark/shadowed places (more homey).

Favorite Foods: Everything

Favorite Drinks: Anything except teas.

Favorite Colors: Dark Blues, reds, anything earthy.

Dislikes: Dwarves and Orcs, being challenged, he would rather stay in the background; being challenge makes him feel as if he must step up, stand out, and defend himself.

Hobbies: Engineering, mining, learning of Horde cultures, eaves dropping.

Physical Features: His ears are longer and thicker than an average blood elf’s, they are bent further down and their weight keeps them from sticking straight up. He always keeps the ends of his ears wrapped in some sort of bandages to cover the blue color of their tips. Under his always worn leather gloves are pointed claws, their color a darkened blue near black, from finger tips to an inch past his wrists the color of his flesh is a navy blue-purple, same as his ear tips. (He feet are much the same). Alec’s teeth canine’s are sharp and pointed into fangs on both bottom and top rows of his teeth. The end of his ponytail is wrapped in cloth as well, creating a sort of nub, (much like you would do with a horse tail).

Weapons of Choice: One handed sword and a shield.

Special Abilities: He can see in the dark better than in the light.

Positive Personality Traits: He is always willing to help those in need. He is easy to please; it doesn’t take much for him to become amused.

Negative Personality Traits: He is terribly naïve.

Misc. Quirks: He doesn’t like getting wet when his intentions aren’t bathing or swimming. He is fluent in the Orcish language but he still gets stuck on words, or if someone begins to ramble he has a hard time following their words causing him to become confused. He is easily excited or cheered up.

Played by What Famous Person: -

Theme Songs: -

History: (( Ask in R/P I’m too lazy to type it here ))

Appearance: (( I am working on a drawing that is simply him right now, but if you want to get an idea look in the gallery on my profile, there are some drawings there. ))

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THAT WORGEN WEREWOLF GUY WHO MIGHT BE A NIGHT ELF--? Wait, I think he is just part night elf.


THAT'S it.

I think?

His ears are all fucked up!

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"Alec..." Sin places a hand on her leather-clad hip as she evaluates the interviewer. "What about him? He's another Blood Knight in training and lives in the Barracks. He's naive, a simpleton."

She lets a brief smile grace her lips. "He also has his heart in the right place, which seems to be such a rarity in the rest of their ranks. I only hope that his training doesn't crush his spirit."

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"I 'ave seen 'im round... 'E smells weird, a mix of Blood Thistle an' sumtin else..." Akula shruggs, "Eider way 'e be weird, acts more like a child stuck in a man's body."

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Janith- "Mister Alec is.. a rather different. Eh.. and a lot like me I guess." *She lets her ears droop a bit.* I think.. I dun mind him so much... but the biting has to stop. *wanders off with a sigh*

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