Deviantart Accounts? :D

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I've noticed a few people here on TNG are on Deviant art. For those of you who don't KNOW what Deviantart is (I'm pretty sure most if not all of the people here do but anyway) it's an amateur gallery website where both professionals and amateurs alike can showcase their work. I'd like to use this thread as a way to see who's who : )

Edit: Here's an alphabetical list! :3 Don't pester me on full names for I art a lazy Feral.

Ackley - http://bleedxrose.deviantart.com/

Adamaris- lilbunnyfufu.deviantart.com

Aeva- http://thecrux.deviantart.com/

Aksles- http://violinscry.deviantart.com/

Akulazeel- http://lolygag.deviantart.com/

Alphaeus- http://ridia.deviantart.com/

Annyxia - http://rockermusicfairy.deviantart.com/

Araahaiel - http://felixani.deviantart.com


Betrayl- http://betrayl.deviantart.com

Broxigan- http://noidea.deviantart.com

Celestial Geisha- http://celestial-geisha.deviantart.com

Ceridwynn- http://capellamorningside.deviantart.com/

Cimoh- http://deviantdragonstills.deviantart.com/

Core- http://cbcore.deviantart.com

CytianaMoonarrow - http://ravynsfaery.deviantart.com/

Diomades - http://diomades.deviantart.com/

Duroxas- http://phycofox.deviantart.com/

Errigal- http://erribu.deviantart.com/

Esmi- http://artistsescape.deviantart.com/

Etaurseytu- http://norotheren.deviantart.com

Evolyn - http://otacon144.deviantart.com

Isoela- http://yoonsosweet.deviantart.com

Faynt- http://pr0xx0rz.deviantart.com/

Fallacy- http://angstflamme.deviantart.com

Glowingrabbits- http://glowingrabbits.deviantart.com

Goblin Fan Girl - http://amandataylor.deviantart.com

Gorymoru- http://preyofmemories.deviantart.com

Jeedup - http://hollows-grove.deviantart.com

Kaetyn- http://Socialtease.Deviantart.com

Kaelthyn- http://lonelion4ever.deviantart.com

Kirana - http://crazy-animal-lady.deviantart.com/

Kitsuneko- http://tiffkitten.deviantart.com/

Kovan- http://theforesthermit.deviantart.com/

Lerian - http://metalmaxx.deviantart.com/

Liadain- http://mistresskelley.deviantart.com

Lonerli Kiith- http://lonerli.deviantart.com/

Lythas- http://buttermuffin.deviantart.com

Mabuse- http://thexnekoxchan.deviantart.com

Motivari- http://themotivesofeltigre.deviantart.com/

Murue- http://nathanwolfe.deviantart.com/

Nel- http://blakee45.deviantart.com/

Nazara- http://coreykatsumi.deviantart.com/

Nyzara- http://ambiguousmatter.deviantart.com/

Philaris- http://masterxeno.deviantart.com/

Rand Shea/Ranadarus- http://cjade.deviantart.com

Ravanos - http://www.techr0n.deviantart.com/

Redemptio- http://shakko-kitsune.deviantart.com/

Sett - http://arreat.deviantart.com/

Swayn- http://cgray00.deviantart.com/gallery/

Swerto- http://swerto.deviantart.com/

Teutelquessir- http://teutelquessir.deviantart.com

Thengil- http://palelonginus.deviantart.com/

Titanyia - http://mmokittens.deviantart.com/

Trixalla - http://radiantneedle.deviantart.com/

Yatokth- http://icerune.deviantart.com

Vaaldis- http://the-endomorph.deviantart.com/

Vardrayg'n- http://vardyagn.deviantart.com/

Xaraphyne- http://chiyojo.deviantart.com/

Xyria- http://beth004.deviantart.com/

Zahki - http://feitan.deviantart.com

Zarja- http://zarja56.deviantart.com/

http://alkaline-lady.deviantart.com -mine.

http://furiikuyasha.deviantart.com/ -A person I'm TOTALLY in love with as far as art style and WoW art is concerned :D They need to get their work in with Blizzfaces.

List yours below- @.@ 10/8/2012 -RR/

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I haven't updated it in months... about the only things I do on that site are report gross pornography posted in the DeviantArtSnark community and occasionally troll the various idiots and art thieves that populate it. I lost a lot of faith in that place ever since it was deemed ok that professionalism on part of the paid staff was optional, not mandatory... and screenshots from 'paperdoll' sites was considered "original artwork".

It also seems like a lot of my images have gone missing. Stuff I'm pretty sure I didn't delete, and received no notice of. Not that it matters.

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inactive on it lately
I haven't updated it in months.
Remind me to update it at some point..
Really old stuff]
Not very active
I haven't touched it in ages.

I think I am seeing a pattern.

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