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Please only post Twisting Nether/Ravenholdt Guilds/Associations here.

Non-Guild Member Rules

If you are NOT part of the guild, please do not reply to a thread in this forum.

If you are interested or have questions about one of the guild listed here, please contact one of the posters via PM or start a thread in WoW discussions.

Guild Member Rules

ONE post per guild per day

This section is supposed to be active, but not spammy. If your guild has an RP event, post about it here to showoff what kind of stuff you do. If you want to talk to other people on the forum about it, feel free to make another thread in WoW Discussions or the PVP forum depending on type of event it was. We have a one post per guild per day rule to keep the spam down, not to discourage bragging about your guild when it does something fun.

When making the initial post, be sure to add a [H] or [A] tag to it so new RPers know whether it's an alliance or horde guild.

Please see for general posting rules for this forum.

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