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Full Name: Resinous Beyruul

Nicknames: Ice Lord, Terror of Raven Hill

Age: N/A

Race: Undead

Gender: Male

Hair: Bald

Eyes: Gold

Height: 6'1"

Weight: N/A

Place of residence: Raven Hill, Duskwood

Place of Birth: Ice Crown Glacier, Northrend

Known Relatives: Azual Beyruul (Brother), Unconfirmed rumors of a third brother.

God/Creator (Living): Lokholar

God/Creator (Undeath): Ner'zhul

Occupation: Right hand of the Warlord.

Group/Guild affiliation: Infection/Clan Beyruul

Guild Rank: Corruptor

Enemies: Any who oppose him or the Warlord. A few ancient enemies he does not speak of.

Likes: Seeing his prey beg for mercy before the final blow.

Favorite Foods: Alliance, women and children.

Favorite Drinks: Water and blood

Favorite Colors: Ice Blue

Weapons of Choice: The mind

Dislikes: Clan Icecloud and Yeti.

Hobbies: Destroying Alliance settlements.

Goal: Mixing himself in with the Forsaken and returning safely home for unknown reasons.

Special Abilities: Fast moving, Aggressive and a fast counter attacker. Ability to control others.

Positive Personality Traits: Usually very calm. Acts as if he is slow moving and weak unless angered.

Negative Personality Traits: Deceitful and uses people. Most who associate with the Ice Lord fall into ruin once he finds no use for them. He is psychotic and though he is loyal to warlord Keraph and Infection, he holds no loyalty to the Forsaken in general.

Status: Missing since the invasion of Northrend.

Living History:Known by a select few.

Undead Eastern Kingdoms history: It took about a year for Resinous to gain enough of his strength back to travel. He lurked on Raven Hill, feeding and drinking on Alliance flesh and blood. Still confused on how he managed to sail so far south of Dalaran, he prepared to set forth on the journey North.

Only travel at night, It’s the only way for an undead to survive the human lands alone. As he passed through the human and dwarves lands, he noted on the ease of passage. The further north he traveled, the faster he seemed to move.

A human female traveling south of the Thandul Span. Traveling to Menethil Harbor no doubt. She closed her eyes as Resinous walked towards her. She seemed to be chanting something under her breath. She briefly struggled as he rang her neck, crushing the spine it encased. This feeding was just the boost of strength he needed to finish his journey. So close now.

Heading west in the Alterac Mountains, he could see a strange glow. What magic could create such a strong force, he wondered. As he attempted to pick up the pace to Dalaran, he heard a growl behind him. He quickly turned to see what beast challenged him at his back. A frost wolf of all things. Legendary creatures, very fast. The wolf began to charge Resinous, and with one ear deafening scream, the wolf lay far away injured. The first arcane explosion Resinous had conjured in many years proved to be too strong for the attacker. He walked up to the injured wolf, and gave him the leg of the human female he killed little more than four days ago. Resinous began to pet the wolf and tend his wounds. “From this day on, I name you Surin, and you shall travel with me”, he said calmly to the injured wolf.

Once again he walked towards Dalaran and the strange glow. Surin followed closely behind, still far too injured to ride. He could clearly see the magical force field surrounding Dalaran now. Something else caught his mind’s attention though, something to the North. He felt an evil power close by. Somehow he could tell it was not a chaotic evil he felt, It was not the Scourge. “We travel North then, Surin”, he said.

The city of Lordaeron stood before Resinous and Surin. He sensed something very dark and angry deep within the city, no human could conjure that kind of hatred. As he walked to the main gates of the city, he realized that it was in ruins. Once he entered the former throne room, Surin began to cower, and Resinous began to feel weak. The voice of Ner’zhul could be heard echoing in this chamber. “Come Surin, we must move on quickly” he said as they moved further into the keep.

Resinous stopped as he saw a pair of abominations guarding some sort of door. “Maybe this is the Scourge”, he thought to himself. As he sat motionless, thinking of what he should do, a hand rested on his shoulder. Resinous quickly turned to see an undead female behind him. “What troubles you, brother?”, she said with a smile. “Abominations”, Resinous replied to her. “Don’t worry, they only guard our city”, she said as she began to walk away. “Go forth, and welcome to the Undercity, my brother”. “An undead city?”, Resinous said to himself as he slowly walked toward the abominations.

Resinous and Surin walked off the elevator, and to his surprise he saw hundreds of undead dwelling beneath Lordaeron. Some of them glared at him, but most paid no attention. He still felt the power and hatred coming from below. He walked towards it with great speed, down a winding hallway and finally to a mighty chamber. The first thing to catch his eye was a large Dreadlord glaring down at him. He looked left of the Dreadlord and saw the source of such hatred and power. “A female of all things” he quietly said to himself.

Before Resinous could go before this powerful undead female, an undead appeared right next to him. “Warlord Keraph!”, the undead yelled. “The Alliance are only minutes away!” he yelled again. Resinous looked and saw a fierce looking and well armored undead warrior standing tall. Battle ready undead began to form up around him. “Prepare yourselves for battle Infection!” Keraph’s voice echoed throughout the city. Resinous closed his eyes and the air around him began to freeze. “I haven’t come this far to be purged, I will have to fight along side of this warlord and his Infection”, he thought as he summoned his power for battle.

Infection History: (Coming Soon)

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Resinous is one of my best. His skill is honed with deadly perfection; I do not envy any who cross him. I have seen firsthand the destruction he can cause, not only with his magic, but with the deception he sows among the enemies of Infection, or anyone who he happens to set his sights on. If any were to dare cross the Dark Lady's elite, they would be doomed before they even realized what took place, and they would never know it was the Ice Lord's doing.

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As sick and psychotic as he is, I follow him. He slips into madness most of the time, but plans things out well enough to ensure our victories. I'm not sure I can ever forgive him for what he did in life though.

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*briefly scans the words on the page then hands it back*

Pish, tosh. This is false. Of course he doesn't eat children or ladies! Do you think I would have anything to do with such a person? I mean really...

*smiles and sits back, looking too confident, obviously ignoring the words in the biography on the page*

I sent him chocolates and flowers, after our initial contact. He seemed deserving enough. And we've spoken much through correspondence. He's very interested in the tourneys and I could use the help.

*blinks at the question and squints her eyes*

No of course it matters little that we've never actually met. What do you mean by that? You don't really think he eats babies do you? I mean come on! You think that's why he's talking to me? Because I have three!?

*a pause*

Get out of here, this instant!

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Carmen knits her coppery brows together, her dark brown eyes fierce.

" Mm. He were there when I deliver Tivian's cubs. One be gone. Where did it go, eh? "

Pressing her tongue over her teeth, and sliding it over the sharp edge of her canine.

" Tivian tol' me to avenge 'er cub, I ne'er expected ta be 'er midwife an' assassin."

She shakes her head.

" Bu' that is o'er, I have my own vengeance. If it true he be guilty, he shoul' coun' his blessin's, an' hope his god have mercy on 'im."

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