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(LFRP) Bess'tarice Boarding House

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Organization: Bess'tarice Boarding House

Faction: Horde

Description/History: We are a interesting group of individuals under the family banner of a small clan of Trolls. On the outside we come off as a clean quiet group. On the inside there are some interesting secrets.

Looking for: We are looking to establish connections with in the Horde and are open to connections alliance side. Our favored hobbies include smuggling.

Restrictions: Talk to us oocly before starting something please. We understand that there is a time and a place for serious story lines and RP with real consequences. On the other hand we the players do this for fun and are more then willing to toss in odd hijinx to mix it up and give things a funny twist.

Level of RP desired: I'm going to say moderate rp for now. We are open to talking about other forms with in reason.

Misc. notes: We are working out our history and goals right now since we are pretty new as a guild. Our players do have RP experience under their belts or are willing to learn. We also have at least a couple of active writers here on the boards.

Contact: Amoola via the TNG.

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