[LFRP]The Raven Cross

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Organization: The Raven Cross

Faction: Horde

Description/History: A group of Horde with no specific ties to any Horde government. They are not much liked by the rest of the Horde for their moral ambiguity. They see the necessity in both fighting and being diplomatic with other Horde and Alliance alike.

Looking for: Enemies and Allies within both the Horde and Alliance to plan and RP out events with on the TNG and in game. Real consequences to RP.

Established characters: Too many to list in this post.

Restrictions: Know the difference between IC and OOC. We are not afraid of conflict or consequence ICly and are looking for other characters or guilds that know the difference too, to discuss storylines and events in as friends OOCly.

Level of RP desired: High. The Raven Cross has a very dark, mysterious past, and it would not be unusual for once covered up events to come to surface only now, so common backgrounds are possible. We want players as unafraid of consequences for their characters as we are.

Misc. notes: The Raven Cross hosts its own Guild Lore events and so its "history" is constantly evolving. We will attempt to keep this history up to date here. There are possibilities, as Horde or Alliance, to be a large part of these events and the history of the Raven Cross.

Contact: Diomades or Yatokth via the TNG.

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