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Guardians of the Ninth Gate

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Unfortunately, due to restrictions that the guild master deemed so appropriate, I was forced to sign the charter as the Guardians of Death. However, this is not entirely true.

The realm of Death is sketchy, and unexplained at best. Even I, who have devoted my entire life to its study, am still frequently amazed by the twists and turns, the unexpected ends, and the horrifying secrets trapped under its waters.

My organization, was created for a simple reason. Foregoing a deeper and more lengthy explanation, there are Nine Precincts in Death. Each one has its own gate, and a phrase or word that has meaning for each person can be uttered to pass each gate willingly. That, or you can drift down the river with no will. Either way, you will end up in front of the Ninth Gate of Death. There are no words you may speak here.

Three Guardians, the South, East, and West Guardians assess your life, and determine your fate. If they believe you deserve it, they will ferry you across the Ninth Gate. As for what the Ninth Gate actually is, it changes for each person, as Death itself is not bound by the rules of reality. What lies within the Ninth Precinct is unknown, and open to speculation. All that is known is that there is no return from what we call Final Death. None.

Another option is to be sent back to the First Precinct, and forced to walk back to the Ninth, if you seek the final peace some speculate that lies behind the Ninth Gate.

Finally, the Guardians may deem to return you to Life, and allow you to start over.

The three previous guardians were...disposed...on the whim of the higher ups. Without the Guardians in place, the Border between Life and Death would slowly degrade, until it disintegrated fully. If the Border ceases to stand, Death will consume Life, and all will become Death.

I have accepted the duty of the South Guardian. The reason for the Guardians of Death is to find an East and West, as well as a large pool of followers and replacements, should the new three be disposed as well.

((OOC remarks: This as of now, is a purely RP guild. It is a very good possibility that we will be doing many old school raids, trying to get legendary items, or rare drops, such as The Book of the Dead from Stratholme. However, that all depends on the amount of members, and the devotion they put out.))

Zorael Merinicus Omigatu

South Guardian of the Ninth Gate of Death.

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