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Rules that Apply to ALL TNG Forums

1. Be Respectful. Respect the fact that we aren't all going to have the same personalities and values. Everyone pays the same monthly fee to play. Our differences make us stronger. It doesn't matter if you are Alliance or Horde, Casual or Hard-core RPer, PVE or PVPer. We all bring something to the community. This includes not using derogatory and hateful expressions about race, gender, religion, or any other categories.

2. Be Tolerant. Not everyone is going to have the same level of maturity and/or communication skills. Not everyone got straight A's in English. Correcting spelling or grammar mistakes is fine. Doing it in a snotty holier-than-thou manner is NOT fine. Some people are going to post things that to your value systems is pure spam. They wouldn't have posted it if it wasn't important to them.

3. Be non-Aggressive. There is a line between poking fun at someone good-naturedly and really attempting to flame someone. Ask if this post is going to further the RP community, or if it's just going to stroke your ego and make you feel better than someone else.

4. Be diplomatic. If you have OOC concerns, please bring them up in a manner that is as non-confrontational as possible. Just because you disagree with someone's manner of play style or how they communicate doesn't mean you can't still respect their right to play as they choose.

5. Politics, Religion, and any other notoriously flammable subjects should be avoided in the public sections of the site. While debates on these subjects can be entertaining and educational when everyone is debating, there is ALWAYS someone who crosses the line and ruins it for the rest of us by attacking other posters instead of their ideas.

6. There will be NO PVP threads other than generic/mechanic types posts. This includes the standard @so-n-so posts and also faction leader kills, unfortunately, because a small portion of the membership of this site is incapable of rational thought when it comes to PVP.

7. No talk about IRL illegal activities. This includes topics about drugs and links to illegal downloads.

The more chefs in the kitchen the greater the chance there's going to be conflicting personalities. I certainly don't expect everyone to get along with everyone else. As much as I'd like everyone to "turn the other cheek", I also don't expect anyone to put up with any OOC slights to them (intentional or not). So if someone else has posted something that you find personally offensive, feel free to flag a post to let a moderator know that post is questionable.

I don't want to become a forum cop, so I'm asking that you try to do a bit of self-policing for the good of the community. If I have to start deleting/moving posts, it will undoubtedly cause some ill-will (you deleted my post but you left his!) and I'd rather not go down that road if I can avoid it. At the same time, I'm not going to let these forums dissolve into a bunch of flames and petty bickering.

Last but not least, if you have a problem with any of the moderators please let me know immediately (heck, let me know if I'm doing something that you find offensive). I will not tolerate any abuses of the moderator privilege. At the same time, please respect their right to have opinions and we're all human...we all make mistakes from time to time.

Individual Forum Rules

Nether Legends

The Nether Legends forum is for roleplay stories only. They should relate to characters or events on the Twisting Nether/Ravenholdt realm in some form or fashion. Open ended stories are fine and multiple authors contributing is encouraged, but there should be some purpose or plot to the thread.

This forum is public and content should remain consistent with a PG-13ish movie rating. Rated "R" (per is also fine as long as a warning is put into the title (NSFW) and one of the following warnings at the top of the post.

************WARNING: Adult Content*****************


*************WARNING: Harsh Language***************

Pornographic material is specifically forbidden. Allusions to sex are fine. Remember that a "fade to black" or "boot falls to the floor" can tell your audience what happened just as (if not more so) eloquently than a blow-by-blow account.

Art Gallery

This forum is for sharing artwork that you have created yourself. While an emphasis on WoW-related artwork is encouraged, other subject-matters are welcome also. "Tasteful nudity" is allowed as long as it is marked in the title (NSFW), however, it should be linked to, rather than placed directly into the post (use URL instead of IMG tags). Pornographic material is not allowed at all.

Character Bios

This forum serves a dual purpose. The first purpose is to provide information about all of the colorful characters found on Twisting Nether. There is a template sticky'd to the top of the forum that you can use as an initial basis for your characters. As your character(s) grow and change, feel free to edit the posts as you go. The second purpose is to provide a fun way to comment IC-ly about other characters. The most common way to do this is to pretend a reporter has just stuck a microphone in front of your character and asked you to comment. Browse some of the active Bio's if my description doesn't make sense.

RP Guilds/Associations Recruitment

This section gives RP guilds and/or associations a chance to recruit new blood, let acquaintances know what's been going on recently, and let people who are new to Twisting Nether see who our active guilds are.

The rules are: Each guild or association gets exactly 1 thread. There should be no more than one new post per day. "Bumping" in the traditional sense of posting just to make the post go to the top of the list is frowned upon, but posting something to make sure people know the guild is still active is fine. A good rule of thumb is, if the thread is already on the first page, you don't need to *bump* it.

RP Discussions and Networking

Please see the sticky in this forum for the most up-to-date rules:

WoW Discussions

Please follow the standard TNG rules here. In addition, topics should relate to World of Warcraft. This is a very broad topic and can include such things as future-patch speculations, class balance, public events, or server stability.

Lore Discussions

Please follow the standard TNG rules here. In addition, topics should ONLY be about lore. Please resist the urge to spam or derail topics.

Non-WoW Discussions

This is for general discussions that don't fit anywhere else. It is not for personal posts, as those are better placed in the blogs where the original poster has personal control over what type of replies are allowed (basically this is to allow social people to be as social as they want without fear of being accused of spamming). Become familiar with the stickies in this section. Personal photos, book suggestions, music you are listening to, and YouTube type spam all have threads there for you to post in.

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I removed the "zero pvp talk" rule at least temporarily. If the pvp forum turns into "smack talk pvp forum" instead of "pvp discussions forum", rule will go back into place. No qq, please.

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