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Whispers of the blackened symbol against bloodied tabards have been known for a fair while now, the deeds that follow in its wake ranging from noble to dark. Both defenders and butchers, bearers of the cross have been seen marching through Azeroth and the Outlands to the aid of Horde settlements and the ruin of the Alliance's. When despair falls upon the Horde and its people, the Raven Cross answers.

Their origin remains largely a mystery, what rumors around them revealing their leaders comprising key rescuers of Leoren Evershine during the 'Farstrider Square Incident', and the former Blood Knight Champion himself. What else is known about them can only be gathered from what's seen of them out in the field. Though few, the numbers that do bear the cross strike with a unity and fierceness uncommon for their size.

They are sovereign in their cause, answering to no government. Denying no race, creed or vocation, their members still capture the very essence of the Horde. Like the people they avenge, they are outcasts and survivors, rallying under a united symbol to fight the uphill battle for the lives, homes and honor of all under their people against a world that reviles them.

The Raven Cross - RP / PvP

How large/active is the guild? –

spacer20.gifSitting on around 60 members total, we have a good quandry of level 80s. Our activity is decent, the pre-expansion lulls have hit. We still run some spontaneous BGs and World PvP, boasting a number of arena teams composed entirely in-house (In Season 6, we had 4 teams above 2000, 1 above 2350. In Season 7, we kept 2 above 2000, and one above 2200 - Gladiator didn't happen due to some members' personal lives, some have since taken hiatus.) and we have alot of running RP stories, and guild meetings with both RP and PvP.

Is RP required? Is OOC allowed in guildchat, or do you have a separate channel for that? –

spacer20.gifWe aim to bring RP wherever we go, not just the taverns or the cities. RP is required in guild chat, it acts as a radio system using hearthstones - We have a seperate, open, OOC channel which has become a very diverse channel indeed, guildies and non-guildies alike.

Do you have a level restriction? –

spacer20.gifAbove level 20, but many active events in-game may be geared towards high level players in end game gear, so be mindful of that. Additionally, one of the requirements of the second rank is level 80.

Do you have a guild website? –

spacer20.gifYes. TheRavenCross.com

What is the backstory for the guild (if any)? –

spacer20.gifFounded after the events of Leoren Evershine’s false trial – a framing incident which Diomades Riverhorn, Chikt Blastercharge, and their cohorts ended with a violent breakout, involving the prodigious use of a zeppelin – The Raven Cross was sworn to do what no one else would – what needed to, indeed, what must be done.

spacer20.gifThe original Patriarch of the Guild, Leoren Evershine, headed up this effort, though his banner was made over the trials of many, this only strengthened its meaning. Unable to enter Silvermoon undisguised without facing arrest, The Raven Cross was not quite under the law, but not quite against it. Originally an organization of both warriors and diplomats, each Bearer was expected to negotiate with blades or words – depending on the need – and to keep sound judgement and espouse as many alliances and peaceful reconciliations as possible. But when foes arose, or betrayal occurred, their vengeance was swift.

spacer20.gifThis would change.

spacer20.gifVengeance indeed, for it nearly consumed Leoren Evershine himself. Desperate to find the man who betrayed and framed him, Evershine left the fold in the dead of night, charging Diomades Riverhorn with the leadership of the Raven Cross. As many fell from the banner for various reasons, the Tauren was left with a weaker, quieter Raven Cross.

spacer20.gifThe Raven Cross which Afarium Yatokth found.

spacer20.gifDiomades was convinced that Yatokth was the man to take his own previous place as Prime Commander – despite the controversial nature of putting a relative newcomer in a position of command, Riverhorn had no time to wait and every chance to test – for he had a plan to reconcile their differences with Silvermoon, the taste of violence still stinking from the tabard’s actions there. Diomades hired alliance mercenaries, in fact, to attack Silvermoon herself, allowing the Cross to show up in her ’valiant’ defense. It worked. Alliance General Ackerson, the client in question, disappeared – The Cross assumed him dead, deposed for his radical views by his cohorts. There was little time to celebrate the end of this loose tie, as Arthas’s legions descended upon Azeroth, the journey to Northrend sparked.

spacer20.gifAs if on cue, Leoren Evershine and Anorah Nailo returned, jaded and bleak, but as battle-hardy as ever. The harsh north was just as much a battle for the Cross as anyone else, and the Ravens battled the Scourge alongside the rest of the Horde. As mysteriously as Leoren had left, so Diomades Riverhorn too disappeared, the leaving the responsibility of Patriarch once again to Leoren. Afarium Yatokth, now an experienced Commander, soon too disappeared, but with no explanation.

spacer20.gifAgain, a period of quiet ensued, and some fell from the banner. Evershine was steadfast, and it paid off, for both Diomades and Yatokth had no intention of abandoning the Cross – the Forsaken Warrior returned first, clad in newly forged armor and wielding a grisly axe. Diomades too returned in solemn fashion, almost itching for bloodshed. His new nature was discovered by Leoren and Yatokth – Diomades’ body was but a vessel for the minor elemental Unulu.

spacer20.gifThe stormrider claimed Diomades had requested it. Despite his restraint of force against anyone but the Cross’ enemies, the two were mistrustful. Yatokth was determined to find out if he was telling the truth before revealing it to the Bearers. And find out he would, for Riverhorn had requested the Elemental’s aid in order to end this war, by any means necessary. Despite the many defenses against the alliance which the Cross had provided, they remained an ever-present threat, even as the Argent Crusade marched on Icecrown.

spacer20.gifIt was not the Raven’s part to fly towards the Lich, but to spread its wings and guard the back of the Horde, their people, from any that would cripple them. And the guard was getting restless. The three leaders of the Cross fired for vengeance, the offensive campaign began.

spacer20.gifAfter a flurry of blows, the Alliance retaliated, and the cycle of vengeance began. Through many months of crossed blows, the Raven Cross became what many would call the butchers, the terrorists, the evil. But still they fought, though the war took its toll, the loss of life of those not under the banner forcing the Cross to relocate from their traditional home - Sun Rock Retreat.

spacer20.gifBut as the bloodlust calmed, skirmishes still occurring daily, Evershine and Yatokth disappeared once more. This time, it was Leoren’s turn to vanish without a word or a trace, while Yatokth was not heard from again after a dangerous expedition into Ironforge. Though the Cross presumed their Commander dead and their Patriarch lost, the Ravens persevered, now primarily under the direction of Riverhorn’s old friend, Chikt Blastercharge. Turns out, Chikt has a knack for getting into trouble. Maybe he and Leoren can get out of it.

Is there an initiation process before you are tagged? –

spacer20.gifYes. First, you need to fill out an application on the Raven Cross website. If your application is accepted, you will receive an interview, involving tests of both RP and PvP prowess, as well as a short Ventrilo interview. (A mic is not required, but you do need to be able to listen) If you are accepted, you start off as a Novice Ascetic inside the guild and must prove yourself, mostly ICly, although being level 80 is a requirement, to progress to the rank of Bearer, earning the right to wear the tabard.

What would you say is the average level of the guild? –

spacer20.gifAlmost entirely 80s.

How would you classify the guild in RP terms? ie. evil/good/neutral/chaotic/lawful/etc –

spacer20.gifThe Raven Cross explores “shades of grey” that other guilds rarely ever touch on. The best way to describe the Raven Cross is “True Neutral”. They see the necessity in their actions and understand that sometimes to achieve something good, you have to do something bad.

Wiki Page / Guild Charter - This has all the specifics of the original guild charter outlined for those interested. Keep in mind a chunk of this information is outdated, though the Creeds remain the same.

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We had a pretty good turnout considering the quiet period at the Gathering of Guilds last night. Eight of us turned up and were in a raid group together discussing what was being said and keeping our own cards close to our chest, since revealing what we knew could cause suspicions as to how we got such information.


And then we discussed gathering together for a debriefing at Sun Rock afterward and a bunch of other guilds showed a lot of interest, so we decided to share exactly what we knew with them and (Hopefully) made some allies going into Northrend.


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We started the day today with the recruit of a new member (Gutslag) and after an interview in Stranglethorn there were some attack pings from Grom'Gol. After the call was made to the rest of the Raven Cross, a group turned up to defend and the two attackers (a Rogue and a Warlock) fled unscathed. Not one to deny a good hunt, the Raven Cross sought them out and found them hiding back in their Rebel Camp. A generally bad idea.


((You can only see Skafloc, Vynnce and Agnarr. Yatokth was up killing the flight master and Laras was still wondering where we all had disappeared to. xD))

After regrouping back in Grom'Gol and discussing recent inter-guild politics and news from Northrend, everybody once more went their separate ways. Much later in the evening a call was made via the Bulwark for aid, and the Raven Cross answered - creating the brunt of the force in pushing back the attack once, and then again when the Alliance regrouped with larger numbers.


((Taken after the second "big" fight was over, we'd had Laras, Yatokth and Anorah all turn up for defense in the Raven Cross, and also called out the aid of Thoraggar who left not long after the second wave was dealt with.))

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Please do not reply to this topic, thankyou!

Another busy day for the Raven Cross started out with the defense of Silvermoon.


It was decided once the attack was repelled that retribution was required. While the possibility of an attack on Darkshire was discussed the Raven Cross defended Tarren Mill before raising the idea of attacking every Alliance town in the Eastern Kingdoms as their retribution. Members from the Bess'tarice Boarding House agreed and the plan was set in motion, and ended out being highly successful.


((There are places that we hit that I forgot to get screenshots of.))









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We had a big guild meeting today to discuss future events and news important to the guild. Once the meeting was all said and done, the Raven Cross traveled out to Stranglethorn to discuss how we're going to interview new recruits by showing them a part of our history in the world and explaining how and why it is so important to us.



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Today, three select members of the Cross, myself, Athas, and Rhador, noticed a Fel Reaver wandering close to Thrallmar in Hellfire Peninsula whilst on patrol to neutralize possible alliance threats, and vie for control of Hellfire Citadel.


We made quick work of it.

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Five Ravens. Four Battlegrounds. Four games, back to back.





Raven Cross, it's what we do.

( Well, partly anyway! )

( Great job leading the fight in there guys, had a blast! Definitely great to see some old Raven Cross returning to the game in good form for Wrath. Wish I had the foresight to open up the nice battle stats for the first two games before taking the shots ><. Bonus points for the extra achievements we shot for in the process! )

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~ [ Report ] ~

Yatokth ~ Prime Commander

January 24th, Recent Events

A number of our bearers, Niethan, was recently abducted by human traders and slated to be sold on the black market. His brother, and member of the Outriders, Sulajin, 'purchased' him off the market to 'save' him from other, less generous buyers.

A collar was placed around Niethan's neck in order to bind him to his 'master', this person being Sulajin. There were two altrecations for this matter, the first in Booty Bay, which I briefly witnessed before leaving Cerestes to handle the situation. Niethan was left in Sulajin's care, who claimed he had Niethan's best interests at heart, and while he tried to free him through conventional means such as ordering him free, they failed, according to Cerestes.

A few days after, Niethan informed the Cross over the hearthstone that he had been conscripted to do errands and reagent gatherings for Sulajin, and subsequently ordered to take an oath to join the Outriders.

Myself, Prime Commander Leoren, Arbiter Anorah, Bearer Cerestes, and a few others, arrived at the Outriders' guild gathering immediately and demanded information.

After a long and arduous discussion with the double-tongued Sulajin, who had clearly been exploiting one of our own, but refused to admit it and skirted any question of him relinquishing control of Niethan, Feralmoon, the commander of the Outriders, ordered Sulajin to sell Niethan to her, due to her having some of Niethan's blood in her veins, whereafter she handed Niethan over to our Patriarch, Diomades, who had recently arrived, and charged him with the removal of Niethan's collar.*

Numbers dwindled, due to both disinterest and a recent minor assault on the Crossroads, as members of both the Outriders and the Raven Cross attempted to remove the collar, which was discovered to be made of Living Iron, the same compound found in Loken's Iron Dwarves. After much discussion and magicking, Diomades and Sulajin managed to remove the collar with a powerful spell, and it was subsequently destroyed by an earth elemental summoned by Diomades.

Niethan, now free again, parted ways with Sulajin.


This brings to an end this report.

~ Yatokth, Prime Commander of The Raven Cross

*see visual aid above.

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~ [ Press Release ] ~

Chikt ~ Treasurer

June 28th, Combat Movement

The Raven Cross took the fight to the Alliance in what has been a long delayed strike - a strike at the heart of the Alliance, a strike at Stormwind. But it was made not with the intention of going for their leader, but the ones fighting the war and supporting it. The people of Stormwind and the many adventurers lingering upon its streets.

The battle was a huge success, with a kill ratio of 101-1 for every Raven Cross member.

The event started with the Raven Cross marching upon Darkshire on patrol and coming in contact with a large group of Fabled Order. The inhabitants of Darkshire and of Fabled Order and her allies were defeated. The Raven Cross turned to march Northward. Calls were made about a large attack force back in Darkshire so the Cross returned to find the town empty, before leaving to respond to an attack on Hammerfall.

The Hammerfall attackers were a group of three from the Darkshire defense and were swiftly felled, along with the entirety of Refuge Point. After some discussion of their next move, it was decided that they would march upon Stormwind. A first in the history of the Raven Cross - an attack on a city of the enemy was considered largely to be more the forte of other guilds. But the plan was not to go in after any sort of leadership. The plan would be different.


The Raven Cross arrived in the Harbor of Stormwind and killed countless guards before a medium sized defense force made up of many of the same Fabled Order defenders in Darkshire arrived to route them. The defense force of the enemy continued to grow as time passed by, but the Raven Cross pushed deeper into Stormwind as their defenders retreated, chasing them back into the Mage Quarter and holding up in the Mage Tower. This was the first strategic mistake as the enemy forces could not be seen to be quantified, and an extremely large group of defenders arrived to strike down the Cross.

After a short discussion of an escape tactic, it was decided to walk out of Stormwind. The large force of attackers largely disbanded, the Raven Cross rose up once more to strike down the lingering defenders and make their way back towards the Harbor. With an amassing force once more on their tail, the intention was to escape via boat. Until they passed a small band of Horde laying seige to the city for its flame.

Turning about once more, the Cross returned to the fight and made one final push into the city, laying waste to the Trade District before a huge force was finally amassed to drive them out. With far fewer numbers and battle worn after an hour of non-stop fighting in the cities walls, the Raven Cross returned to the Undercity before making their way to Dalaran to recuperate.

The Raven Cross would like to wish their best to all participants and their families, and would like to remind all involved that grief counseling will be offered to those seeking it.

~ Chikt, Treasurer of The Raven Cross

*Offer of Grief Counseling may not include actual Grief Counseling appointments

*More visual aid in varying sizes is available here.

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~ [ Press Release ] ~

Chikt ~ Treasurer

July 2nd and 8th, Combat Movement

In a continuing effort to to halt the Alliance advance at the very heart of their empire, the Raven Cross struck out against Ironforge twice in the past week. Once more targeting adventurers over leadership, they entered the city with the intention of disrupting the Alliance forces within for an extended period of time with as little losses as possible.

On the 2nd of July the Raven Cross entered Ironforge through the front gates and made their way around to the very back of the city, making an unintended stop to deal with the Gnome King before continuing on to deal with Alliance forces. Despite a valiant fight, their efforts were short lived as the confined spaces, a superior sized force and several stragglers in their group bought the combat in Ironforge to a rather abrupt end.

The Raven Cross eventually reconciled their numbers, retreated back to the Tram to regroup, and successfully defeated the forces looking to bring them down. Fighting their way through Stormwind they hijacked one of the boats and held it for a short time before dissipating for the evening.

On the 8th however, not long after midnight, it was decided that a small strike force would field test a new recording device. Despite the intention originally being a small, organized attack on Menethil Harbor, it quickly developed into a second try at lasting longer in Ironforge.

The Raven Cross along with several allies started out in Stormwinds harbor, entering by water once again. Fighting Alliance adventurers and guardsmen they took the Tram into Ironforge and made their way into the Military district, where the forces they'd fought earlier caught up with them. Fighting a constant wave of Alliance forces, the Raven Cross secured a kill / knock-out ratio of 68 to 1 before they were finally overcome by attrition and a force with superior numbers.

It was at this point that the recording device failed*, the Raven Cross fought valiantly but were ultimately knocked out several times without being able to regroup, and were forced into a tactical retreat.



~ Chikt, Treasurer of The Raven Cross

*Failure may or may not have involved a large explosion and deadly chunks of shrapnel.

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(( New Raven Cross Promotional Wallpaper!


Feel free to use.

And yes, that is in Stormwind.

EDIT: Re-uploaded! Updated name list and messed with contrast. Re-download for moar epic RC on your desktop! ))

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Long has the Raven Cross stood in the defense of our people. Aggressors met on the field of battle, visiting vengeance upon them into their retreats and any who harbored them. Whatever tyranny and injustice the people of the Horde suffered to the hands of the Alliance, we returned without mercy.

But never like this.

As I watch these cross bearers march into roads past enemy lines, the silence is all too inviting of thoughts on how far we’ve come. Or fallen… depending on who you ask, I suppose. There was a time our reciprocity knew restraint, when reason and compassion could still temper our retribution. There had still been regard to the value of life, regardless of faction. As dark as our deeds could be, there was still hope that some peace could still be salvaged amidst the ruins of the conflicts between our nations. When was that lost?

Wrath Gate…

It changed everything.

What once were whispers of war, by then turned into the screaming of millions. Events were set into motion that would leave soldiers, our own band no exception, deafened to what voices of remorse we might have once known. What many had called inevitable had been realized, stopping the war drums from sounding across the lands a feat as futile as stopping the tide. No one was innocent. No one was righteous. Not Alliance, not Horde.

This was war.

For too long we had kept to our own lands, allowing our enemies to bring blood shed to our homes. Tonight would be but one of many we would return it to theirs. Assassinating their leaders would not be enough this time. The price would not be theirs alone to pay. History has taught that lesson well enough with Anduin Lothar’s fall. No… let them watch helpless as we rip out the hearts of their armies and people. Show them the true cost of the wars they so brazenly threaten.

Not a word is spoken as we draw closer to our targets, everyone at each other’s side understanding none of us may make it out alive. Not much more than a mere dozen against entire capital cities. Should we fall; we do so united by our Creeds.

“Raven Cross! Avenge our fallen and show no mercy! We’ll yield when we’re dead!”

Vengeance or death. So begins our darkest chapter yet. Gods save us all.


What was to come...


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~ [ Battle Orders ] ~

Yatokth ~ Prime Commander

August 15th, Combat Movement

Over 300 to 1.

The ratio of our fallen to theirs so overwhelming, our blades leave a crimson mark on their walls, branded over with a black Cross. Still, we remain vigilant and wary, for a strike from a new foe may fall upon us at any time - the many we have felled not withstanding.

We have defended our lands and our fellow Horde against marauding encroachers again and again, and though we have struck a massive blow to the heart of the Alliance not once, nor twice, but thrice now, they persist in their destruction.

Perhaps it is a vicious cycle... Vengeance begets vengeance. But our creed shall not falter. Forged in our hearts, we remain steadfast as their will crumbles under the weight of their dead, piled high to the blood painted walls of their bastions.

This is war.

~ Yatokth, Prime Commander of The Raven Cross


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RPers? In my PvP? In Season 6? On Arena Junkies?

It's more likely than you think!

Get your RP PvP check today!*

*may or may not result in an epic beatdown by The Raven Cross.


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((What if the Raven Cross had their own raid instance?))

Not a raid boss.

But a propossed raid instance.. (I STARTED WRITING THIS BEFORE DIO'S POST)


Description: The very heart of the Raven Cross. You must battle your way before the trials to the very bowels of... THE NEST... To prove superiority over their numbers.

The Ring of Initiation (One Encounter)

Gauntlet of every Raven who has not earned their colors. Gear check encounter. Once completed, the Patriarch makes a speach entrailing the various creeds of the Cross. This speach lasts appx. 15 minutes. Any in the encounter who afk / log / dc / minimize their screen are ejected from the instance permanently until reset.

Dynastus Quarters:

Dej Dynastus, the Elven family of high renown, has an uncanny representation within the Raven Cross. The might of this broken family must be matched before one can journey further into... THE NEST


Izelle the Playful

Calestra the Lover

Sabeinne the Condenscending

Lysimachus the Brave

The Bitch Sect:

This group of bearers are known far and wide for the strength of their tongues. Can you face the might of their venomous words and overall unpleasant demeanor?


Apothecary Vaaldis the Catty

Carrowyn the Cold-Hearted

Miss High Bitch Labufonda of the Acid Tongue

Fuck Man I Can't Do It Shit Place:

The bearers here possess the drive to become powerful in their own, but their skills, though great, cannot compare to the might of the bosses. They are still however in the way, and must be beaten.

Periettel the Polite and Considerate

Arokai who is so dumb he don't make no sense.

Serenity the Curious

Yuseggarr "The Wolf" O'Riley

Cyrass the Completely Unstoppable for 45 seconds out of every 3 minutes.

The Boss Zone:

This is it. The last of the last. Are you up to the challenge?

Bossette Szordrin the Emaculate

Boss Anorah the Badass / Thelsuo the Incredibly Hard to Place

The Triad (continued from The Boss Zone. One Encounter)

Arokai appears before you in a cowboy outfit: "RAWLCAWL"

1. Boss Diomades the brains of the Group if you got a problem he can solve it for you.

2. Patriarch Leoren here who loves a good sandwich so if you have a sandwich come roll with him

3. Boss Yatoth motherfucker the sensitive one break your motherfuckin' face with the butt of his gun rip off your arms and break your legs with 'em spread your ass cheeks and stick his dick in 'em

Oh wait...

Chikt appears from nowhere! This is the mastermind of everything the Raven Cross has been doing.. Financially. Can you face him?


Tax Evasion: Chikt can evade taxes, so therefore he can evade your attacks too! Cast every 45 seconds: Causes 15 second immunity to all damage.

Brain: Chikt is actually smart. Therefore all threat is dropped and Chikt targets the top healer for 10 seconds and is untauntable for the duration. Cast randomly every minute.

Unworthy: Chikt deems you unworthy for the Raven Cross, every 5 minutes he tears up a random raid member's (non-tank, non-healer) application and ejects them from the instance for the duration of the fight. 3 second cast time, uninterruptable.

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The Raven Cross Arena Program:

As part of an OOC and IC initiative to reinforce the skills of the ranks, the following is an in guild program we have just announced. All sign ups are handled in the members only section of our website's forums.

Arenas make up one of the most challenging aspects of player versus player combat in the game. Some of the highest quality PvP weapons and armor are made available only to the upper echelons of its competitors to reflect this. Finding your first steps into the Arena can be a daunting task, in dealing with highly geared competition and even just from an organisational stand point. It is with that in mind we’re introducing our official Raven Cross Arena program, its purpose being to help our members find some footing and foster an environment of improvement in PvP skills, teamwork and co-ordination while having some fun. To achieve this we’re introducing matchmaking sign ups and mentorship for interested members.

Those interested will be responded with recommendations as to arena compositions available within the pool of sign ups and relevant play styles from the officers’ own theory crafting. With the matchmaking, signing up does not bind people to follow our recommendations, they are merely there to help inform and offer suggestion.

Furthermore we will be running a volunteer run mentorship component to the program where experienced Arena goers who volunteer can be matched with other sign ups in the guild to help out. It must be stressed that volunteer mentors are in no way bounded to those they’re helping. The moment their offers to help are taken for granted or are pressured for is when the mentor should rightfully discontinue their aid. At the end of the day we’re all playing a game, and when it starts to resemble a job, something’s gone wrong. The purpose of any mentor’s involvement is to help other guildies learn to stand on their own two feet. If they should find themselves unavailable in whatever bracket they’ve elected to help out in for whatever reason, they are free to withdraw at any time.

Not everyone seeking a mentor will be guaranteed one due to logistics. There will likely only ever be so many around. Factors which will play a role in being selected by a mentor include but is not limited to the following: A) The member’s efforts in improving themselves. A reasonable expectation is that anyone seeking a mentor had best already be as fully geared as honor purchases etc will allow; B) The member’s participation in world PvP and with the guild in general. Naturally we want to help out those who help others, actively defending your fellow guildies and accompanying them on the front lines is an easy way to establish yourself as a team player; C) The members’ likelihood of success with assigned mentor. Some comps simply will not work as well as others which is an unfortunate element of the Arena. If we feel we’ve a better chance of reaching success with one player than another, putting time into helping that player becomes the more natural choice as opposed to beating heads with keyboards running unwieldy comps. D) Attitude. Arenas can be rough on the temperaments of the initiated and uninitiated alike, but its never fun to deal with a negative nancy in the face of adversity.[/Quote]

Template for Members seeking Matchmaking or Mentorship:

eeking Matchmaking or Mentorship.

: The character's in game name.

: This can be either Matchmaking, Mentorship or both.

Class & Spec(s)
: Whatever specs are relevant to the player's PvP. Preferred or otherwise.

: Whatever the goals you currently set for yourself. Feel free to be as descriptive as you wish. If you want to make gladiator by next season but understand that you'd need to work your ass of this season before hoping to achieve it, say so. This can also include specific rating desires. A common goal we expect will be 1800 ( or wherever the season's Tier 1 weapons might be available ), but modest ones are welcome too such as simply getting some in game experience.

: What days, nights or hours you have available to play Arenas.

Seeking Mentorship
: Y/N.

: Anything about yourself that you might like to add.


Template for Members volunteering to be Mentors:

Offering to be a Mentor.

: The character's in game name.

Class & Spec(s)
: Whatever specs are relevant to the player's PvP. Preferred or otherwise.

Available brackets
: When signing up to be a mentor and help players out in their arenas, the usual expectation is that you've a bracket ( 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5 ) in which you'd be free to move around in. In the alternative, you can always sign up to just help play skirmishes to help others get some experience.

What to expect
: Any relevant information one might want to know about you if they were to have you as a mentor. This can include how seriously you take Arenas, what kind of atmosphere you appreciate or dislike or your realistic beliefs on how far you might be able or willing to help someone climb in rating.

[/Quote]Again, all sign ups in response are to be posted on the Raven Cross boards.

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Horde Triumphs with Special Operations Group


WINTERGRASP—Horde members consisting of 9 Raven Cross, 2 Frostwolf Brotherhood, 2 Warsong Liberators, and a 4 irregulars took action as a special operations team last night around 2300 in Wintergrasp by holding Alliance militants at their own fortress gate.

The special operations group used air to their advantage, precise timing, and decisive maneuvers with utilizing line of sight to gain the advantage against then hundreds of marauding Alliance late last night. Over the course of the engagements, the Horde group had been pushed back twice in the hours in which they fought valiantly. Upon their final push before the fight for Wintergrasp, Horde SpecOp groups held their ground Relic Chamber, exploiting their vast determination and focused strategy to keep the chamber until the fight began, to which the closed the gate on the group.

“It was a prime example of Horde dedication and precision. Every member of the group was disciplined enough to know when to use our surroundings to our advantage,” stated a Raven Cross Arbiter and field medic, Szordrin Jolnin. “It was a tremendous victory for the Horde and now we know how to hit them where it hurts, their pride.”


After the group had reformulated their plans and took time to mend to their wounds, they pushed out from the gate and took the fortress from the inside out, allowing Horde siege vehicles to break through the walls with little to no resistance.

The battle for Wintergrasp took no longer than a few moments as the cooperative effort of the Horde efforts left Alliance dazed and disorganized from the earlier battle.

“It was like they didn’t know where they were. I think they needed some milk and cookies from mommy after the beating we gave them, “Opalexian of the Frostwolf Brotherhood explained, “Nah, they just needed more beatings.”*


After the battle, the group headed off to one of their favorite taverns and celebrated their victory and innovative tactics against the distraught Alliance. It is said that Raven Cross Arbiter, Arokai, opened the act to the Tauren Chieftains with a cover of the band during their celebrations with Naama covering the drums.

*Denote heavy transcribing due to dialect.

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(( Original post updated - Guild Backstory revised, I merged all the RP stories into the backstory since that's basically what it is. So you have a summary and more details if you want them. Other sections updated as well. ))

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The new Raven Cross website is up and running!

From the new website you have the ability to submit applications, read up on the Raven's history, view some of our latest images and videos, or read over the Guild Charter if you're interested in just what we're about and how we work.

The Guild Charter has also been updated, with a new emphasis on membership quality over quantity going in to Cataclysm. If you are interested in finding out just what we're looking for, you can view the guild charter here.

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It is with great pride to announce the Raven Cross’ upcoming 3rd birthday next month! Almost three years ago, during the storyline setting up the foundation of the guild we had just embarked on laying the foundations to the charter that would define us as a guild. We’ve had some amazing times, and I personally want to thank everyone involved who made that a reality. It’s been a momentous journey, and one that shows no sign of slowing down.

The shattering has past but the Raven Cross remains unbroken in their march forward into the new world. With the introduction of exciting new features from the expansion, the guild will be making its way to the new level cap as expeditiously as possible to get an early foothold in the all new rated battlegrounds and guild leveling!

As always, we’re looking for quality, likeminded Role Playing and PvP enthusiasts to share the good times ahead and join in on the culture which has expanded beyond just WoW alone. There’s never been a better time to hop aboard and we’d be happy to have you if you’re what we’re looking for. Details and applications on our website!

Happy Cataclysm launch day and Lok’tar Ogar!

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