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Akentii Ghostwalker

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Full Name: Akentii Ghostwalker

Nicknames: "Lil Ghost", "Tuskshatter"

Date of Birth: 12 A.D.P. (After Dark Portal)

Age: 19

Race: Darkspear troll

Gender: Female

Hair: Grey

Skin: Purple

Eyes: Violet



Place of residence: Trollreaver Hold, the Ghostlands

Place of Birth: The Broken Islands in the South Seas near the Maelstrom

Known Relatives: Parents (deceased), Marley Duskvenom (uncle), Delazuria Sungrove (husband), unborn son


Occupation: Priestess, adventurer, revolutionary

Group/Guild affiliation:

Guild Rank:

Enemies: naga, the Alliance, the Scourge, Kael'thas, the Aldor, murlocs, the Illidari

Likes: Dancing, raptors, her uncle, Delazuria, flowers, jewelry

Favorite Foods: lizard jumbalaya

Favorite Drinks: ale, wine, beer, all alcohal really

Favorite Colors: Purple and white

Weapons of Choice: A quarterstaff

Dislikes: naga, murlocs, night elves, forest trolls, humans, strictness, boredom

Hobbies: art, drinking, sight-seeing, sunbathing, arcane study, raptor riding

Physical Features: tall and voluptous, with cat-like eyes radiating confidence and curiousity, fine featured for a troll, larhe, sensual lips

Special Abilities:

Positive Personality Traits: Loving, brave, independant, sensual, honest, intuitive, clever, confident

Negative Personality Traits: Jealous, crude, vengeful, spiteful, quick-tempered

Misc. Quirks:

Played by What Famous Person: Naomie Harris

Theme Songs:


12 A.D.P. (After Dark Portal)-Akentii is born.

18 A.D.P.-Akentii's parents die, she is then raised by her paternal uncle, a hunter named Marley Duskvenom.

25 A.D.P.-Events of Warcraft III. Murlocs led by a naga calling herself the Sea Witch threaten to overun the the Darkspear trolls of the Broken Islands. The young orc Warchief Thrall and his newly formed Horde arrive to take shelter on the islands. The orcs are captured along with the Darkspear leader Sen'jin by the murlocs. The Horde escaped but was unable to save Sen'jin who was sacrificed to the Sea Witch. The Sea Witch destroyed the island and the remaining Darkspear trolls join Thrall and sail with the Horde to the shores of eastern Kalimdor.

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