Tristanel Shadowglade

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Full Name: Trystanel Icaria Shadowglade Terkerinor

Nicknames: Nel, Tryst, Nellerina and Miss Cross.

Date of Birth: The 8th day of February

Age: "Older than you... most likely."

Race: Kal'dorei

Gender: "Last I checked? Still a female."

Hair: Dark silver green.

Skin: A light dusky lavender.

Eyes: Ice blue.

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 140 lbs.

Places of residence: Ashenvale

Place of Birth: Unknown

Known Relatives: Lainir- Twin brother {Living} Kairiel- Daughter {Deceased} Lailinarel- Wife {Deceased}

Religion/Philosophy: "I follow no religion."

Occupation: Mercenary

Group/Guild affiliation: The Raven's Wing

Guild Rank: Right Wing

Enemies: Tyrande Whisperwind, Fanrdal Staghelm, Maiev Shadowsong and anyone she's paid to make an enemy out of. Rohan has found a 'special' place in her heart.

Likes: Forests, fire, rain the oceans and mist.

Favorite Foods: "Anything that I can eat."

Favorite Drinks: "Cherry Grog and any Wildhammer Ale I can find."

Favorite Colors: Black, green and grey.

Weapons of Choice: "Daggers or fist weapons. Both are pleasing to me. Anything else just gets... less personal. I've been forced, however to pick up slightly heavier weapons. I do love axes..."

Dislikes: "Tyrande Whisperwind, Fandral Staghelm, Maiev Shadowsong, Druids in general, Priests in general, Idiots, Know-it-alls, most Night Elves, and people who ask too many questions."

Hobbies: "As in things I like to do in my spare time? Give me spare time, and I'll let you know."

Physical Features: She is slender and moves with a lithe step. Her face is usualy emotionless, a mask when she finds herself without one. Though usually hidden, scars trace from the nape of her neck to the base of her spine and look like they were recieved quite painfully. Two newer scars can be seen... sometimes. One is on the front of her neck, and the other is on the back. Both run horizontally and look as though they were recieved by a sword blade. They haven't healed, and the skin is sewn together with silver thread.

Positive Personality Traits: "I have none."

Negative Personality Traits: "I have too many."

Misc. Quirks: Once intoxicated, Nel seems to lose her head and becomes an almost bearable person to be around.

Theme Song(s)" Saliva- Rest In Pieces

History: Only so much time to say what needs to be said. So little time. My name is Tristanel Icaria Shadowglade and I am about to die. So much has happened in the past weeks that need to be accounted for, and I can only remember so much. I’ll try as my life seeps away to make this right. So that those who were not here may know what happened.

I was a Watcher. I was a jailer and a keeper to one of the most powerful beings in this world. Illidan wasn’t a beast, he was no monster he was simply misled and mistaken. Many nights I would pace outside of his cell and sing songs. Goddess, I can’t even remember them now. Lullaby’s mostly, soothing songs with sad melodies. He seemed to like those the most, and I didn’t have a problem singing them for him.

Erevan was my superior. He was one of the few male Watchers under Maiev’s scrutinizing eye. He was strong, kind and honest. And I loved him. We were always together, weather or not we were on duty. There were very few times when we were apart, and that was the way that I preferred it. He could always make me smile, even if the day was all but lost to me. I would often times run my fingers through his midnight blue hair and sigh, happiness found at moments like that.

Erevan and myself were always near Illidan. Him watching, me singing and Illidan… being himself. It was a happy existence. I was in need of nothing and my immoral body wasn’t tiring any time soon. My life was being a Watcher, and my soul was Erevan. I was complete. Until Tyrande came.

Maiev took her job very seriously. We were Watchers and watch we did. Our orders were simple: Keep Illidan in the Den. Do not let him out, do not let anyone in. Simple. Rules set down by Tyrande herself. The backstabbing bitch.

I heard screams start down the den. They echoed off the walls and buried themselves in my brain… I hear them screaming still. My brothers and sisters in arms were being murdered and I couldn’t get to them fast enough. I ran, my eyes scanning the turns and the halls as I made my way towards where the screams came from. My feet came to a halt as I rounded a corner. There lay Erevan, his blue hair tinted dark with blood and his mouth open slightly. I fell to my knees by his side, my hands shaking as I brushed his cheek with the back of my gloved hand.

I couldn’t speak, my voice had taken flight, as had my heart. His breathing was shallow, barely a breath stirred in his chest. Leaning forward I pressed my lips to his forehead, my heart breaking. He looked up at me for a moment, recognition lighting his eyes and a faint smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

“…for you… I fought so you had… a chance to run.” His voice broke when he spoke, the effort taking much out of him. I quieted him by pressing my lips to his. He exhaled and was still. No tears came to my eyes, I did not weep for I no longer knew emotion. All I had was hatred and that was more than enough.

I followed the path of dead bodies until I came to who I was looking for. Erevan’s murderer. Tyrande stood, her face splattered with the blood of my kin and her hands raised.

“We need him, Tristanel. Illidan is needed to free us.” She looked half mad, or perhaps she had stolen herself to her mission and was as emotionless as I was. All the better, I would almost feel bad to kill someone with a conscience.

Before I could move I heard Maiev’s voice ring out from behind Tyrande. The Priestess turned and I ran at her back, I didn’t care what honor I was losing, I wanted her dead. I wanted her lifeless eyes staring into oblivion. She spun before I could lodge my sword in her back. Her eyes were deadly as she parried and swung her own sword at me. I brought up my left arm, the blade biting into my skin through my leather armor. She raised her sword to swing at me again before I heard the twang of the bow and saw an arrow fly an inch shy of her head.

She kicked me hard in the chest and ran towards Maiev. My vision swam as I tried to maintain my conscious mind. Whatever was happening I couldn’t see, only hear yells and screams and then finally there was silence.

Hands were touching my shoulder, my arm, my cheeks. I flinched and opened my eyes to a familiar face. Maiev looked down at me, dried blood smeared across her face and her eyes were dark in the dim light.

“She’s alive.”

Then strong arms lifted me off the dirt floor and I was being carried off somewhere. My head hung limply from my shoulders, all my strength spent. What was happening? I was confused and dazed, all the adrenaline leaving my system left me tired. Why wouldn’t they just let me die? I didn’t want to be here. I wanted to be where Erevan was. A moan escaped my lips and whoever was carrying me took it as a cry of pain. She hushed me gently and then I was being placed on a soft bed.

Again I lost consciousness, my head hurt and my chest throbbed as if the sword had been driven through my heart and not into my arm. Slowly, hours later, I opened my eyes. Bodies lay around me, all alive I realized after some time. There was not one that was not wounded; bandages on heads, arms, legs and torso’s. It wasn’t until later that I would find out that Tyrande had wounded all of them in her crazed attempt to free Illidan. She had been successful.

Along with my Erevan, fifteen others had died. Maiev’s distress and anger infected us all as we packed up and attempted to go after Illidan once more. Tyrande had let loose a monster that should never have seen the sun again and it was our job to get him back. Weather or not we agreed, it was our duty. We followed her trail and his for weeks, never stopping long enough for my grief to overtake me.

We found them at Sargeras’s tomb. They were after a skull of some sort, a fact that didn’t matter to me. Maiev had us go in after him and we did. Faith. We had it in quantities, a fact that now looking back on it makes me think we set ourselves up for what was about to happen.

Illidan escaped. The tomb collapsed. Maiev escaped without so much as a backwards glance to me and the rest of the Watchers trapped inside the sinking tomb. I was saved by those who would have seen me fall. A portal was left open and untouched. Who had escaped through it or where it led didn’t come to mind as I ran through the opening moments before the rocks broke free and crushed the others. If anyone followed me through the portal, I never saw them.

I find myself on a beach, where… I do not know. My back feels as though it’s on fire… I can’t move. I hope someone finds this and does what I fear I have little time to do.


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*The elf blinks a few times* Chill? I'm chill? I'm not sure if I should take that as a compliment or a derogitary term to my unliving status... eh, I'll smack him for it later.

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*The elf smirks*

Mhmm, that's my mum. She's the best, isn't she? Though, I'm not sure about some of the people sha hangs out with... they don't seem so nice all the time.


I guess she knows what's she's doing...

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*The elf smirks*

Mhmm, that's my mum. She's the best, isn't she? Though, I'm not sure about some of the people sha hangs out with... they don't seem so nice all the time.


I guess she knows what's she's doing...

((And the plot coagulates!))

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